Spa Castle

Spa Castle
Spa Castle

Spa Castle

Spa castle may not be an everyday Spa but is a great relaxation point thanks to its varied selection of pools and saunas.

FoundedMay 2007
FounderSteve Chon
RevenueUS$22 Million (estimated)
Customer Service Number718-888-9893

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All rooms and floors are reserved for specific treatments, but they also offer Massage in addition to manicure and pedicure.

Aside from being situated in a serene environment, the number of guests enjoys the peaceful tranquility of relaxation.

For a mega spa of 5 floors with hot tubs, spas, and whirlpool, you’re likely to have caravans of people trooping in all year round.

However, to gain access to this castle, you will be charged an admission fee of $40 in addition to other service charges.

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Spa castle is situated in several locations in the United States. Spa castle isn’t a chain brand like best cuts.

Rather, it operates in a similar way to Sojo Spa. All locations operate independently and have their own opening and closing hours.

The first Spa Castle was officially opened in New York in 2007. It serves as the brand’s main branch and has a lot of facilities other locations do not have.

It’s basically a luxurious serenity made of 5 stories that house several high-profile spas and saunas.


Massage Heights

Spa Castle Services

Body Massage

Stress Buster Massage50 Minute$95
Swedish Massage50 Minutes
80 Minutes
Aroma Oil Massage50 Minutes
80 Minutes
Deep Tissue Massage50 Minutes
80 Minutes
Detox Massage50 Minutes
80 Minutes
Shiatsu Massage50 Minutes
80 Minutes
Healing Stone Therapy50 Minutes
80 Minutes

Facials & Body Treatments

Refresh30 Minutes$65
Gentleman’s Facial60 Minutes$110
Improve60 Minutes$110
Correct & Pamper90 Minutes$160
Back Facials30 Minutes$75
Aromatic Sugar Scrub30Minutes$95
Detoxifying Mud Wrap60 Minutes$135
Avocado and Silk Wrap60 Minutes$150

Add Ons

Intensive Eye Treatment$30
Organic Peel$40
Collagen Mask$40
24K Golden Mask10 min/$40
Hot Stones$30

Body Scrub

Simple K Scrub30 Minutes$60
Signature K Bubble Scrub40 Minutes$80
K Scrub Plus60 Minutes$100
Spa Castle K Scrub100 Minutes$210
Couples K Scrub
With Aromatherapy
45 Minutes$210
Couples K Scrub
With Detoxify Silk Wrap
55 Minutes$260

Add Ons

Private Room Upgrade$25
Body Therapy20 minutes for $30
Anti-Stress Head Massage10 minutes for $20
Scalp Facial & Hair Treatment$30
Green Tea Wrap$40

Spa castle body scrub services are quite effective. While it may not be the cheapest option available, they have this creative way of helping you get rid of old skin.

The fees for body scrubs depend on the duration of the treatment. An hour scrub costs as much as $95 for medium treatment and is even higher for private room scrubs.

Spa castle Scrubs are categorized into four packages, namely: Simple, Royal, Plus, and Ultimate Detox.

The simple scrub is the cheapest option available while the rest have to be done in a private room.

Ultimate Detox scrub requires more intensive treatment. Here, a special glove is used to exfoliate the skin and followed by a quick massage.

This treatment is aimed at reducing water retention and also to flush out toxins from the skin. It’s the most effective scrub here and costs at least $200 for 1hour 40 minutes.

Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

There are a whole lot of Acne treatment options available, and they create an awesome result.

The mechanism used here is to flush out toxins from the skin using several detox options.

Treatment like Algae detox wrap, Aromatic Organic Peel, and sea salt scrub packs a lot of antioxidants which naturally help the skin look more radiant.

A simple body wrap at Spa castle may cost as high as $300 while treatments like Aromatic Organic Peel, sea salt Scrub, and caviar illuminating facial cost around $120.

However, if you want a simple Deep pore cleansing, $100 will be enough. While this is the cheapest option available, its effect is short-lived.

Sweet Mama Package

Sweet Mama Package

Sweet Mama Package is a signature service offered by spa castle. It’s the most expensive treatment offered here and packs a lot of skin rejuvenating treatment.

