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10 best foil nail designs 1
10 best foil nail designs 1

15 Trending Nail designs, you should try this year

Do you feel like your nail design is completely outdated? Well, you are probably right, and you need to do something about it.

You are probably going to find some lazy, simple, classy or nail designs ideas out there, but if you want to have those super cool nail designs, then you need to have a look at our list of trending nail design this year.

nail design

1. Accent nail with metallic stripes

If you want a professional looking manicure, that you can create right at home, then consider this design.

You will get a fantastic light and elegant nail design that will look vibrant and trendy, and you don’t need anyone’s help.

Just get a metallic nail tape, polish, and topcoat.

Paint your polish, let is dry and cut into small strips of tape. Add a top coat, and that’s it.

2. Deep Green nail design

2. Deep Green nail design

Green looks beautiful, especially when the brighter shade is added, but if you want to lighten up that mysterious look that will make anyone envious, then choose a deep green design.

It’s a perfect design for short nails, but you need to amplify it with cure sequins, or probably some beatify rose design on one fingernail at the tip.

Sunflower nail design

3. Sunflower nail design

Every girl out there seems to focus on rose design, so this year, why not try sunflower nail design for your short nails.

There are varieties of brilliant colors to choose from, and range of design to select;

from petals on the base of the nail to the entire flower or single flower to a number of them on a single nail.

Try the pastel purple at the nail base with white polka dots, but make sure the flower takes the large part of the design.

Glitter and chrome

4. Glitter and chrome

Who said you need bright colors on your long nails to attract attention.

You can create a stylish nude manicure with shiny nude polish, chrome polish, or light glitter polish.

This combination is quite trendy and will make a statement wherever you go, and the good thing about this nail design, you can recreate the way you want with all the three nail polishes.

5. Glossy ballet shoe Pink Gel design

Sometimes simple can make the most significant impact, compared to overly busy with many flowery components.

For a simple look, have a glossy ballet pink gen that takes center stage,

but includes a gold band on the ring finger that resembles an engagement ring or other gemstone rings; the choice is all yours.

Baby Boomer Nails

6. Baby Boomer Nails

The baby boomer is probably the most requested nail design this year.

It’s not complicated, features a subtle ombre of beatifying pink hues that make for a timeless but straightforward look.

The design radiates the understated elegance, so you can add some crystal in the top of the paint job for a fancier look because nothing is peaking in popularity than nails design with diamonds.

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Matte nails

7. Matte nails

You can bring back the matte nail trend this Valentine or on your next anniversary.

Kylie Jenny introduced this trend last year, and it was amazing; she rocked the tone-done shade with red polish and shared it on social media.

Alternatively, you can recreate similar design with different color, with a neutral tone on all nails, expect one.

The one nail could be covered in gold glitter to create a glamorous mode manicure.

Nude nail design

8. Nude nail design

You can also choose the most minimalist nail design for shorter nails, but add a little leopard theme on the nude background.

If you are into classic look this year, then this design will ultimately suit.

Soft color Manicure

9. Soft color Manicure

If you want a flexible design you can use on short and long nails, choose this elegant manicure.

You can use being or light pink polish to create amazing nails that everyone will envy.

10. Colorful gem design

A good and simple way to jazz your nail is by adding colorful gems.

You can use the different colored crystal on each nail.

The gem then adds color to the manicure, or you could use colored sparkles but use light color nail polish, this way, the gem can pop up.

Fancy floral

11. Fancy floral

If your black nail design feels outdated, you can update it with florals, it doesn’t matter.

whether its peonies, roses, sunflowers or your favorite blossoms, whatever it is, florals is a fancy way of romanticizing your design.

The look will be simple and can be simply be accomplished with nail art brushes, nail lacquers, and acrylic paints.

Make sure the design is sealed with shiny topcoat so your flowers won’t wilt after a day.

Black and Glitter

12. Black and Glitter

If you thought black could not act as a base, well you were mistaken.

However, you have to do it neatly and then add some glitters just on the outline.

This is a straightforward art design, and you must try it this year.

Green design with vibrant vines

13. Green design with vibrant vines

Green nails are beautiful but add a delicate vine that adorns two nails, and you will get this beautiful lovely environmentally friendly decoration.

Create this design for an earth day or a spring tea party, but you shouldn’t have a problem wearing them on most everyday outfits.

Pink and grey combination

14. Pink and grey combination

The pink and grey combination achieves quite a gorgeous look to play with feminine and masculine tones.

Decorate the middle and ring finger with a texture that glitter well and one that is rough at the same time.

You can play with different texture technique if you want to have an edgy and fierce look.

Midnight blue design

15. Midnight blue design

Blue nail designs are breathtaking on their own, without much decoration.

However, if you add a glittery frosting with delicate crystal, you will get nothing less of an on-trend status.

You can easily apply crystals with a small dab on the glue, but make sure you seal your art with a shiny top coat to prevent baubles from falling off.

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