Ulta Salon Prices

ulta salon prices
ulta salon prices

 Ulta Salon

Ulta Salon is a mid-range cosmetics store offering a variety of hair and skin care services.

This company has a grouping of cosmetics supply stores, each with an additional salon included meeting all customer’s demands.

Already at 1,100+ stores and still growing, Ulta Salon prices are still friendly and offer one of the most competitive rates in the United States.

Ulta Salon

Despite offering premium services to customers in a luxurious environment, their charges are little or less the same as the amount charged at low-cost salons.

Generally, Ulta salon prices for all treatments, whether hair or skincare starts at $38 for adults while that of kids is pinned at $20 depending on your environment.

Why Choose Ulta Salon

Ulta beauty is widely recognized by those who want quality hair services in the US.

ulta beauty salon

While most of their clients are those from the upper class, the quality of finish is mostly unrivaled.

Generally, each Ulta beauty store normally comes with a hair salon, which makes it easy for customers to change their looks whenever they come shopping for a few items.

Despite commanding a high fee, they’re known for possessing some of the finest hairstylists in the whole of the United States.

They dedicate their time to ensure they give you just what you want and are out to maintain customers satisfaction.

During an appointment, you can get recommendations on the hairstyle, cut, or blowout you want.

In addition, regular customers are rewarded in the form of bonus points. They’re entitled to free purchase as well as hairstyling service once the points reach a certain level.

Ulta Beauty Salon Prices

There is variation in prices of Ulta services, which is based on each outlet. They offer a variety of hair and skin care services at each location.

Ulta Beauty Salon Special Offers

Touch Up & Glow$80.00
Blow Out & Go Out$60.00

Prices & Services

While haircuts and styling are the most popular choices made by the majority of their customers. Their options are not limited to those, perming, shampoo, and conditioning as well blowout services are also offered.

Haircut & Style$38.00&up
Signature Haircut & Style $48.00&up
Clipper Cut$22.00&up
Bang Trim / Neck Trim$14.00&up
Bang Trim / Neck Trim$51.00&up

Hair Color

Redken® Shades EQ Glaze (Demi-Permanent)$45.00&up
Redken® Color Fusion (Permanent)$60.00&up
Redken® Chromatics Color (Permanent)$65.00&up
Pravana Vivids (Permanent) Ask your Designer for details


Accent $50.00&up
Area $75.00&up
All Over$100.00&up


Brocato® Smoothing Blowout $65.00&up
Texture Wave$85.00&up
KeraStraight® Smoothing Treatment$165.00&up


Classic Blowout$28.00&up
Go Out Blowout & Style$38.00&up
Redken Steam Infusion Blowout$48.00&up
Bombshell Blowout$56.00&up
Nioxin Scalp Renew Treatment$27.00&up
Hair ExtensionsConsultation Required

Skin (Treatments)

NEW Dermalogica® 10 Minute FaceFit? Express Facial$10.00&up
Dermalogica® MicroZone® Express Skin Treatments$27.00&up
Dermalogica® Power Resurfacing Peel$45.00&up
The Dermalogica® Skin Treatment$58.00&up
Dermalogica® UltraCalming Treatment$58.00&up
Dermalogica® Medibac Clearing® Skin Treatment$67.00&up
Dermalogica® AGEsmart® Skin Treatment$78.00&up
Dermalogica® Clear Skin Teen Treatment$28.00&up
Dermalogica®Cleanse & Moisture Treatment + Microdermabrasion$68.00&up
The Dermalogica® Skin Treatment + Microdermabrasion$82.00&up


Brow Tint$19.00&up
Signature Brow Wax$21.00&up
Brow Tweeze$23.00&up


Makeup Application$40.00&up
Event Makeup Application $50.00&up
Wedding Makeup Application$70.00&up


Ardell Lash Application

Strip Lash$10.00&up
Cluster Full Lash$35.00&up

Benefit Lash Application

Strip Lash$5.00&up
Solo Lash (Half)$10.00&up
Solo Lash (Full)$15.00&up

Lash beLONG Eyelash Extensions$150.00&up
*Lashes sold separately.