This session combines a lot of treatment packages, which include Facial with collagen masque, scalp treatment, hand hydration, hot stone therapy, and 30 minutes Aromatic Jacuzzi.

To crown it all, you will get a glass of red wine to help you relax as well as take-home gifts like a facial mask.

Sweet mama treatment lasts for a minimum of 2 hours and costs as much as $300 outside admission fee and tax.

Hot Tub Room

Hot Tub Room

If you have any form of respiratory Problem or simply feel stressed out after a treatment session, you can soak yourself in a hydrotherapy pool.

This pool is open to all visitors. While soaking yourself in the warmth of this water will require going completely nude, you should know that spa castle has a separate lounge for every gender, in a bid to make you feel comfortable.



Saunas are also free to access here. You can visit as many saunas as you want. This includes the Gold sauna room, Himalayan salt, and Chromo-therapy.

All the saunas here have different health benefits and help rejuvenate your mind.

Spa Castle Facilities

Hydrotherapy Pool

Hydrotherapy Pool

Spa castle Hydrotherapy pool packs a number of pools. Some of which include the grand pools among a host of others.

In addition to the outdoor pool, there are indoor pools targeted at helping you relieve stress by increasing circulation and reducing body aches.

You can spice up your experience by sipping a refreshing beverage gotten from the tonic bar while you allow the hot soothing water to do the rest of the trick.

The outdoor pools are divided into sections each comprising of 3-4 feet of hot water in addition to water jets designed to enhance the body.

The outdoor pools are open to visitors all year round and seem to be everyone’s favorite spot.

Massage prices

Massage Luke Prices

Massage Envy Prices

Event Room

If you’re planning on hosting any form of event, the spa castle event room is always open provided you can foot the bill.

The event room is specially crafted to host events of all kinds. This include group meeting, wedding anniversary and birthday party.

To book a space, simply get in touch with their phone support to discuss their prices.

Resting Area

Resting Area

Spa castle provides up to three resting areas for its visitors. There’s a sleeping room at the first and second floor where you can take a quick map.

Unfortunately, children are not allowed into this room. The odol room on the other hand is designed like a traditional room covered with heated stones on a flat floor.

Ondol, which translates to “warm stone” in Korean, is a traditional room covered in heated floors. Asian culture finds comfort in sleeping on bare floors, with only a wooden headrest for support.

Ondol rooms are popular in Asian spas as they provide a warm place to lay down after venturing in & out of the sauna rooms.


The dining section contains a lot of refreshing juice and fruits to make your visit a special one. Every stall provides plenty of healthy meals to choose from.

The sandwich bar, for instance, contains a lot of tasty sandwiches that leave you asking for more.

The sky garden spot provides delicious Korean foods from Korean chefs to experience the umami taste of Asian dishes.

Fitness Center

The fitness center contains a lot of facilities that ensure you keep fit all year round.

However, ensure you have proper footwear when visiting the fitness center and come with all your training kits. All equipment is free for all visitors.

Tonic Bar and Snacks

You can order drinks and snacks from this tonic bar & snacks section. This spa doesn’t allow outside food, making this spot your only chance of getting yourself filled when you are hungry.

Why Choose Spa Castle

At first sight, you will think this is a high ticket spa given the fact that it occupies 5 floors. However, you will be surprised to know that Spa castle prices are quite friendly.

According to several reviews, $10 can buy you 10 minutes of massage.

What sets Spa castle apart from others is the level of organization. All activities are arranged floor by floor, making it easy to find your treatment session.

Every age group has its own treatment session as they aim to create a comfortable atmosphere for all their clients irrespective of their age.

To crown it all, the spa castle has one of the best structures in the business. The 100,000 feet building in New York is not just eye-catching but also located in a serene environment that’s easy to locate.

 Swim Spa

Spa Castle Membership

3 months
1 Adult
6 months
1 Adult
1 year
1 Adult
1 year
2 Adult
per day
per day
per day
per day,
per person
Bonus Gift Card
Bonus Gift Card
Bonus Gift Card
Bonus Gift Card

Opting for Spa castle membership will be a smart move if you want long term partnership with the brand. All members enjoy 10% discounts on food and non-alcoholic beverages purchased within their premises.

