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Slip is a beauty brand that focuses on making people have the best and most cozy nights ever.

They have a range of sleep products in the market that can make you sleep well.

From headband accessories to pillows, they have all you need to sleep easily and comfortably.



Slip™ is a family-owned and run business that was founded in 2004 by Fiona Stewart in Australia. Their primary focus is on quality and excellent customer service.

The company for over a decade now has been providing stockists across Australia. The brand plans on extending its supplies to the world.

All their products are made with quality and can be used by everyone, that is, kids, mothers, fathers, grandmas, and even celebrities.

The brand uses Slipsilk, which is specially customized to their specific standards. For the past 10 years, they have created a good blend of shine, thickness, softness, and durability.

The companies make use of the best grade that is 6A of long fiber mulberry silk, with a thickness of 22 momme and carry out the firmest quality guidelines, plus non-toxic dyes.

The silk Slip uses for its products have been tested scientifically by an autonomous lab, and it has been proven to minimize the effects of friction and engross less facial cream.

This shows that it is much preferable to the popularly used and available cotton pillowcases.


Slip has a deal with the well-known brand Sephora. Hence the reason why you will find most of their products in Sephora stores located worldwide.

Slip had also collaborated with a couple of brands, including; Kylie Skin, Jimmy Choo, Goop, Too Faced, and Charlotte Tilbury.


Stay young, sleep sexy, and fresh with Slip anti-aging products. Staying young and fresh is the goal of every woman, and Slip anti-aging products can help you attain that.

The company has both full sizes and travel size products.

PS – All of the brand’s products a blend of shine, thickness, softness, and durability.

It is formulated with the best grade of long fiber mulberry silk with a thickness level of 22 momme.

They make sure to follow the rules of quality right up to non-toxic dyes.

The brand’s products include pillows, headbands, and sleep masks. All products that can make the night super cozy and fresh. The company has a collection and a travel set.

Travel sets

Traveling long hours can be very uncomfortable, but Slip can change that discomfort and aid you have a comfortable sleep during your journey.

travel sets

With Slips, Beauty Go to Sleep, Pink Marble Travel Set comprising of a travel pillow and sleep mask, get your luxury sleep on the go.


The brand’s collections fall under the; Anti-Aging, Anti-Sleep Crease, and Anti Bed Head. Some of their collections include:

Beauty Sleep Collection – Lips + Lashes

Also used by celebrities, this collection is made up of 1 limited edition berry kiss pure silk queen size pillowcase plus an invisible zipper closure.

Nit just that, it also has x1 embroidered mascara lashes pure silk sleep mask.

PS: All collections have the queen size pillowcase and an invisible zipper closure strictly.

Beauty Sleep Collection – Caramel + Black

Enjoy x 1 caramel pure silk queen size pillowcase with an invisible zipper closure and x 1 black pure silk sleep mask with this collection

Beauty Sleep Collection – Caramel + Leopard

The collection is made up of 1 x caramel pure silk queen size pillowcase. It equally has an invisible zipper closure & 1 x leopard pure silk sleep mask.


Their headbands come in different colors and shapes; some come as twisted headbands and other knots. Some of the brand’s headbands include:


  • Black Twist Headband
  • Gold Knots Headband
  • Navy Stripe knot Headband
  • Leopard Twist Headband

Sleep Masks

Slip has a wide variety of stunning sleep masks to aid you to have a fantastic sleep. Some of their sleep masks include:

sleeping masks

  • Sleep Mask – Black
  • Sleep Mask – Bridesmaid
  • Sleep Mask – Day Spa
  • Sleep Mask – Libra

Slip Ribbons

Apart from pillows, masks, and headbands, Slip also has its ribbons, which also come in different colors.

You could decide to make a match when purchasing the other products or make them all colorful. Here are some of the Slip Ribbons.

  • Slip Ribbon – Black
  • Slip Ribbon – Caramel
  • Slip Ribbon – Pink
  • Slip Ribbon – Navy Stripe

Slip Midi Scrunchies

Keep your hair in order and styled with Slip Midi Scrunchies. Slip has these Midi Scrunches in different colors.

  • Slip Midi Scrunchies – mixed
  • Slip Midi Scrunchies – Caramel, pink, and white
  • Slip Midi Scrunchies – Cali Collection



A lot of people usually love pillowcases, and Slip has silky ones, which I bet you are going to love.

Some of the pillowcases customers can find there include:

  • Pillowcase Cali Nights King and Queen
  • Pillowcase Berry Kiss Queen Zippered
  • Pillowcase Caramel King & Queen Envelope
  • Pillowcase Marble King & Queen Zippered


Feel fresh when going to bed and smell nice as well by using Slip Wellness products.


  • Sleep Roller Relaxer
  • Slip Sleep Mist – Travel and full sizes
  • Slip Gentle Silk Wash

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The brand makes sales from time to time, and as of now, a good majority of their products are on sale.

So it is an excellent opportunity to get a great deal of stuff at more affordable prices.

Where to buy Slip

Slip products can be found in a good number of stores across the world but mostly as retailers of their products. Here are some stores where you can find their products.

Order Processing

The company often ships orders within 24 hours after being placed on a business day.

Sometimes shipping can be done the same day the order was placed and an extra day during peak periods.

Express shipping is processed immediately, and the customer will be notified by email once the order is shipped. Sales taxes are added where necessary.

Refunds & Returns

All customers’ return inquiries can be directed to Any customer who receives damaged equipment should contact the company within 14 days after delivery so it can be replaced.


Shipping to the US

PS: There is free shipping within the United States for all orders above $50.

The company ships all its orders from California, which is their distribution center.

Standard delivery via FedEx Express Saver takes 1 – 2 business days to arrive at the West Coast and 2 – 4 business days to the East Coast. The time frame stated includes warehouse processing.

For customers who are not satisfied with delivery dates, FedEx equally does express shipping at a higher rate. There are equally shipping options for Alaska and Hawaii.

International shipping

Slip ships internationally via DHL Express & FedEx. For international express shipping, it takes like 3 – 5 business days before the package can be delivered.

The parcel may be subjected to surplus duties and taxes before custom can release the parcel. The surplus charges vary depending on the location.


Slip is your number one brand when it comes to getting the best products to make you have that cozy night.

They have great value for the quality and their customers’ reasons why they try to process and ship orders immediately they are placed.

The brand has a wide variety of products, including; pillowcases, sleep masks, and scrunchies. The company does both domestic and international shipping, including express shipping via DHL and FedEx.

Product delivery time greatly depends on the customer’s address, and international orders are subjected to surplus charges due to custom duties and taxes.

Their products can be found in a couple of stores, including; Sephora, Space NK, Liberty, Goop, and Violet Grey. They do express shipping for all domestic orders of at least $50.

The material Slip uses to produce its products has been tested by an autonomous lab, and they are quite effective when it comes to absorbing facial cream, and they fall off less. Their pillowcases are better than those made out of cotton.

Rush to the brand right now to purchase some amazing products from the shop since they are on sale.

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