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Tria Beauty founded in 2003 intending to convert its professional laser into an easy to use laser and a hand-held laser that provides permanent outcomes.

The company continues to be dedicated to stimulating its clients with a powerful combination of science as well as the beauty that increases health and self-confidence at each age.

Having a multi-benefit platform fastened in providing clinical outcomes, the company provides products for every skin problem, from permanent hair decline to acne as well as skin renovation.

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Tria Beauty is a brand that delivers acne treatments as well as products for hair removal. It offers guaranteed outcomes, a one-year guarantee policy, free delivery to the U.S. and a simple Pay system that permits payment in regular instalments.

Clients love Tria products for ensuing in providing them healthy, fresh, perfect and youthful skin.

The company ensures this by offering evidence-based, advanced products that provide the best standards of welfare and efficiency.


In 2003, the originators of the LightSheer hair removal delivered by doctors, start Tria Beauty (previously called as SpectraGenics).

The company goal was to transform the LightSheer into a hand-held laser as well as sufficient for at-home usage, and capable of providing permanent outcomes.

In 2004, creators opened their earliest office in California and hired the first employee of Tria. In 2005, the first profitable Tria Hair Removal Laser was made and sold in Japan.

In 2006, scientific trials, harsh safety as well as efficacy tests were done on the Tria Laser in America for an FDA submission.

In 2007, World-famous laser professional Ronald G. Wheeland, M.D. confirmed the efficacy of Tria Laser.

In 2008, Hair Removal Laser of Tria Beauty obtained FDA authorization and is sold throughout the U.S.

This product obtained Beauty Innovation award from Allure Magazine as well as Daily Innovation Product award from Women’s Wear.

In 2009, Tria Beauty developed viable Tria Blue Light device to provide real, fast as well as a gentle treatment for acne, and enriched overall complexion.

In 2010, Tria Beauty Blue Light was FDA-authorized for the treatment of acne and for people who needed a clearer and healthier complexion.

The company opened its initial office in Korea. Moreover, Tria Beauty developed supply to Korea as well as Canada.

In 2011, Tria Beauty Laser 3.0 introduced having the latest technology, faster treatment intervals as well as expert accuracy. Tria Beauty introduced its Skin Perfecting Blue Light in Japan.

In 2012, Tria Beauty introduced its first rejuvenating laser. In 2013, the company launched its Hair Removal Laser Precision. It was especially aimed to treat minor, more delicate areas of the body.

This Hair Removal Laser includes diode laser technology. Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser Precision provides permanent outcomes.


Tria Beauty is generating products in the following categories:

Tria Beauty Products


Start rejuvenating your collagen and get youthful skin by using Smooth Beauty Laser devices of Tria Beauty.

Anti Ageing

Produced to restore healthy collagen as well as elastin. Start getting fine lines and wrinkles fade within two weeks. The products include:

  • Super C Brightening Moisturizer
  • Priming Cleanser
  • SmoothBeauty™ Laser
  • SmoothBeauty™ Laser Deep Hydrating Deluxe Kit



Run through the same in-office Diode Laser Technology and utilized by dermatologists, Hair Removal Lasers of Tria Beauty are only FDA-authorized for at-home use. The products include:

Tria Beauty Hair Removal

  • Hair Removal Laser 4X
  • Hair Removal Laser Precision



Tria breakthrough skincare is particularly created by dermatologists to clean, hydrate, save, improve, and maintain outcomes once used along with at-home beauty tools.

Tria Beauty Skincare

Some products are:

  • Firming & Anti-Aging Trial Kit (Face)
  • Firming & Anti-Aging Regimen Kit (Face)
  • Firming & Anti-Aging Lip Serum Roller
  • Deep Hydrating Deluxe Kit


clear your skin by using the Positively Clear Blue Light system of Tria Beauty, uniting bacteria-fighting blue light treatment with effective skincare to remove acne under the surface. Say good-bye to fight for good. The products include:

Tria Beauty acne product

  • Positively Clear Skincare DUO
  • Positively Clear Acne Clearing Blue Light
  • 3-Step Acne Skincare Solution
  • Positively Clear Spot Treatment


Reduce Wrinkles

The products include:

Reduce Wrinkle

  • SmoothBeauty Laser Regimen Kit
  • SmoothBeauty Laser
  • Night Boosting Eye Mask Kit
  • Beauty-Boosting Eye Mask Kit


Other Beauty Brands:



Paco Rabanne

Lilly Lashes

Where to buy Tria Beauty

The company has its store. You can get products directly from Tria Beauty. Moreover, you can also buy Tria Beauty products from and


  • Get up to 25% Off Select Styles and Free Delivery on U.S. Orders of $75 and above.
  • Get $56 Off Regular Price Smooth Beauty Laser
  • Get $10 Off Your First Acquisition Once You Sign Up for Emails
  • Get up to 50% Off SmoothBeauty Eye Wrinkle Laser along with SmoothBeauty Laser Purchase
  • Get Free Delivery on Laser Hair Removal Products
  • Get up to 50% Off Skincare with Purchase of Any Device
  • Get up to 35% Off Skincare Products

Free samples

  • Get Free Overnight Mask plus Beach Bag with Any Purchase of SMOOTHBEAUTY LASER
  • Get Free Exfoliation Cleanse
  • Get Free Exfoliating Body Wash with Laser Hair Removal System of the company


Nuvesse serums are produced to provide nutrients and main constituents into your skin, increasing its natural rebuilding process.


Estimated revenue of TRIA Beauty is $17.6M.

Return Policy

  • If you are not satisfied with the purchase of Tria Beauty, then send it back to the company!
  • Kindly contact the company at within 7 business days of getting to return products.
  • The product cost will be repaid for refunds, but the refund delivery charges will not. Products must be unused and refunded in original form.
  • Contact Tria at to get an alternative product. You are responsible for delivery charges. Products must be unused and refunded in original form to be replaced.


  • All orders are managed within 5 to 8 days of payment. Maximum products are prepared to order. Kindly allow for prolong processing times throughout the holiday season.
  • The company offers international delivery. Shipping time can delay for some countries.
  • Products are dispatched via USPS First-Class Mail, which usually requires 4 to 7 days to reach for the US orders.  Generally, 1 to 4 weeks are required for Canada orders. The company is not responsible for stolen products when they are dispatched. Contact Tria beauty and the company will do its best to help.



Tria Beauty founded in 2003 with the aim to convert its professional laser into an easy to use laser and a hand-held laser that provides permanent outcomes.

Leading the laser technology for above 15 years, the brand is identical with providing permanent even, gorgeous skin.

Clients love Tria products for ensuing in providing them healthy, fresh, perfect and youthful skin.

Tria does this by offering evidence-based, advanced products that provide the best standards of welfare and efficiency.

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