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Swim Spa Review

At the mention of the word “Swim spa,” you’re bound to think this is another luxurious option like Sojo Spa or even Spa castle, but that’s not it.

Swim spa is actually like an everyday pool that you can soak yourself in except that it comes with fitness advantage.

While most people question the need for a swim spa, you will agree that diving in a public pool isn’t a great experience.

Swim Spa Review

The invention of a swim spa makes it easy for every homeowner to comfortably bring back the swimming experience to their home by installing one in their backyard.

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Having a swimming pool seems like a celebrity thing, but a lot of users have countered this belief.

Considering the number of designs and features in the market, a first time user is bound to get confused about which one to go for.

Personally, the best way to approach buying a swimming pool is to create a list of features you want it to have and to ensure they satisfy all your needs.

A good swim spa is an excellent way to stay healthy and utilize its space for a complete body workout. It’s perfect for those who love swimming more than hitting the gym, and its design fits into both an indoor and outdoor environment.

swimming pool

Swim Spa is similar to everyday pools in appearance, but they operate differently. Here, you’re required to swim against high current, a move that tones your muscles in contrast to moving against still water in a conventional pool.

Some swim spa comes with hot tub, a move which tends to entice the customer, but having a good Swim Spa goes beyond this promotion by manufacturers.

As much as we hate to say this, the truth is that most people jump at the idea of buying a swim spa because it’s cool.

Only a few know the criteria used in judging a good swim Spa. You shouldn’t buy a swim spa because your friend has one at home or because of the awesome reward the manufacturer promises, like in the case of a free hot bathtub.

After hours of research, we’ve come up with criteria that will guide you in choosing a good Spa.

They include fun and fitness, design, reputation, insulation, comfort, and massage, as well as ease of maintenance.

Things to Consider When Buying a Swim Spa

Comfort and Massage

Some factors can make or break your experience with swim spa. Basically, you want to have one that promises the same experience from swimming in a public pool in your own backyard.

You want the same level of fun, comfort, and entertainment.

The first thing to look out for when buying a swim spa is the design of the Spa seats. You will want to go for one that’s easy to sit in to enhance your massage experience.

Ensure you carry out both a wet and dry test before making your purchase. A seat that isn’t comfortable when it’s dry is unlikely to be safe when wet.

Apart from the seats, you should also take a look at other features that will create that public experience in your home.

For Instance, you will want to find out if there’s a multi-level seating system that accommodates all body types or if the water volume is enough to accommodate multiple swimmers.

Finally, you also want to consider its massage capability as this feature can make or break your spa experience.

Hence, it’s important to look into this to avoid any regrets. For a better massage experience, look for models with jets that have no bearing as they’re unlikely to rust quickly.

You should also look for models with proper hydraulics that creates even flow of water around the pool.

fitness pool

Fun and Fitness

Although the fitness area is what most people should be looking out for, the entertainment aspect is also worth considering.

You should go all out for a swim spa that enhances your fitness level and also attaches a little bit of fun to it.

Swim spa with rowing machines, stair climbers, and swim cords are more likely to create the kind of experience you want. These features enhance your gym experience.

If you’re lucky enough, you can find swim spas with a wave pool feature that allows your little ones to ride on the water using a boogie board to simulate riding on a wave.

Swimming Experience

Swimming Experience

Ensuring your present choice creates the right swimming experience is more important than all other factors listed here.

A swim spa can have a comfortable design, fun, and appealing, but if it doesn’t serve its purpose, then you should move along.

First, ensure the pumping system has enough power to provide the optimum swim current and ensure the jets have a standard flow rate that can produce a powerful current for the system.

Current adjustments is another feature to look out for. This basically allows you to adjust the current level to suit their desired swim. Once you outgrow a challenge, you can set the bar higher.

The last feature that’s important for a swim experience is the shell design. A spa that comes with a wider channel creates more space, and the absence of seats allows the swimmer to swim without any form of obstruction.

This doesn’t mean you should go for pool with no seats. However, your pool should come with more depth that compensates for the space taken by the seat.

Reviews and Rating

There’s no better way to get more information about a brand than speaking to people who have actually used their products.

The internet is a messy place, but there are several honest reviews that allow you to judge a product based on users’ experience.

From experience, it’s better to visit the website of manufacturers to do a quick review search of their products.

You should also consider the location of the manufacturer as it allows you to get a replacement or repair if anything goes wrong.

Only buy products from known brands as this makes it easier to get products that are covered by warranty. A good swim Spa from known brands comes with a 10 year warranty.

