South Beach Tanning Prices

south beach tanning prices
south beach tanning prices

South Beach Tanning

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Don’t we all crave finer, smoother, and more sparkling skin? Bet you do! Why droll some more when South Beach Tanning is the solution?

With South Beach Tanning, your dream skin tone is a reality!

South Beach Tanning, the home of posh skin, sunless as well as sun tanning was established in 2003 in the South of Miami, Florida.

The renowned tanning salon is popular for its extra-large salons. In fact, their spaces are 2 to 3 times larger than the regular tanning salons.

This extra workspace is an added advantage, as they can accommodate as many walk-ins as possible.

You read that well! With no prior appointments, you can just stroll in and come out with brand new and well-toned skin without extra waiting time. Lovely!

South Beach Tanning prices are nothing compared to the luxury tanning services they offer.

In addition, their tanning staff is well equipped to give you your desired skin tone in the most comfortable manner, too.


The South Beach Tanning Membership

Wouldn’t you love to be a member of a South Beach Tanning Salon? Their membership package is a steal.

With only $18 /month you can get started already. The offer allows you to get a Level 1 tanning bed for just $9. This price has got no rivals at all.

South Beach Tanning Prices and Services

South Beach Tanning services are not just of high quality, but they pay attention to detail, are customer-friendly, and provide you with relaxing environs all at super affordable prices.

Below is the list of South Beach Tanning prices.


You can get Sunbeds at different levels. Viz;

Single Session PriceMonthly Membership Price
Level 1$12.00$18.00
Level 2 $16.00$38.00
Level 3$20.00$58.00
Level 4$24.00$78.00
Level 5$30.00$78.00

Level 1 Sunbeds

Are you looking to create and maintain an excellent base tan? Level 1 sunbeds, it’s the real deal!

Level 1 sunbeds are the modern tanning department skilled to give you the exact skin tone you desire.

You’re sure to get immeasurable value at the end of the session.

This level of tanning comes with a good sound system, high-quality body blowers, and of course, massive tanning space.

You also have access to a 15 minutes tanning session. This single session costs only $12 monthly, saving you some bucks as a member while non-members get it for only $18.

Level 2 Sunbeds

You have the perfect base tan, that’s great! It’s time you moved it a step higher. With the level 2 sunbeds, you get a wider tanning space, high output bronzing tanners strictly for your face, extra coolers for a deepened brown/golden face glow. This level is a must-have!

Level 2 sunbeds, a modern facility designed to provide excellent tanning results with benefits that could only be possible to achieve using more sophisticated equipment.

Guess what? You get this impeccable value at an unbelievable price.

The single 15 minutes session per month costs just $16 for members and $38 for non-members.

Level 3 Sunbeds

With an upgrade to the level 3 sunbeds come better results than the other 2 levels.

This posh tanning option employs the intensive use of tanning lamps leading to skin-deep,

darkened, as well as golden brown tan. Besides, with the level 3 sunbeds, you’ve got no worries over burns that come with the use of UVB in the level 1&2.

What’s more? If you’d prefer standing, level 3 sunbeds tanning have got you.

The level 3 sunbeds entail the use of 7-9 minutes stand-up bronzing segment, side Tanners and, shoulder tanners.

With the quick 12 minute session, a single session costing $20 and $58 for members and non-members respectively.

You’re assured of a deepened, darker, and super-lasting Tan.

Level 4 Sunbeds

If you think you know what euphoria means, wait until you experience level 4 sunbeds. Oh my! It’s time you stepped up the game already.

These level 4 sunbeds allow you to take deep breathe and enjoy the high-quality air conditioning systems, and literally have an experience of a lifetime.

With level 4, you get higher tanning effects than the other lower levels.

With this unit comes an outpour of a super blend of light made to reflect your true tanning hidden endowments.

Without the high-pressure unit, you get the darkest tan possible.

With level 4 comes lots of comfy benefits like aromatherapy, temperature control, mist breeze, and even more.

All in a quick 12 minutes session. A single session goes for a little $24 for members and $78 for non-members.

Level 5 Sunbeds

With Level 5 sunbeds you’ll achieve the darkest tan ever, plus an unforgettable tan experience.

This lush sunbed flashes your body with sun-like golden bronze rays, as the air conditions cool your body, leaving you with a misty feeling.

The Level 5 tanning uses 99% of UVA rays (bronzing rays) and ensures your skin doesn’t become red or irritated.

You need only 2-4 visits to maintain your tanned skin for only 10-12 minutes session.

Each session costs only $30 for members while non-members pay $78.

Other Prices:

Famous Hair

Elements Massage

VIP Nails

LA Tan


Step into the world of sunless tanning. This is the best ever! All the South Beach Tan locations offer this trendy spray tanning technology.

You get your own private spray tan booth and a precise airbrush.

You can only imagine the alluring results; darker skin shade, at least, 3-5 times darker than your skin which can take you another 5-7 days.

Here’s the real deal! You get a free blow-dry treatment, free natural ingredients, and free mist application in an air-conditioned private room with this package.

Walk into any of South Beach tanning salons and come out with your glowingly tanned skin just because the 3-steps level 5 process is easy and saves time.

Single Session PriceMonthly Membership Price
Airbrush technology$32.00& up$58.00& up
Heated Sunless Spray Tan System $32.00& up$58.00& up
Blow Dry Treatment after every session$32.00& up$58.00& up
Open Air - Mist Free Application$32.00& up$58.00& up
All Natural Ingredients$32.00& up$58.00& up

The Airbrush technology

A Single Session costs only $32 and above for Monthly Membership and costs $58 and above for non-members.

The Heated Sunless Spray Tanning cost the same

A Single Session costs $32 and above per month for Members and $58 and above for non-members.

Get a Blow Dry Treatment after every tanning session.

Each Single Session costs $32 and above per month for Members and costs $58 and above for non-members.

Open Air – Mist Free Application

A Single Session goes for $32 and above per month and it’s the Membership Price, while non-members pay $58 and above.

All NaturExtracts

South Beach Tan provides its customers with well-deserving natural and organic products like aloe Vera based products. These are a lot healthier than the common watery lotions around.

A Single Session: Priced at $32 and above per month (members)

Non-Membership Price: $58 and above.

At South Beach Tanning salon, their services are strictly dedicated to giving you top-notch and excellent tanning services.

And they pride themselves in offering their clientele the best of specialized tanning experiences.

South Beach Tan Work Hours

Whether it’s a weekday or a Weekend, your tanning desires can be satisfied.

Below is the work schedule at the salon.

TUE: 9:00AM10:00PM
WED: 9:00AM10:00PM

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