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Woodhouse Day Spa Prices

woodhouse day spa prices
woodhouse day spa prices

Woodhouse Day Spa

Are you looking for that spa where you’ll get restoring full-body massages, rejuvenating facials, hair removal, and general body treatments, and would love to save extra money while at it? Then, you’re at the best spot.

Woodhouse Day Spa has a range of services to select from. They include but are not limited to special skin treatment, renewing massages, and special sleep therapy.

Woodhouse Day Spa

Woodhouse Day Spa History

FounderJeni Garrett
Revenue$1,880,386 Million
Customer Service1-877-570-7772

The journey to becoming the award-winning Spa began in 2001 in Victoria, Texas, as just a pure desire to help revive bodies and minds.

Today, that little dream has grown into a big tree, with about 53 branches scattered across the United States.

With a team of experienced massage therapists and a variety of over 70 Spa treatments to choose from, your massage needs are always met.

Woodhouse Day Spa location


Did you know that there’s at least one Woodhouse Day Spa location in your neighborhood?

Check out their website for the nearest one out of the 53 locations scattered in the United States.

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Prices and Services

Woodhouse Day Spa is the palace of body and mind rejuvenation. Their range of unique services is delivered excellently by their super-equipped therapists and at unbeatable prices.

You can either book a single massage session and pay for the time spent or choose from their range of services with “a Day with us” Spa Offer.

The benefit of the latter is that you enjoy access to a longer stay at the Spa even beyond the treatments.

Woodhouse Signature Services

Woodhouse Signature Services

The Woodhouse Signature Minkyti80Min$138.00
The Woodhouse Hydrafacial80Min$260.00
The Woodhouse Escape110Min$225.00
The Woodhouse Signature Four-handed Massage80Min$230.00
The Woodhouse Signature Hand Retreat50Min$65.00
The Woodhouse Signature Seaweed Leaf Pedicure80Min$90.00

Skin Care

Skin Care

The Woodhouse Signature Minkyti80Min$145.00
The Woodhouse Hydrafacial80Min$260.00
The Pure Hydrafacial50Min$180.00
The Express Hydrafacial25Min$100.00
The Skin Fitness Assessment Facial80Min$120.00
Restorative Stem Cell Facial80Min$145.00
Restore And Firm Microderm50/80Min$120.00 / $165.00
Illuminating Facial50Min$125.00
Timeless Anti-aging Facial50Min$130.00
Calming Rosacea Facial50Min$110.00
Organic Discovery Facial50Min$95.00
Gentleman's Hot Towel Facial50Min$95.00
Seaweed Marine Eye Compress Treatment50Min$45.00
Facial Enhancements25Min$35.00 - $45.00




Lower Arms$35.00
Upper Arms$35.00
Full Legs$80.00
Brazilian Bikini$75.00
Lower Legs$45.00
Upper Legs$45.00
Extended Bikini$65.00
Waxing- Chest$65.00

Sleep Treatments

Sleep Treatments

Lavender Dreams50Min$95.00
Deep Sleep Massage80Min$125.00
Blissful Night50Min$95.00
The Soma50Min$95.00

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

The Woodhouse Signature Four-handed Massage80Min$240.00
Duet Massage50 / 80Min$180.00 / $240.00
Therapeutic Stone Massage50 / 80 / 110Min$95.00 / $125.00 / $175.00
Balancing Yoga Massage50Min$125.00
Deep Tissue Massage50 / 80Min$100.00 / $130.00
Swedish Massage50 / 80 / 110Min$90.00 / $120.00 / $170.00
Relaxing Back, Neck And Shoulder Massage50Min$95.00
Reflexology Foot Massage25 / 50Min$55.00 / $90.00
Mellow Mama50 / 80Min$95.00 / $125.00
Gentlemen's Therapeutic Stone Massage50 / 80 / 110Min$95.00 / $125.00 / $175.00
Gentlemen's Deep Tissue Massage50 / 80Min$100.00 / $130.00
Toasty Marshmallow Massage50Min$95.00
Romancing The Stone Massage50Min$95.00

