Scalp Massage

Scalp Massage
Scalp Massage

The Best Scalp Massage and its Benefits

Scalp Treatments are usually believed to be specially carried out for those suffering from dandruff, sore, dry and itchy scalp.

But with everyone susceptible to having a scalp issue at one point in their life, it is essential to undergo a scalp treatment to limit the possibility of having dandruff or an itchy scalp.

Lack of adequate scalp treatment makes it nearly impossible to manage the situation.

Scalp Massage has been scientifically proven to aid in scalp treatment. According to some studies, they help improve scalp health which leads to the growth of rich nutrient-filled hair.

Scalp Massage Review

What is Scalp Massage?

Scalp massage is the use of fingertips or massaging devices that imitate the pressure of fingertips to massage the scalp and in so doing stimulate or nourish the hair follicles.

Known to be the base of the hair follicles, the scalp needs to be in good condition so as to reduce or limit the probability of having hair growth and health issues.

Hair loss is bound to happen for individuals with flaky, itchy and dry scalp. This can be avoided with scalp massages that benefit the hair by increasing blood flow and natural oils produced in the hair follicles.

Scalp massage with light pressure ensures that the nerves close to the skin surface are being stimulated properly and receives nutrients on a regular which helps promote healthy hair growth.

Some certified therapists would suggest a gentle pre-wash massage that would help open scalp pores, removing toxins and dead skin cells thereby ensuring a thorough cleansing of the scalp and nourishing it properly.

A good quality scalp massage can help in removing dead and dry skin cells from your scalp, so that skin cells will grow back as strong and healthy as possible.

This is achieved by good scalp massage which enhances and hydrates your scalp and skin. It also soothes and relaxes your scalp.

You can obtain quality scalp massage from a professional who has trained to massage the scalp well.

A good professional trained scalp massage therapist can perform scalp massage for you at home.

How to do a Scalp Massage on Your Own

When you start a scalp massage, first wash your hands with water to get off any dirt, and then slip some Vaseline on your hand and gently massage your scalp.

Your scalp is similar to your hair and any irritation that could cause your hair to be oily or dry should be gone.

After a few seconds of rubbing, the Vaseline will cause a temperature change that will quickly and permanently soften and massage the skin.

All we do is squeeze out any dead skin cells, and stretch and release the underlying hair follicles.

During your scalp massage, concentrate on moving the pressure upwards, to the point of causing a tingling sensation, and also to your scalp, and not the hair itself.

To help reduce inflammation and reduce dryness, it’s recommended to regularly treat with a moisturizer.

Addressing any dry scalp by using olive oil or coconut oil can also help reduce the dryness.

Benefits of Scalp Massage

1) Scalp Massage Promotes Hair Growth

A study found out that scalp massage can encourage hair growth and its positive results were observed for both dry and oily hair types.

The study revealed that finer hair growth was observed in people that received scalp massage compared to those who were not treated.

Researchers determined that scalp massage reduces hair follicle recession. In other words, a scalp massage promotes finer hair growth.

Another study suggests that scalp massage can help with hairstyle, allowing women to relax and let their hair come into its natural state.

2) Scalp Massage Removes Dead Enzymes and Chemicals

The massaging of the scalp using traditional scalp massage method creates a serum that is able to remove oils, dead skin cells and toxins from the scalp.

3)  It Treats Dry Scalp Itches

For anyone suffering from dandruff, scalp massages can help. You can reduce the dryness and itching by being able to get daily massage treatments along with your regular hair shampoo.

4) It Helps Strengthen The Roots Of The Hair

The largest and most obvious benefit from using a regular scalp massage is its effect on strengthening the roots of the hair.

All new hairs start from the roots and continue to grow upward and outward into the head until they reach the top of the head.

The scalp massage would get to those roots as well as allow the scalp to nourish and repair the hair and its shape.

A regular scalp massage is an effective way to strengthen the roots of the hair. This helps to strengthen the cuticle of the hair, making it easier for them to stay in place, which leads to less breakage.

Scalp Massages also increase blood flow to the scalp. Regular massage will also improve the circulation of nutrients and hormones, helping the scalp to recover and renew itself.

5) It Is Replenishing And Rejuvenating

Hair loss can be due to a number of factors including things like aging, ultraviolet exposure, nutritional deficiencies, illness, environmental toxins, etc.

However, we all know that even mild to moderate hair loss can have long-term physical and mental repercussions that can greatly impact our quality of life.

The very fact that people who enjoy scalp massages regularly feel better about themselves is proof that the restoration and repair of hair follicles can go a long way in helping to prevent hair loss and even aid in how well we maintain and care for our hair.

Scalp massage helps stimulate your scalp’s healthy metabolism as it releases anti-inflammatory antioxidants and electrolytes. This results in a tighter, more even, and more youthful-looking scalp.

6) It Acts as a Scalp Lubricant and Conditioner

Dry scalp is difficult to maintain, it also leaves behind dry, dull hair. Scalp massage is a great way to make your scalp more moisturized.

If you don’t want dry and brittle hair, your scalp needs to be replenished with nutrients. Scalp Massage helps to take care of this root of the problem.

It adds moisture to the hair follicles that absorb nutrients quickly. If your scalp is dry, using scalp massaging can balance it out.

7) It Helps Alleviate Migraines and Headaches

Having the scalp massaged is a natural remedy to the headache, migraines, and stress symptoms that you may be experiencing.

All these symptoms can be treated with a scalp massage and this simple procedure will help to reduce the number of headaches you have.

8) It Helps Improve Hair Resilience

Hair’s longevity is directly related to the hair’s elasticity. Hair elasticity also depends on the structural integrity of the hair’s follicles.

Scalp massages are believed to regulate the elasticity of hair follicles by stimulating the dormant hair follicles.

Hair recovery after a scalp massage is longer than that of a drug. Once the hair follicles have become fully functional again, they can retain their elasticity.

This can lead to greater levels of breakage resistance and length retention, resulting in a great result for the hair and scalp.

The primary scalp massage technique is known to increase hair’s resilience and to promote hair growth.

Improving the resilience of the hair follicle is a major determinant for the rate of hair regrowth.

Scalp massage has been proven to directly promote the growth of hair on the damaged or aging scalp.

9) It Relaxes Tension and Stresses

Relaxation is one of the most important things we can do to better our health,, decrease chronic pain, and improve mood.

One way to achieve this is through scalp massage. This is because scalp massage allows the body to release tension, which means that your entire body is feeling better.

This is useful for a relaxing day after stress at the office and it helps in giving you an extra boost of energy.

It is also known to help free the mind of troubles and anxiety, and calming to the spirit.

10) It Promotes Sound Sleep

Are you sleep-deprived? You cannot have a productive life without sleep. To prevent insomnia you should start to engage in good sleeping habits and scalp massage is one way to ensure you get that sound sleep that you deserve.

Scalp massages are very helpful when it comes to promoting good sleep.

Although everyone is different, scalp massage has been found to be an effective method of inducing sleep in every human. In fact, research has shown that it can reduce the incidence of insomnia in humans.


Scalp massage is always recommended and you can be assured of it being the right addition to your scalp treatment procedure as it not only gives you healthy hair but also relaxing, easing your stress and tension.

A great scalp massage can help reduce the effects of stress on the scalp. When it comes to scalp treatment, scalp massage is always the first choice to rejuvenate the scalp with softness, strength, and evenness. It will ensure that you have a beautifully defined hairline.

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