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Naked or Unnaked Massage? 10 Things to Keep In Mind

When going for a naked massage, most clients, especially first-timers, are bound to get nervous.

But there are specific rules in most local spas about getting naked. Even with the rules, most clients are simply clueless about what to expect.

The first question most first-timers ask is whether or not they will have to undress in front of their therapists or if their therapists will be of the opposite sex.

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Most spas in the western world stipulate that all Clients will be covered with a sheet from their waist during a massage session, and only the areas worked on will be exposed.

In most spas, your therapist will wait outside while you remove your clothes and lie on the table before they come in.

You’re free to wear your underwear throughout the session, but this will create a clothing barrier for the therapists.

Another concern most people have is the fear that their body will be judged, but that’s not the case.

Most massage therapists are trained to deal with all kinds of body shapes and sizes.

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Even if you have a Pot-belly, your therapist will never throw shades at you as they’re only interested in what’s going on under your tissues.

Even for those with flawless skin, they feel comfortable with no clothes on and wonder why they can’t always have their underwear on during a massage.

While those people may not have a sexual intention, pulling the sheet back during a nude massage may be mistaken as an unwanted advance. Hence, it should be avoided.

First time visiting the spa

Nude Massage: Stripping Naked At a Spa

If you’re comfortable in your own skin, there are several naturist resorts spread throughout the United States as well as in Europe.

Each with varying degrees of comfort around the body.

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You can also find a more acceptable approach towards nudity in some mineral spring spas like Ten Thousand Waves but don’t expect total nudity in the treatment room. Draping is still used during nude massage in most locations.


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Chair Massage

Perfect Breasts

In general, European spas are seen as more relaxed towards nudity in the treatment and the sauna world.

A magnificent collection of saunas, ice room, and whirlpool are often part of the hot springs.

In places like Germany, adults all enjoy a massage in the nude with little concern over their body, but it’s completely different in America, where sharing a co-ed lounge with someone of the opposite sex may seem uncomfortable.


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Aromatherapy Massage

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Shiatsu Massage

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Nude Massage Treatment

Naked Massage Treatment

When it comes to massage that requires you to strip completely naked, there are limited options for Spas in the United States.

However, most massage Service, which includes salt glow and Vichy shower does require total nudity to exfoliate and relieve painfully

For this treatment, some spas may offer disposable panties which are optional, but in some cases, it’s only given on request.

If you aren’t totally comfortable getting naked, ensure you enquire for the panties before your session commences.

For hydrotherapy treatment, some spas may ask you to wear a swimsuit which is compulsory for men, but women are given the privilege to make their own choices.

However, if you’ve gotten used to your therapist, this treatment can be done when you’re naked.

In addition, most full resort spa in the west have steam rooms along with saunas and hot tubs with a separate changing room for both men and women.

In the changing room, you remove your clothes, wrap yourself with a towel, and bring an additional towel to lie on in the sauna or steam room for sanitary reasons.

One service offered by most spas that require total nudity is “happy ending,” which may come with sexual release at the end of the session.

This service isn’t offered in most parts in America since it is considered a breach to spa etiquettes.

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Nudity in Most American Spas

If you want a full-body massage, you will most likely go stark naked before your therapist attends to you.

Most times, you will be asked to change into a robe coupled with a pair of slippers in the changing room before coming to the treatment table.

However, most chain-like-spa like Massage envy doesn’t have a change room, so, you will have to change in the treatment room while your therapist waits outside.

During your appointment, your therapist will enquire if you have any areas of concern.

Before giving you instructions about getting on the table, where to hang your robe and whether to face up and down.

10 Things to Keep In Mind before Going for a Massage

If you’re invited for a massage or just want to wash away the stress from work, it could be a bit scary thinking of a total stranger rubbing your back while you’re naked. It’s actually an awkward scenario if it is your first time.

However, you can do little to prevent it since a nude massage can’t be done with your clothes on. The therapist is better able to locate the points when you’re bare naked.

There seems to be some laid down rules about the whole process. You will have a seamless massage session if you know it beforehand.

Below are 10 things to keep in mind when signing up for a massage session for the first time:

male or female massage therapist

 Type of Therapist

It’s hard to predict the massage therapist that will be available to attend to you. Should it be a male or female?

Does having a male therapist make you gay? Or a female therapist akin to cheating? Not at all! It all comes down to your preference.

Surprisingly, most guys prefer a female massage therapist to a male. To some, it feels awkward having a guy stroking your back while others feel weird having another woman other than their wife touching them.

But this isn’t seduction; it’s all about relaxation, and most therapist never think about this when giving a massage.

They’re more concerned about creating the best massaging experience for you.

That said, there’s no problem having a fellow guy give you a massage provided he does the job well. It will be better to try both hands to see which is more comfortable.

