Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage
Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage 101

In today’s world stress and tension due to the everyday hustling and bustling leads to severe mental, physical and emotional health disorders.

We all need something that serves as an energy booster or relief to help us cope with our hectic lives.

Massage therapy has been the leading form of physical and emotional therapy for a lot of people in this modern world.

It provides relaxation, warmth, and comfort. If you need to regain your energy and maximize your daily efforts, massage is the way out.

While the traditional massage is still practiced to date, one type of massage that has been on the rise is the Tantric Massage.

This style of massage focuses on providing increased sexual energy and involves the genital parts, emotional healing, and at times orgasms.

It avails you the chance to explore your fantasies, desires, and preferences.

Despite it being a type of erotic massage, it is not focused mainly on sex and orgasm but rather on pleasuring your body.

If you haven’t heard of this type of massage or looking to try out another type of massage that is different from the traditional massage, then read on as we explore all you need to know about the tantric massage.

what is tantric massage

What Is Tantric Massage?

Tantric massage is a healing and relaxing technique that restores your body to perfect health.

It is a physical act of touch that aims to calm the body and the mind and to bring about balanced life energy.

With its origin from India, it is an ancient medieval that stems from the tantra teachings.

It became very popular in the western world in the 1980s as people became more liberal-minded to various forms of sexuality.

Its sole purpose is to create self-awareness, spiritual connection between partners, and open-mindedness all through gentle touch.

A common misconception about the Tantra massage is that it is always likened to a sexual massage when it is not even part of its objectives.

It is not majorly concerned about orgasms even though it might be a by-product of the massage, the ultimate goal of a Tantric Massage is increased physical sensation and a better appreciation of the body, mind, and spirit.

It helps both genders to reach a point of sexual happiness and not the common superficial excitement that is rampant today.

Tantric massage, like many other practices, can be a simple way of relaxing the body and clearing the mind, and bringing sexual energies to our bodies, and therefore back to the Universe.

What to Expect?

It can either be done on a massage table or bed and involves the use of different techniques to provide an increased level of sexual arousal.

Unlike the traditional massage, you would be required to be fully nude with oil poured all over your body to awaken the sexual energy and physical sensations.

The message if carried out by a skilled masseuse is certain to take you on a journey of different sexual pleasures and feeling throughout the body.

A lot of reactions, emotions, and thoughts would pass through you during the massage.

Some Tantric Massages do not involve the private parts so do not be surprised if your masseuse uses another technique that also brings you pleasure without touching your genitals.

In cases where the genital parts are involved, your consent would also be required before it can be touched to help you have a soothing, gracious, and loving experience.

Before the start of the massage, if you have any preferences or techniques you would love to try out, it is important to let the masseuse know so they can be incorporated into the massage.

Communication is vital to remove any form of misunderstanding and also an opportunity to talk and remove any stranger-related shyness.

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6 Things You Need To Know Before Having A Tantric Massage

1. It’s Not Just About Genital Massage:

While it involves some form of massage on the genitals it is not specifically focused on it but can also involve your stomach, foot, toes, thighs, chest, fingers, shoulders and fingers.

These areas should also be massaged too for a thorough increase in sensation.

2. Prepare the Environment:

If you want to try it at home with your partner, create an environment that is soothing and relaxing.

You want it to be a safe and sacred space with no disturbance from the outside so you can fully enjoy all the benefits the massage brings.

3. Orgasm Is NOT Essential:

Contrary to popular opinions, Tantric Massage is not primarily concerned about you or your partner achieving orgasm.

So there should be no pressure from either party to satisfy or meet an objective i.e orgasm. Neither are you expected to have an erection when being massaged.

4. No Specific Time Limit:

It is not an experience that lasts for a short period of time. It is not a regular 10 minutes massage that is over before you have even had the relief needed.

With Tantric massage, there is no specific time limit and this allows both partners or single persons to have a great experience and reach the expected sexual arousal.

5. Lube is Used:

A massage oil or lubricant is used on the body, It can be used to rub on the vulva to increase sensation and better gentle movement around the outer lips of the vagina.

The lube used should be non-greasy to avoid staining the skin or fabrics and also should be body-safe with no fragrances or glycerine present.

6. Don’t Forget to Breathe:

It is worthy to note that you should practice some sort of breathing exercise during this massage.

You can try deep breathing or pursed lip breathing if you’re on the receiving end of the massage.

You must remember to breathe to fully enjoy the massage.

9 Benefits of Tantric Massage

1. Alleviates Stress:

Tantric massage can reduce stress by its effect on your mind, body, and emotions.

2. Improves Sexual Drive:

Tantric massage helps with increasing the sexual energy and stimulates sexual organs, which helps the sex drive.

It aids in heightened sexual awareness and higher sexual arousal.

3. Regenerates your Health and Vitality:

By relaxing and releasing tension and pressure, Tantric Massage has been shown to increase blood flow to the body, promote recovery and boost metabolism.

It helps with improving the health and vitality of the body.

4. Reduced Sexual Dysfunction:

Tantric massage helps with ills like sexual dysfunction and erectile dysfunction.

It is the perfect antidote to sexual dysfunction and allows you to fully explore and enjoy your sexuality.

With tantric massage, premature ejaculation or even low libido seems to be a thing of the past.

5. Better Sleep:

With a daily dose of Tantric Massage, you can be assured of improved sleep and this leads to better health and better sexual performance.

6. Improves Blood Circulation:

One of the main benefits of Tantric Massage is that it may increase the flow of the oxygen-rich blood and also helps in improving circulation.

7. Pain Relief:

This is a common benefit of most massages and this also applies to Tantric Massage. It offers pain relief to the body.

The gentle and expert touch of the licensed masseuse would help to relieve you from body pains.

This is a true means of maintaining physical, mental, and spiritual health.

8. Raising Confidence:

The Tantric Massage helps you become more confident due to you becoming self-aware of your body and not afraid of exploring different sexual fantasies.

The basic principles are absorbed into your body making you feel as if everything is in sync.

You become aware of your body reactions at a higher level and have a sense of belonging.

9.Increased Orgasmic Potential:

This is often the by-product of a Tantric Massage. It involves a brief but yet unforgettable moment where the orgasmic potential is unlocked within the Tantric practitioner’s body.


In this modern era where sexual satisfaction is at an all-time low, a tantric massage would be the right place to start so as to connect with your body.

With Tantric Massage infinite pleasure is guaranteed and it is possible for you to have a wonderful spiritual experience that is associated with this massage.

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