Yoni Massage

Yoni Massage
Yoni Massage

Yoni Massage

In the world of massage therapy, there are a lot of massages that tend to explore some parts of the body that are not covered by the traditional forms of massage.

Massages like erotic and sensual massage help with the pleasing of the erogenous zones and the genital parts of the body.

One type of massage that is easily becoming popular especially among the female folk is the Yoni Massage.

This type of massage target the pleasing of the vagina and vulva. It is also worthy to note that contrary to popular opinion this type of massage therapy is not geared nor designed to make you orgasm.

What is Yoni Massage

What is Yoni Massage?

Derived from a Sanskrit word meaning Vagina, Yoni means sacred place and this formulates the reason why this type of massage is being done in a respectable manner.

The massage is a practice that promotes explorative touch among females.

This form of sensual massage is vital for tension relief and is said to increase the sensitivity of the vagina which is a part of its aim.

Sometimes referred to as “Vaginal Massage”, it helps people suffering from trauma to have a sense of belonging and freedom. more comfortable with your body and gain a better understanding of what feels good to you.

It might be between couples or singles and no sex or orgasm is required. The calming effect of the touch, they say, is supposed to center the entire body and stimulate all of the senses.

During the massage, a lot of touching, caressing, and even fingering by the licensed massage therapist might occur, depending on clients’ preferences.

The yoni massage practice would also vary depending on the masseuse with some starting from the vagina immediately, while others would work their way from the body to the vagina relaxing and calming the client in the process.

Having a yoni massage would help you connect with your body and explore it in ways that are unbelievable.

The touch is usually a soft one when working around the sensitive body parts accompanied by lubes and massage oils that help smoothen the body creating a suitable yoni massage feeling.

It is essential for release of emotions that are locked down below. With few gentle touches, new sensitive areas in the vagina are unlocked and might result in an explosion of excitement and calm nerves.

What To Expect in a Yoni Massage

The client is spread on the table in a butterfly position or any comfortable position that allows the masseuse access to her genital areas.

With her gloves fully on the licensed massage therapist obtains consent to touch the vagina and starts of the massage by gently touching the labia while the client breathes in and out.

The masseuse can also insert her finger on the vagina finding the right spot pressing it in a way that satisfies the clients.

In some cases orgasm is reached even though it is not the main objective of the massage.

The main importance of the massage is that it helps the individual understand her body and makes it possible for her to enjoy sex with her partner.

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7 Benefits of A Yoni Massage

1. Reduced Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain is a common problem with women. This is very common for both heterosexual and lesbian women, which is why massage is such a great choice for relieving the symptoms of pelvic pain.

Pelvic pain can be very uncomfortable for women, so the masticating function of the Yoni Massage can have a significant effect.

Yoni massage releases tension in a large network of muscular and nerve endings located deep within the pelvis. This can significantly reduce pain.

2. Improved Physical Sensation

Yoni massage improves physical sensation in the body through stimulation of the sensitive parts of the body.

The stimulation of a particular area can stimulate nerves and sensitize them.

Yoni massaging triggers a natural response which increases the pleasurable sensitivity of your clitoris.

This kind of massage can definitely give the feel of a more robust body.

It raises circulation to all the vital organs and it is a suitable tool to enhance one’s physical sensitivity.

3. Stress Management

Our bodies are much more prone to stress and have been proven to respond more positively to Yoni massage.

The benefits of Yoni massage are not limited to stress and anxiety relief, but it also provides a natural opportunity to release stored stress.

The massage is the best calming tool to help calm your mind and to create deep relaxation in your muscles. It is one of the main benefits of Yoni Massage.

It reduces stress, anxieties, panic attacks, constant worries, diseases, and creates a healthy body-mind-spirit relationship.

4. Maximized Energy Levels

Yoni Massage is a very relaxing and rejuvenating technique that has been proven to help women with improved sexual function and overall well-being. A Yoni massage would help improve your sexual desire and also helps the body to retain more of its strength. It is essential for improving energy levels, reducing the stress of everyday living.

5. Emotional Release

Yoni Massage assists in releasing sexual tension and enhancing emotional and sexual energy, increasing the release of neurotransmitters, hormones, and endorphins.

Yoni Massage is about releasing emotional tension, releasing negative energy and creating strong, loving connections.

It helps remove the impurities from the body and mind and is needed for you to reclaim your true self.

6. Improved Circulation and Lubrication

The presence of stimulation reduces congestion and improves the circulation of blood in the body.

The work done on the clitoris can stimulate circulation and lubrication for the vaginal walls.

Every gentle hand movement will help your body to produce more lubrication for your vagina. The increased sexual sensations and overall arousal would give you more pleasure.

7. Increased Self-Awareness and Confidence

The more awareness you gain of the erogenous zones, the more self-aware you become and the more confident you feel.

Yoni massage can detect and alleviate psychological stress through the self-awareness it improves in the body.

Yoni massage enables one to relax, observe the body, and regain a sense of safety that can help her not to feel afraid to air out her sexual fantasies or the way she wants her body to be explored during sex.


A Yoni Massage is something that you have to experience as a woman and it is better if you practice it yourself because no one knows your body better than you.

The Yoni Massage would help you figure out what ticks you and what you would love your partner to try out with you during sex.

So in essence for a better sexual relationship with your partner, a Yoni Massage is the right step towards good sexual health.

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