If you prefer a particular hand, your spa will be glad to assign that therapist to you whenever you book for an appointment.

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1. Take a Shower

Before showing up for a massage session, take a shower, and make sure your skin is perfectly clean.

If you were a massage therapist, you wouldn’t be comfortable touching someone with sweat dripping all over or someone who had just come out of the gym.

If you’re going for a complete body massage, your therapist will be rubbing down your feet so clip your nails and use deodorant.

It isn’t necessary to use oil, but you can moisturize your skin with body lotion and shave off hair under your armpit.

2. Honor Your Appointment

In most spa, you have to book an appointment in advance, but walk-in businesses are also accepted.

When booking an appointment, you will be required to fill out a health background paper and have a sit-down session with the therapist.

Arrive late for your appointment means you’re shorting your massage time.

If you’re a first-timer, it’s recommended that you arrive 15 minutes before your appointment and 5 minutes f you’ve become a regular.

turning phone off

3. Switch Off Your Phone

Massage is a relaxation period; you won’t want to have your phone ringing when you’re supposed to be finding some rest.

Not even a vibration will go unnoticed in a quiet room. So to ensure you enjoy the 30-90 minutes of massage, ensure you shut your phone down completely.

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4. Undress To the Level of Your Choice

This is the first instruction your therapist will give before starting the massage.

In most spa, the therapist will leave the room and allow you to undress and lie on the table before they return.

You don’t need to worry about your therapist starring at you while you undress because it never happens.

When undressing, you will undress down to your underwear. Most times you’re left with just your pant or boxer.

In some cases, if you’re comfortable with going completely nude, you have the option to do that.

But most therapists prefer clients who are naked than those who strip to their underwear.

With this, it’s easier for the therapists to get their job done with no clothe standing in their way, especially if you’re wearing baggy shorts.

Hence, it’s better to go completely nude if you want a pleasant experience.

However, if your fear of going nude is not to expose your family jewels, you have nothing to worry about.

Nothing will be exposed even if you rollover during a session. Your therapist will do an excellent job of keeping everything hidden under the sheets.

Even though it’s normal not to feel comfortable when undressing during your first visit, you will get more comfortable as you visit more often.

Remember that you’re dealing with an expert who’s used to seeing human skin day in and out.

You will never be ridiculed even if you have a serious skin condition. In fact, they will never find the sight of your buttocks seductive or weird.

women talking to her massage therapist

5. Communication Is Key

During a massage session, be open with your therapist, let the therapist know if something is uncomfortable.

Usually, they will ask at the beginning what kind of pressure you want.

However, if you don’t understand what that means, tell them you don’t rather than acting smart.

Be sure to communicate with them when you find something painful and inform them if you like what they’re doing or not.

At the start of a session, also inform them if you don’t want a specific part of your body to be touched.

For instance, if you have an injury or feel ticklish when your feet are touched.

Always bring the therapist attention to this before the massage commences.

You don’t need to engage in a lengthy conversation when a message is on, but your feedback is highly valued.

If you feel the need to talk, small talks are allowed but not too loud to distract your therapist.

If you want the best experience, close your eyes, and flow with the movement of your therapist. In fact, you can fall asleep, and your therapist won’t take any offense.

While it’s offensive, passing gad during massage is not common. This is highly unlikely since you’re super relaxed.

Even when it happens, you don’t need to feel embarrassed as your therapist will just ignore it and carry on with their job.

Even if your therapist is cool, a gad bomb going on and off isn’t a nice gesture, especially in a small room.

So if you’ve got a few troubles with your tummy, it’s okay to use the bathroom or pause the session and visit the bathroom before you continue. Same applies for needing to pee or blowing your nose.

While it isn’t common, most men get an erection when massaged by a female therapist.

Again, there’s nothing to be ashamed of since most of this does not happen on purpose.

Your therapist is trained to cope with situations like that and will likely ignore it when it happens.

man giving women a massage

6. Never Ask For Sexual Pleasure

Don’t even have such thoughts in mind. Don’t even think of doing it or make passes at your therapist to suggest you want to be pleasured.

While your therapist may ignore a lot of things, you will offend your therapist for making such a request. In most spas, you will be kicked out, and your appointments will be canceled if the therapist makes a complaint.

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7. Choose How You Want To Be Touched

Massages are meant to heal pain and not to hurt you. So, if it becomes too painful to handle, call your therapist attention to it.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong about telling your therapist about how you should be touched as well as what needs to be done to ensure maximum satisfaction.

If you’re not comfortable enough with your therapist or can’t open up to them when something is wrong, then a massage could be a bad idea.

eating pizza

8. Don’t Eat Before Massage

If you have a big meal before your massage session it will make you feel uncomfortable while you’re getting your massage because the massage therapist will be putting pressure on your back and maybe on your stomach too.

