shiatsu massage

Shiatsu Massage
Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Massage

Everyone’s body is different, and massage therapy works for everyone, depending on how hard you press and how you lean.

If you haven’t had massage therapy before, massage therapists can help you discover your own unique personal massage therapy style.

According to the American Massage Therapy Association, one of the recommended massage therapy for individuals is Shiatsu Massage.

Shiatsu Massage full benefits that can help you recover

Shiatsu Massage is “a safe and effective therapeutic technique that provides proven muscle relaxation and soft tissue healing to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.” It is practiced in hundreds of different countries and enjoys the support of over 3 million people.

Shiatsu Massage Therapy is a method of massage which is believed to cure all types of body ailments. In other words, some people have said Shiatsu Massage may possibly be beneficial for you.

Some people may experience the following results after receiving Shiatsu Massage Therapy: Relaxation and inner peace. But the question remains what really is shiatsu massage and what can one expect from it.

What is Shiatsu Massage?

Shiatsu Massage is another form of therapeutic massage with roots from Japan that involves practitioners practicing the art using reiki, light, and the energy that is produced by any organ or tissue.

A Shiatsu massage is a localized massage that stimulates and restores what is called the meridian flow. That is the supply line in your body that is responsible for all muscular movement and sensations.

The meridian flow is the flow of the electrical impulses that determine muscle contractions and relaxation, as well as the surface movement of muscles and nerves.

This electrical energy supplies the muscles and nerves with their proper function and ability to communicate. When you are physically stressed or are active, the electrical energy that feeds the muscular muscles gets blocked.

And when that happens, things aren’t as they should be. Shiatsu works by attaching your location to the ‘aura’ of your heart.

It relies on various therapeutic modalities, with a focus on manipulating muscle tissue cells to maximize the body’s ability to perform.

Shiatsu massage development comes from the assimilation of typical Eastern hand-operated treatments with contemporary western clinical expertise.

Shiatsu massages are intended to deliver and activate the therapeutic forces of Qi, which may be mediated in a variety of ways, including externally via foot movements, internally via hand movements, or even biochemically through manipulation of cell membranes and plasma membrane channels.

Using the hand, a massage therapist may caress the areas of the body on the receiving end of the massage, with gentle “finger pressure” that increases as the massaging feel better.

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What is Involved in Shiatsu Massage Therapy?

Shiatsu massage is a brand of oriental massage that consists of various movements and pressures applied to the skin. It is often called ‘wet and dry’ massage in its treatment, though in practice, the description ‘wet and dry’ would be more appropriate.

When applied as part of a physical therapy session, in addition to the usual manipulation of joints, the practitioner uses his or her hands to gently massage the skin in a three-dimensional pattern.

These movements are often repeated in random and unguided fashion as much as possible.

Practitioners of shiatsu massage ensure that pressure is applied to points on the body that are experiencing a negative energy blockage.

Many therapies seek to heal pain or restore balance by applying specific types of energy to places on the body that are overstressed, stressed, or otherwise suffering.

This technique works by giving the body the space to relax and become clear, aware, and balanced.

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Fundamental Goals of Shiatsu Massage

One of the fundamental concepts of Chinese/Japanese medicine is Qi or vitality.

It’s not just about energy or force but about what we collectively express or manifest in our bodies and lives.

Qi is not about the ability to generate energy or exert force, but it is about what we put forth and harness.

Shiatsu emphasizes the life-force aspect. Qi is also an indivisible basis, it is the same in all beings and is always present.

For example, if you have been fasting or have lowered your body temperature, then Qi won’t stay at the same level and will diminish.

As long as your Qi is the same, you can safely bring it back up. Shiatsu is holistic, using many elements in combination to enhance the overall wellbeing of the body.

Here are some of the principles behind shiatsu massage;


Although Shiatsu Massage is intended to assist, heal, and promote good health, it is also a form of therapy that can help in dealing with stress, affectation, headaches, diabetes, arthritis, anxiety, depression, and more.

While many Shiatsu practitioners provide benefits to the body in everyday activities, the fact is that many of these services are not properly designed for those in need.


First, the practitioner has to focus on the area of their body in need of a massage. Then, he or she focuses on the essence of the whole body and relaxes the musculature.

The weight of the body is then lifted. This has to be done slowly and in a gentle manner, so as not to cause undue discomfort.

Next, gradually relax the muscles and body. While relaxing, seek to feel the rhythm and vibrations.

Image, Position and Result

The image, position, and results are based on the technique which have to be understood.

There are a number of techniques that are used to find the exact position and the right place to apply the massage.

Strengthen Energy

The energy and flow of Qi should be strengthened as much as possible if you want to experience good results from Shiatsu Massage.

Shiatsu Massage works as a form of detoxification and balancing the body, so you should take every chance to get rid of the toxins and waste that accumulated from your practice.

By breathing regularly, opening and closing the nostrils, your body will absorb the energy around.

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Benefits of Shiatsu Massage

Stress Reduction and Relaxation

An obvious benefit is the relaxation and stress reduction associated with Shiatsu massage. One of the main goals of Shiatsu massage is to balance and relax the whole body.

