Star Nails Prices

star nails prices
star nails prices

Star Nails

Whether you’re too busy to take a break from work or in need of high-quality nail Service, Star nails salon is the place for you.

From manicure to pedicure, Star nails provides all the latest and trending styles to Customers.

Appointments are just one call away. Rather than wasting your time on walk-in appointments, take advantage of their call line and reserve your spot from the comfort of your home.

What’s more? Star nails are committed to providing excellent service in a friendly environment using the best products at their disposal.

Plus, their experts are never tired of receiving Customers and giving you the nail treatment you crave for.

Their commitment to providing exactly what you want is also commendable not to mention their super affordable price.

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Prices and Service

Foot Care

Star nails foot care services include a wide range of pedicure options. This includes basic pedicure, French pedicure, and the salon’s signature style: star pedicure.

Once again, your option depends on your need as well as your budget. Star nails price for the pedicure costs nothing less than $30.

Basic Pedicure$30.00
French Pedicure$35.00
French Pedicure$35.00
Star Spa Pedicure$45.00
Green Tea SPA Pedicure$55.00
Silky Milk Pedicure$65.00
Organic Spa Pedicure$75.00


From Keratin and buff to French manicure, star nails provide a variety of manicure services. Your choice is only limited by the size of your pocket.

It’s hard not to find the kind of manicure service you want at star nails, plus all services are delivered at an unbeatable price.

Basic Adult manicure starts from $15 while other styles like buff, Keratin, and French manicure cost $20.

Basic Manicure$15.00
Keratin Manicure$20.00
Buff Manicure$20.00
French Manicure$20.00
Spa Manicure$28.00
Color Gel Manicure$30.00
Color Gel French Manicure$40.00

Kids Service

Star nails prices for kids’ manicures and pedicures are quite less. Getting a simple pedicure for your kids costs as little as $20 while a manicure costs just $10.

Kid's Manicure$10.00
Kid's Pedicure$20.00
Kid's Change Polish (feet)$10.00


Star Nails prices for Callus eliminator treatment start from $8. The treatment helps eliminate callus within 5 minutes, penetrating the skin to soften and repair cracks on the heels.

In addition to callus treatment, star nails also offer French lines to nails. However, this cost an additional $5.

Callus Eliminator Treatment$8.00&up
French Lines$5.00&up


Silky Milk Pedicure

Milk increases the skin’s elasticity, making it easy to absorb moisture. During silky milk pedicure, milk cream is massaged into the skin to provide Vitamin D and E, which fight against inflammation.

Considering the benefits that come with it, the prices are bound to be high.

Artificial Nails

UV Gel Service costs a minimum of $30 but could go up to $90 depending on the style you want.

UV Gel Extension French$90.00
UV Gel French Set$75.00
UV Gel Extension Set$65.00
UV Gel Set$55.00
UV Gel French Fill-ins$45.00
UV Gel Fill-ins$30.00
Powder Fill-ins$30.00
Regular Tips$40.00
White Tips$55.00
Silk Wrap Set$55.00
Silk Extensions$65.00

Organic Spa

This is one of many premium services available in this salon. A variety of products are utilized to cleanse and moisturize the nails before they’re styled.

This service comes with an additional callus treatment, massage, and foot bath.

Star Spa

Star Spa pedicure is one of the best premium services offered here and also the company’s signature service.

Your feet will be given a peppermint and mud bath before aromatic glides are done across the feet to improve circulation.

Why Choose Star Nails

Since they’re scattered around the country, it’s easy to get quality nail Service at the closest star nail salon in your location.

Their prices are fair and affordable because they use products that will protect the nails of the client.

Plus, their working hours are designed with Customers’ convenience in mind.

Star salon technicians are at your service during the weekend and just a few walks away even if you want to get a quick manicure on a sunny Sunday.

Other Prices:

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Star nails salon is a family-owned business whose existence spans 25 years. Star nails are one of the first salons to open in Toronto.

What started as a nail salon in Venice beach has grown to a company with numerous salons situated in several locations in the country.

From California to Toronto and Washington.

Star nails prices remain the main reason why they’re highly sought-after.

At this salon, you will get an unmatched quality of service which comes at a far lower price than what’s been charged in other salons.


From its humble beginning in California, Star nails have successfully developed into a company with salons in several parts of the country including Washington DC, Toronto, Tampa, Westminster, Crowley, and many more.

All locations open and close at the same time, but prices may vary from place to place. However, expect the same quality of service at every location you visit.

Book an Appointment

At Star Nails, walk-in appointments are available. However, it’s better to call in advance to book an appointment to save time.

Despite the number of nail technicians available, most salons are bound to get busy, especially during the weekend.

However, the prices stay the same whether you opt for a walk-in or book an appointment via phone call.

Opening and Closing Hours

Star salon prices aren’t the only thing to look out for; their working hours make it easy for just anyone to get a haircut at their convenient time.

Open on all days of the week even during public holidays as well as on Saturdays and Sundays.

Breakdown of Working Hours

TUE: 9:30AM7:00PM
WED: 9:30AM7:00PM

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