They’re given access to exclusive lounges and personal locker rooms that contain their uniforms, slippers, towels, and bath suit.

The membership fee for 1 adult Costs $1,500 while that of 2 Adults costs $2,500 for 6 months. To maintain their membership for a year will cost $2,500 for 1 Adult and $4,000 for 2 Adults.

Unfortunately, membership is only valid in Spa castle urban resort in Texas and New York. It becomes invalid in other locations.


Spa castle prices are friendly, and their admission fee is pretty much affordable. Basically, most Adults are charged an entrance fee of $40 on weekdays while minors under the age of 2 are charged $20.

Most times, children below the age of 1 are given free access to their facilities at all times.

During the weekend, the entrance fee is quite high due to the number of people trooping in.

Expect to pay nothing less than $50 during these days. Groups of 10: or even more are given a 10% discount on the total admission fee, but all parties must be present at the time of payment.

Most Spa castle payment procedures are tedious as you will have to present proof of age to redeem the offer for your age group.

People on daily admission are given access to their saunas as well as both their indoor and outdoor pools, but an additional fee applies for another Spa service.

In addition to that, you will be required to come with your own swimwear as only members are given access to the spa’s towels. You will have to pay a rental fee to get one from the Spa.

Spa Castle Hours

Spa castle is open on all days of the week and even during public holidays. Spa castle’s working hours depend on its location and are sometimes subject to changes.

Spa castle head office at college point, New York opens at 8:00 am and closes at 12:00 am on all days irrespective of whether it’s weekends or weekdays.

TUE: 8:00AM12:00AM
WED: 8:00AM12:00AM

Spa castle Texas, hours are 8:am to 12:am. Before going to the Spa castle, you should be aware that all activities are programmed.

This is why it’s important to visit their website to get more information about how they operate.

Most times, the Spa is open for visitors from 8:00 am, but Clients will have to wait till it’s the time of their appointment before proceeding to the treatment room.

When waiting, you must get yourself ready by taking a shower and changing into your robe. Generally, the bathing area is open from 10:00 am to 12:00 am.

Finally, if you’re coming from outside New York or Texas, it’s important to visit their website to view their current working hours to ensure you don’t get stranded on arrival.

Book an Appointment

Even though walk-in businesses are accepted, it’s better to book an appointment online before coming down with a spa castle.

This saves you the hassle of waiting for long hours. During the weekend, the numbers of Clients here are quite much, which is even more reason why you should look to book an appointment in advance.

Appointments can be booked via phone support or on their website. You can also send an email to get more information about how they operate.


There’s no doubt that spa castle has one of the best spa facilities in the country. The number of saunas and pools here makes it highly sought-after.

Most visitors are more interested in soaking themselves in the pool than really exploring the treatment options available.

The admission fee may be high, but it’s worth the adventure.

FAQ About Spa Castle

Do I need Any Form Of ID before Checking In?

Spa castle is a family-friendly destination, hence every measure is taken to guarantee the safety of everyone.

Government ID will only be presented at your first check-in. Afterward, only your phone number will be requested.

What Is Spa Castle Check-in Process?

The spa castle check-in process is straightforward and less tedious except during your first visit where you will be asked to present a government ID.

For regular customers, you will sign up for Express check-in as this will enable you to only provide your mobile number on subsequent visits.

How Long Does My Visit Entitle Me To?

A single admission allows you to enjoy most of their free facilities at the spa castle from opening to closing hours.

However, once you leave its vicinity, re-entry is not permitted.

What’s The Age Range Of Visitors Accepted At Spa Castle

Spa castle welcomes visitors of all ages. From infants to the elderly. Minors under the age of 18 require close supervision from their parents to ensure they’re safe.

Do I Need To Come Along With Anything When Coming To Spa

When coming to Spa castle, ensure you come along with a bathing suit that isn’t too revealing.

The spa makes provision of towels and other things you will need but this is only available to registered members.

Does Spa Castle Offer Babysitting Service?

You’re welcome to come along with Minors but they will have to be under your supervision as Spa castle does not offer any form of babysitting service to visitors.

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