Regal Nail Prices

regal nail prices
regal nail prices

Regal Nail

Quality nail services go beyond fixing nails that are twice the length of your natural nails.

The best nail service is one that’s convenient, affordable, and leaves you feeling pampered while looking your best.

With Regal nails, Walmart is revolving from a retail outlet to a full-fledged service company. With Smartstyle, you’re more than guaranteed of getting your desired look.

Regal nails is a completely different ball game entirely and a chain of nail salons from Walmart.

It’s mostly located in most Walmart stores and present in over 900 locations in the country.

Regal nails focus on great service, highly experienced staffing, a hygienic environment, and fast service at all times.

Regal nail prices start from just $15 for a manicure and go higher based on the service type you need.

With over 900 salons, the price tag at each location is not the same, but be assured that you get high-quality service at every Salon you visit.

Regal nails salon

Main Services

Acrylic Nails$24.99&up
Acrylic Nails (Fills Only)$17.99&up
Gel Nails Color$19.99&up
Diamond Nails$29.99&up
Diamond Nails (Fills Only)$19.99&up
UV Gel Nails$33.99&up
UV Gel Nails (Fills Only)$23.99&up
Pink & White Solar$37.99&up
Pink & White Solar (Fills Only)$28.99&up
Solar Pink - Extra Gel for $3$32.99&up
Solar Pink (Fills Only) - Extra Gel for $3$19.99&up
White Tips$26.99&up
White Tips (Fills Only)$17.99&up
Manicure with French or color $3 extra$10.99&up
Spa Pedicure with French or color $3 extra$19.99&up
Spa Pedicure & Manicure$29.99&up
Nail Repair$5.99&up
Nail Removal$11.99
Cut Down (Hand)$7.99
Cut Down (Feet)$7.99
Polish Change (Hand)$7.99
Polish Change (Feet)$9.99
French Manicure Polish$9.99
American Manicure Polish$9.99
French/American Manicure$5.99
Airbrush Design or Nail Art$7.99

Regal nails

Why Choose Regal Nails

These days is tough to find a nail salon that offers top-notch service without charging high.

Regal nail prices are one major reason why they’re highly sought-after and serve as a quick fix for people who want to access quality nail service.

While running an errand since most of their salons are stationed inside most Walmart stores.

It’s possible to even combine this service with a new habit touch at Walmart’s hair salon in stores where both salons are located.

In addition to offline booking, it’s possible to book an appointment online in some locations while others offer to book via phone call.

However, the majority of Regal nail salons operate on a first come first serve basis. With enough staffing at every location, you never have to wait for too long before you’re attended to.

This Salon is the perfect choice for women from all walks of life. Whether you’re a single adult looking to get ready for a date or a married woman looking for a way to add another dimension to your natural beauty, you can get it quickly at the right budget.

Since most Walmart stores are located in a serene and luxurious environment, be assured that Regal nail salon also has these effects.

Herbal Spa

Pedicure (Regular)$29.99
Manicure (Regular)19.99

Services Offered

While it doesn’t hurt to go versatile, offering different services at the same time, Regal nail salon is better off doing what they know how to do best.

Which is offering quality manicure and pedicure service to their customers as well as helping individuals maintain a healthy nail.

Most pedicure services are carried out in a massage chair, which ensures the client has a relaxing experience.

Regal salon prices come in different forms putting your needs as well as location as the major factors involved.

While the spa pedicure offers a comfortable experience, the manicure service remains their selling point.

Most salons offer the latest nail designs ranging from French tips to powder manicures.

In some situations, additional services like nail polish removal along with polish change can be offered.

However, nail treatment can also be carried out before manicure and pedicure if your nails are not healthy.

Other Prices:

Happy Nails

Regal Nails Price

At Regal Nails, it’s possible to get a nail repair service for under $10. While this is the cheapest service offered, it’s just an add-on service by the company.

Trending Styles like Gel nails are expensive in this Salon, costing over $40. On the other hand, Pink and white full set are slightly even higher, costing close to $60 in most locations. Pedicure and manicure remain the Salon’s signature service, and it’s easy to see why.

For just $15 and $25 for manicure and pedicure respectively, this is considered as a steal. Lucky customers can even get both services combined for under $40.

It’s possible to also get a nail removal service along with nail change at a giveaway price.

Opening and Closing Hours

TUE: 10:00AM8:00PM
WED: 10:00AM8:00PM

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