Lip Wax$11.00&up
Chin Wax$13.00&up
Lip & Chin Wax$19.00&up
Brow Wax$21.00&up
Lip, Chin & Side Wax$27.00&up

Other prices:

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Hair Cuttery

Cost Cutters

Lovely Nails

In most of their salons, adult haircuts are usually $38 while children’s haircuts are far less. However, you will have to spend over $45 if you want a signature cut and an additional $10 for trims and bang.

Getting a multi-tone hair color service is quite expensive here which may be discouraging for those on a budget.

All-over color options are slightly cheaper than multi-tone but may still be considered as expensive for some people despite going for $65.

Highlight and texture service are the premium services offered here costs a lot. For instance, a keratin treatment charge is $190 while getting a full highlight sometimes goes for around $120.

Here, getting a formal hairstyle will cost nothing less than $70 while blow out are given for just $40. Fortunately, you can get braids, twists, and even loss around $50.

The accent is another highlight Option that adds more spark to your face. Before this highlight is given, the shape of the face is put into consideration.

On the other hand, an all-over highlight with a balayage application goes for nothing lower than $100.

Products Sold

Hairstyling and face treatment services aren’t the only things customers can gain access to once an appointment is booked. At Ulta salon, you can get hair care products as well as a wide range of cosmetics products from top brands in the cosmetics world.

Think of MAC, NYX, or Revlon. Whether customers are looking for the latest skincare products, fragrances,s or beauty equipment like a hairdryer, Ulta beauty will provide it for you.

Along with selling beauty and cosmetics products from top brands like Clinique and MAC, Ulta beauty also has its own beauty line called Ulta beauty collection.

The products cut across several markets including skincare, haircare, body spray as well as bath lines. However, their most popular product in the market remains their make-up brush and lip oil, which gives the lip a fine and subtle look.

Ulta Beauty hours

At Ava’s nearby salon, our details include both closing and opening hours. Most Ulta beauty salon officially opens by 9 am and closes by 11 pm except on Sundays where they close an hour earlier.

MON: 9:00AM10:00PM
TUE: 9:00AM10:00PM
WED: 9:00AM10:00PM

Find Ulta Beauty Locations


Ava Nearby Salon Services

Ava nearby salon is a useful tool when it comes to locating hair services near you. Our options cuts across hairstylists offering professional cut, short cut as well as installing hair extensions.

We provide only the best in the game and offer reviews that help you decide which option will suit your needs.


How much does Ulta Salon cost?

Ulta salon prices are vary depending on the type of service that you need. Prices range is from $10 for Skin Treatments to $35 for Cluster Full Lash. 

How much is it to get your eyelashes done at Ulta?

The starting price for eyelashes is $10 and can be range up to $35 for a cluster full lash.

What is a signature haircut at Ulta?

A signature haircut can take approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes to get done which includes haircut, trim, or shape on anyone over the age of 10 with a customized deep conditioning treatment.

How much do a cut and color cost?

The starting price for a haircut is around $14 and up while the price for hair color is $45 and up.

Do you tip at Ulta Salon?

Giving a tip is totally up to you but it would be a great thing for you to do so that the stylist could feel appreciated for their service.

How much do you tip for a $40 haircut?

It depends on how you feel about the service and your haircut. Usually, for a $40 haircut, you can tip from $5 to $10 or even give more if you have it like that.

Does Ulta do makeup for free?

You can get a complimentary makeup touch-up at your local Ulta Beauty location for free.

Does Ulta give perms?

Yes, you can get your perm done at your local Ulta salon near you.

Does Ulta do full makeovers?

Yes, you can get a full makeover at your local Ulta Beauty salon, just book an appointment, and your all set. 

Will Ulta match your foundation?

Yes, Ulta can match your foundation and if it’s not the right match you can always return it at your nearest Ulta Beauty store or exchange it for a new match.

Does Ulta offer makeup lessons?

Yes, Ulta Beauty offers makeup lessons for all beauty lovers. 

Can you get your eyebrows waxed at Ulta?

Yes, you can get your eyebrows wax at Ulta Beauty. The starting price for eyebrows wax is $21 and up

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