A good idea is to have a small snack an hour before your session so that your not either hungry during and after your massage.

9. Speak Up

You may feel that it is out of place for you to tell the massage therapist what to do less or more but that is exactly what they want you to do.

Never say that you just want a good massage, always be prepared to give details on the type of massage you would like by doing some research on the type of massages that suit your needs.

During your session, you should never be afraid to tell your therapist if something he is doing is uncomfortable, either the pressure is not right or if you a question about what he is doing.

Be sure to speak up and don’t wait until the end of the massage because it’ll be too late.

women giving a tip

10. Give a Tip

Even though your therapist won’t request, it’s expected to leave a tip after a good job.

You can offer cash to your therapist directly or add it to your credit card bill. Most times, it’s preferred you leave it at the front desk.

Generally, during a nude massage, your private parts, as well as other body parts not worked on, they’re covered with a sheet.

Underwear is made available if you’re not comfortable with going stark naked.

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Does full-body massage include private parts?

No, a full-body massage does not include your private body parts. Even you can also tell which parts you don’t want to be touched during the time of massage.

What should you wear for a massage?

Well, there isn’t any restriction of wearing any specific costume or dress during the time of massage. You can choose to wear whatever you like. It is perfectly fine.

What do you wear to a Thai massage?

Well, before Thai massage therapist give you a combination of shirt and pant which you can wear, but it is not compulsory, you can wear what you want,

but it is comfortable if you wear the therapist dress as the dress your therapist offer is loose and comfortable.

Should I shave before a massage?

Well, yes, it is good if you shave before massage. But make sure that you have shaved more than four hours prior to your massage appointment as there might be some products that affect your skin,

so for your skin protection, you should shave a day before or more than 4 hours before your appointment.

What is a Swedish full body massage?

Swedish body massage is best for your muscles and body to relax. It helps to make your body relaxed and give you inner peace.

Does full-body massage include breast?

Well, the full body massage means to massage your arms, legs, back, neck, stomach, hands, buttocks, feet, and the breast side portion but not breasts specifically.

What is a Thai full body massage?

Thai massage is well-known for relieving your tension or stress. It is a massage that relieves your tension or body stress from head to heels.

Additionally, it helps to give your body energy with some health benefits, as well.

Is Thai massage healthy?

Indeed it is, this massage stretching techniques and gentle pressure help to relieve your body stress, pain, tension, and boost energy as well.

In short, it is also considered the best massage for athletes.

What is a Thai body to body massage?

Well, it is an ancient practice or technique which especially doing in this massage just for the sake of making your body relax and calm.

What can I expect from a full body massage?

Well, if you have done a lot of work, feeling tired, or having a very long rough and tough day.

then a full body massage is one of the ideal deals which you can opt as it helps to relax your body and eliminates all your stress and tension and give your body a complete relaxation.

What is the most relaxing massage?

Well, Thai and Swedish massage are known for the most relaxing massage as in this massage therapist use the ancient tricks and techniques that can easily provide your body with a great level of comfort and ease.

What can I expect from a couples massage?

Well, if you booked a couple of massages, that means you can enjoy additional amenities like spa, hot tubs, showers, lounging areas, chocolates, fruits, and champagne as well.

Can you fall asleep during a massage?

Frankly saying, so yes, you may feel asleep as it is very common. So if you felt sleep during the time of massage, so that is perfectly ok that actually shows that you rely on your massage therapist.

How much do you tip for a 60-minute massage?

Well, it depends on the client how much he or she like his or her therapist massages. Generally, people give 20$ to 25$ tip to their therapist for a 60-minute massage.

What should you not do after a massage?

There are two important things which you must consider right after the massage.

The first is not to start working after your massage. Take some break and then get back to work.

The second thing is to drink plenty of water; it doesn’t mean that you start drinking water right after the massage.

No, it’s not like that. It means to make sure that you are drinking plenty of water after your massage therapy, especially if it is your first massage.

Are massages bad for you?

Well, massages are safe, but it can be dangerous if your therapist is not professional.

Some deep, strong, and harsh, aggressive pressure techniques may create some serious issues and increase your pain as well.

So make sure that your massage therapist is professional and aware about the massage tricks and techniques.

Should you tip for a massage?

Well, yes, it is, like if you are satisfied and happy with your therapist, then as a compliment, you can give your therapist a tip for a good and healthy massage service.

Does a Massage Envy do a couple massage?

Yes, without any doubt, massage envy does couple massages but with some additional charges which depend on an hourly basis.

Do you tip at an all-inclusive resort?

In inclusive resorts handful, additional tips are not allowed; in inclusive resorts giving handful tips to their workers means actually to get them fired from their job.

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