Best Swim Spa Brand

After conducting several research and testing some products from our own end, we’ve come up with a list of swim spas from top brands that meet the criteria listed above.

These Swim Spas have gathered 5-star ratings from users, and the designs are exceptional, not to mention the amazing experience they provide.


Hydropool is most celebrity’s choice since it gives you the freedom to customize.

It’s designed for intensive work out and has a lot of design options that allow users to customize the current to their taste.

There are five models from this brand, but in total, they offer 14 models that can be customized, giving you enough options to explore.


Hydropool doesn’t support intensive maintenance. According to the company, all its model comes with a self-cleaning spa that can filter out dirt from water in 45 minutes. This feature makes the spa quite expensive for beginner swimmers.

The website also gives customers the freedom to choose their own design and make changes based on their needs. Visit the brand website to choose the design you want and request a quote.

Arctic Spa

Arctic Spa also offers customizable models. Every model can be customized to your desired taste and lifestyle.

To choose your own design, just log into their website and answer a few questions that will help them create the perfect design you want.

Arctic Spa

Arctic spa is designed for everyday users. It costs $2 to operate daily, and the swimming area holds just 1,347 gallons of water, which is no match for athletes who would like to use this means to recover from injury.

The current may not stretch your muscles as much as you want, but if you’re a beginner, these factors may not matter much.

This brand offers little workout features, but because they come cheap, you have little to worry about. Arctic spa provides the cheapest spa in the market.

They cost as little as $4,000, and their response rate is quite impressive. We requested a quote and got a response within an hour. However, ensure you do so during working hours.

Endless Pool

Endless pool has been on the lips of most homeowners thanks to its push system.

The majority of the water is concentrated in the middle, but its powerful jetting creates a power Current that stretches the muscle of swimmers as they struggle to overcome the current.

The size of the propeller makes the current bubble-free.

Endless Pool

Most Endless pool swim Spas are deep and wide, but your choice depends on your fitness needs. It comes with a multi-level seating that allows a minimum of 3 swimmers of all body shape.

The brand also offers an underwater treadmill that enhances quick recovery from injuries or joint pain.

One advantage this brand has over others is that it tells you the price of building a swim spa upfront.

It doesn’t keep you in suspense. With this, you know exactly what to expect after the project is completed.


SwimEx has 6 different spa models. Each has its own dimension, current and designed to accommodate a lot of aquatic exercises and recreational option.

SwimEx has earned a reputation for constructing pools with depth and width.


It seems like the brand is primarily focused on creating models that support multi-level seating.

All the company’s models allow more than one swimmer at a time, and the width of the spa prevents swimmers from bumping into one another.

Our pick from the company’s model is the 1000 S. This model holds over 7,700 gallons of water that allows multiple swimmers.

It has a workout angle that looks like a treadmill in addition to wells that allows you to undergo weight-lifting exercises.

The 400 OS is a cheaper option but doesn’t really appeal to us due to its shallow depth.

How Does Swim Spa Work

Swim spas have a design that mimics traditional pools but comes with jets. The jets present on these spas act by creating the current you can flow against.

Your stroke against the current strengthen your muscles. Good swim spas come with current adjustments that allow you to customize the intensity of the current to suit your training regime.

The more you increase the current, the more you find it pushing your body hard, which no doubt increases your endurance.

Only advance swimmers go for spas whose jets are completely replaced by propellers. Models that come with propellers are more expensive than those that come with jets and is designed to give you more current to swim against.

Some spas can also come with treads that mimic that of a treadmill. This design is specifically favored by athletes as it provides an alternative way for them to work out.

The propeller or jets can create a current you can run against. This action improves recovery from injuries and supports aerobic exercise.

Manufacturers like Endless pool attaches a fitness App that monitors your fitness activities and sends your input to a fitness trainer.

While this is rare, there are still some swim spas that come with well that supports weight-lifting exercises.

This well supports weight loss exercises. Hence, if you go for brands that offer customizable models, you can ask for both a well and tread to be included. This will no doubt increase the price, but you get more from your workout experience.


Swim Spa doesn’t come cheap, but giving the fitness advantage that comes with it; you’re better off getting one than a conventional pool.

Arctic sea is one great option for beginner swimmers but offers little features that can entirely stretch your muscles or test you to the fullest.

However, the fact that their models can be customized means you can tailor their designs around your needs.

Finally, if you want a design that offers little in terms of maintenance, Spas from Arctic sea may not be the best option for you. You will spend more time cleaning than using it.

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