Regis Salon Prices

regis salon prices
regis salon prices

Regis Salon

Are you looking for a place to get a nice haircut without emptying your wallet? Regis Salon is the place to be.

From trending and professional haircuts to special occasion hair which grabs attention.

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No need to take a long stroll as most Regis Salon is easy to find and situated in almost every mall.

At Regis Salon, all hairstyles are tailored to your taste. You can expect their experts to do a good job of giving you exactly what you want.

Whether is the latest red carpet style or Nicki Minaj’s new hairdo, expect to get a picture-perfect result.

It gets even more interesting, Regis Salon prices are quite friendly.

They’re neither overpriced nor are there hidden charges attached.

You get unrivaled quality of service, even more than what your money can afford.

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Prices And Services

Regis Salon is a complete salon offering a wide range of hairstyling services. This includes chemical and hair coloring services to stretch your options further.

Waxing Service

Most salons omit this from their list of services. Fortunately, you can completely enhance your look in one go at Regis salon.

Along with getting a brand new hairdo, you can get rid of dead cells clogging the skin.

When you book an appointment for a hair care service, it comes with an option for waxing.

In addition to giving your hair a fresh look, you also get rid of unwanted hair around the lips and other parts of the face.  This leaves your face perfectly smooth.

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Regis Salon is a popular destination for those in need of high-quality hair Service. You can get virtually all hair care services here at an affordable cost.

From perm and blowout to haircuts.  Unlike most salons, getting a haircut at Regis salon requires prior consultation which comes at no additional cost.


Haircut wite Blow Dry and Shampoo$30.00&up
Permanent Starts at $75.00
Demi Starts at $75.00
Semi Starts at $75.00
Mini (or "Baby Lights")$30.00&up
Partial $75.00&up
Full $95.00&up
Balayage Starts at $50.00
Ombre/SombreStarts at $150.00
Intense Color/Fashion ColorStarts at $150.00
Grey/Silver TonesStarts at $90.00

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Sports Clips

Consultation is made to find the perfect style for your face shape, hair type, texture, and skin color.

The experts settle for the best option for you and most times dish out advice on the best option for you.

Regis salon prices for women’s haircuts start from $ 30. However, because it comes with additional shampoo and conditioning service, this is considered a big steal.

Getting your hair styled in addition to hair cuts costs an average of $38.

Predictably, getting the same treatment for men is quite lower.  Getting a simple haircut goes for just $20 while styling services go for $28.

Colour Services

Regis salon’s price for color treatment is quite high. Just like haircuts, an appointment is booked for consultation before the actual treatment commences.

All color treatment Services include color mixing and test, which ensures you get the look you want.

Prices for color treatment stand at $75. The prices are the same whether you want a permanent or semi-coloring.


All Highlights comes with a personalized consultation as well as color mixing and testing to get the best fit for you.

Since highlights add more spark to your look, Regis salon hairstylists take their time to plan the process to bring the best of your look.

Fortunately, there are no extra charges that come from a consultation. However, the price for getting a highlight depends on the type of highlight you want.

Getting a mini touch starts from $30 while partial and full touch costs as much as $75.

Special Services


Formal Styling/Special Occasion HairStarts at $55.00
Blow OutsStarts at $100.00
Perms/Relaxers/Retexturizing Starts at $65.00
Deep Conditioning Treatments Starts at $10.00

From birthdays to wedding anniversaries, you can get special treatment at Regis Salon. Regis salon specialty service ensures you get an unforgettable look at a minimal price.

Formal styles like braids, French twists, or chignon cost $55 while blow out are given for $100.



Relaxers are added to natural hair which is frizzy-prone to smoothen it. It alters the texture of natural hair, making it easy to style and maintain.


Re-texturing is meant to redesign the curls in natural hair. Just like relaxers, retexturing creates hair full of body.

Blow out

Blowout comes with additional shampoo treatment, which makes it easy to style. Adding blow out gets rid of frizz and enhances hair texture.

Why Choose Regis Salon

We all know how difficult it is to try a new hand. The possibility of getting disappointed is very high; hence, most people prefer to play safe.

However, rather than getting stuck with an average hairstylist, it won’t hurt trying a different option entirely.

When you visit any of Regis’s salons for the first time, you will notice their commitment to your satisfaction the minute you walk in.

Regis hairstylist will take their time to explain things to you and are ready to lend a helping hand whenever you’re not sure about something. You will notice how friendly and polite they are to Customers.

Even though Regis Salon is a popular brand, having over 10,000 salons scattered in several locations around the country.

Apart from being affordable, their quality of service makes it very appealing to Customers. Imagine having a hairstylist at your beck and call.

Attending to all your needs and doing all they can to ensure 100% satisfaction.


Regis Salon is the largest hair salon brand in the world. It’s owned by Regis cooperation who are also the owners of Smartstyle, Cost cutters, and Hairmaster.

Most Regis salon is situated in many malls in the United States.

Presently, this cooperation has over 10,000 salons situated in several locations in the United States. This includes Minnesota, Edina, London, and New York.

Despite its huge customer base and the revenue generated annually, Regis salon’s price is still competitive.


Already a household name for the quality service it provides, Regis salon is far from your regular hair salon. Here, you will meet top-notch hairstylists who are at the top of their game and willing to go the extra length to provide the result you want.

Fortunately, you don’t need to walk miles to locate a Regis salon. With over 10,000 salons scattered around the world, be assured that you find one in every street.

Book An Appointment

Booking an appointment is very easy. You can do so through their website. However, if you don’t have the time to do so, walk-ins are also welcomed.

Opening and Closing Hours

Regis salon work hours are designed with the Customers in mind. You can get a haircut in the early hours of the day or even straight from work. Even during the weekend when most hairdressers are far from reach, you can always turn to Regis Salon.

See their work hours below!

MON:10:00 AM9:00 PM
TUE:10:00 AM9:00 PM
WED:10:00 AM9:00 PM
THU:10:00 AM9:00 PM
FRI:10:00 AM9:00 PM
SAT:10:00 AM9:00 PM
SUN:11:00 AM7:00 PM

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