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Body Treatments

Body Treatments

The Woodhouse Escape110Min$230.00
Lazy Days Renewal Ritual80Min$150.00
Organic Seaweed Leaf Wrap80Min$175.00
Warmed Spice Mud Wrap50Min$105.00
Shrink To Fit Cellulite Body Wrap50Min$115.00
Wild Lavender And Seaweed Sugar Glow50Min$105.00
Stretch Mark Smoother50Min$105.00
Lavender Dreams Scalp Massage50Min$105.00

Foot Treatments

Foot Treatments

The Woodhouse Signature Seaweed Leaf Pedicure80Min$85.00
Lavender And Seaweed Sugar Scrub Pedicure50Min$60.00
Warm Agave Nectar Pedicure50Min$50.00
The Tula50Min$75.00
Gentlemen's Pedicure50Min$50.00
Bourbon Marshmallow Butter Deluxe Pedi50Min$65.00
Lucky Legs Add On25Min$50.00

Nail Service Enhancements

French Polish$6.00
Paraffin Treatment$10.00

Hand Treatments

Hand Treatments

The Woodhouse Signature Hand Retreat50Min$60.00
Warm Agave Nectar Manicure50Min$50.00
Spritzer Manicure50Min$40.00
Gentlemen's Manicure25Min$45.00
Bourbon Marshmallow Butter Deluxe Mani50Min$65.00
Immaculate Wear$15.00



The Woodhouse Experience5 Hours,15Min$590.00
Two's Company2 Hours,30Min$470.00
Organic Renewal3 Hours,25Min$400.00
Spa Classics2 Hours,30Min$235.00
Great Expectations2 Hours,30Min$250.00


Woodhouse Day Spa Coupons

Woodhouse Day Spa gives out free coupons from its official Facebook page once in a while. Be sure to follow them on Facebook to find out the next one.

Besides, Woodhouse spa gives a special offer for referrals to the spa. For every referral of a family member or friend to the Spa, you earn $10.00 worth of credit.

Guess what? You can earn as much credit as you want. That means the more referrals, the more credits. Good stuff!

Why Choose Woodhouse Day Spa

Woodhouse Day Spa is a renowned home of splendid massages and has been recognized for its impeccable services. They have also won well over 75 awards since inception.

Where else would you rather go to than to the experts?

Their team of trained and equipped experts is sure to help satisfy your body cravings with the mildest, yet soothing finger works around your tired and fatigued bodies.

You’ll literally leave with whole new bodies and rested minds.


Woodhouse Day Spa Membership

Signing up for Woodhouse membership comes with mouthwatering discounts and special benefits. Why spend so much money when you can save extra bucks when you sign up to become a member? Sign up today!

Book an Appointment

Kindly call the customer service number from their official homepage to book your next Spa session. Booking an early appointment is a plus for you!

Woodhouse Day Spa Therapist Training

Have you always nursed a silent desire to become a trained and certified full body massage Therapist? Woodhouse Day Spa is the best plug.

To become an employee, you’ll need to show qualities in excellent customer service as the Spa puts its customers before first.

You’d have to be passionate about people, willing to satisfy the client’s massage cravings through ethical means without any form of hesitation.

Other qualities include; sales, communication as well as organizational skills.

As the Spa’s employee, you enjoy benefits such as family and friends discounts, wholesalers ordering from selected vendors, retail discounts, and even compensation deals.

You can’t wait to join the Work Squad of the spa? Apply on their official website.

Woodhouse Day Spa Business Hours

Most of the Woodhouse franchisee runs an independent business schedule. However, most of the locations are complaints of the standard Woodhouse salon work schedule.

Here’s the good news! The Spa is opened just to meet your different Spa needs on both weekdays and weekends.

Below are the general Woodhouse business hours. Don’t hesitate to confirm your specific location.

TUE: 9:00AM6:00PM
WED: 9:00AM6:00PM

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