The muscles are particularly stimulated during a Shiatsu massage which may produce mild tension in the muscles as well as a relaxing sensation to the body.

Shiatsu is often used by people who suffer from tension headaches and migraines as a form of anti-depressant.

Shiatsu is a relaxing technique that is often used in the operating room as well.

Shiatsu massage can be practiced in a variety of locations, such as in the home, in the workplace, in the massage salon, or at the doctor’s office.

There are also plenty of home-based Shiatsu massage therapists.

Restore and Maintain the Body’s Natural Supply of Energy

Energy is the foundation of everything. Just as one builds wealth through hard work and experience, the ability to maintain a healthy and balanced energy is imperative.

A good massage helps to restore or maintain this essential substance and energy, thus ensuring one’s wellbeing.

Shiatsu massages strengthen the body’s natural energy supply, therefore, it is vital that the body receive them at their maximum efficiency and so, it is a good idea to receive a regular shiatsu massage.

Wrinkle Prevention

As they do all things natural, your body naturally creates wrinkles whenever it is stressed, overly-hot, too hot or dry.

If you remove the stress, excess heat and dryness then it releases these old patterns and wrinkles, which may not be noticed until a week or so later when you notice they are gone.

According to one traditional Chinese herbalist “Shiatsu Massage is the key to preventing old age symptoms like wrinkles and lines on the face.

It’s very effective in preventative medicine”. Shiatsu massages help to reduce the wrinkles on the skin by replenishing the nutrients.

Relieves Menstrual Problems

Shiatsu Massage relieves menstrual discomfort and can help prevent cramping, menstrual cramps and it can even help to alleviate those that cause low blood pressure and low blood pressure.

Shiatsu massage therapy also provides benefits of rebalancing and strengthening the pelvic area.

In fact, there are well-documented instances of women developing blood flow within their pelvic area during Shiatsu massage therapy.

Shiatsu massage therapy also helps heal fatty deposits in the pelvic area and tightness in the vaginal opening.


Shiatsu massage has played a major role in helping women during their pregnancy and lactation.

A shiatsu massage is actually as much a prenatal treatment as it is a postnatal treatment for the baby.

Shiatsu massage has proven to make your body easier to digest and assists your body with the specific hormones needed to support lactation.

It also promotes stronger uterine contractions and helps your body recover faster in a time-sensitive stage of pregnancy.

Increase Skin Resilience

The human body is always exposed to potential dangers. Shiatsu massage has the ability to improve the skin’s immune system and repair skin damage.

Even though a person can feel the air as it moves over their body, they do not actually have access to the full picture of what is going on inside their bodies.

Shiatsu massage therapy is known to increase the resistance of the skin, making it more resilient against the potential threats of skin infection and aging.

The enhanced skin resistance will decrease the risk of irritation and bacteria growth. So not only will the skin appear more soft and moisturized but your skin will also have a higher natural cleansing ability. You will also notice a further reduction in wrinkles and scarring.

Relief from Insomnia

According to several studies, Shiatsu massage can help you sleep much better. Shiatsu is said to enhance your sense of balance.

Shiatsu stimulates the relaxation response. Most studies show that stimulating the relaxation response stimulates our bodies’ sleep centers which help us fall asleep faster.

It is known that tensing muscles with Shiatsu has a calming effect on the body and brain. It is an important part of relaxation, thus it can ease the chronic stress and anger out of you.

It often helps to restore the sleep cycles so that you wake up refreshed instead of tired, restless and irritable.

Helps with Recovery from Muscle Injuries

By following a proper, slow and gentle training routine it is possible to avoid any muscle injury problems.

Shiatsu Massage therapy, which also focuses on the skin, is particularly beneficial for sore muscles.

You may be able to massage more deeply into sore muscles without getting burned, and more efficiently. While massage therapy alone may be very beneficial for pain relief, it isn’t the only key.

It is important to also give the various stages of healing time to do their thing and prevent damage.

Massage, especially Shiatsu massage, is important in this regard. Because the muscles are soft and get a boost in blood flow, it’s a good way to speed up the recovery of muscle injuries.

Improve Circulation

Shiatsu massage helps improve circulation of blood to the muscles and stimulates the production of new skin cells.

It has also been said that Shiatsu massage can improve blood flow to the heart, improving the rate of heartbeat, which may help in lowering blood pressure.

Precautions To Follow

Ensure that your Shiatsu massage therapy is being done by a trained massage therapy professional.

Teaching requirements and also certifications for massage specialists are different, but lots of states need massage therapy therapist to have at least five hundred hrs of training from an accredited training course.

It is important to inform your therapist of any pain felt during the Shiatsu massage therapy agonizing.

Massage therapies are usually at their finest when there is actually great interaction between a specialist and customer to make sure that the massage therapy may be perfectly suited to your needs.


Shiatsu massage is essential for the improvement in the mental and health wellbeing of a person.

It is the foundation of wellness and longevity, tension relief, pain, and fatigue easing, and strengthening muscles, stimulating relaxation and sleep, and rejuvenating skin.

It plays a huge role in the improvement of many aspects of the human body. Get one today and prepare to feel awesome.

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