Most Luxurious Spas In Colorado

most luxurious spas in colorado
most luxurious spas in colorado

15 Most Luxurious Spas In Colorado

In search of a place to experience an all-round checkup both health-wise and a place to relax and re-energize yourself don’t miss the chance to visit one of the spas in Colorado.

The state boasts of several top-notch spas with special services and treatments which are designed in a way to improve circulation and reduce stress, along with numerous other benefits. This article lists 15 of Colorado’s most luxurious spas to visit for the best experience.

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  1. Four Seasons Vail

Four Seasons Vail

Vail is an upscale ski town which is a great wellness destination and houses one of Colorado’s top spas: At the four-season Resort and Residences Vail.

The outdoor pool of the spa together with the hot tub provides a breathtaking and dramatic view of the ski slopes, as the resort is located at the heart of the town.

The spa is equipped with a unisex relaxation lounge and a private patio with a cozy fireplace and a heated floor which keeps you warm at all times.

Fresh and healthy food can be delivered to you right in where you sit to relax and enjoy some glass of wine.

The vail is equipped with beautiful pools, dry sauna, and water circuit, a hot tub made in a cavern fashion with indoor waterfalls, a room of evergreen trees, and also a terrific fitness has a nature-inspired decoration, which gives the spa a marvelous look.

It employs the use of natural ingredients for a great result Try this: To get a treatment inspired by the mountain, visit the four seasons vail river stone massage, a warm massage illuminated by evergreen essential oils. Aimee Heckle Four Seasons Spa Vail.

  1. Ritz-Carlton Denver Spa

Ritz-Carlton Denver Spa

The Ritz-Carlton Spa is the best spa you would not want to miss visiting in Denver.

The spa was lately refurbished to offer a remarkable experience to anyone that stopover.

The spa is lavished with a fitness center, swirl swimming pool and, a steam room which is a great means to counteract the town’s arid air.

Less I forget it also has a Vichy shower, this is like a table waterfall that is sometimes integrated into treatments and has an amazing feeling.

Try this: Couples having a romantic massage in our massage room to have fun on a special occasion .the services are great and every customer is treated like royalty.

Upon demand, the team will scatter rose petals to provide a passionate experience or make arrangements for sparkling wine and strawberries to our massage chamber.

At the end of this incredible experience, a meal brought to the spa, which you can decide to enjoy in your bathrobes.

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  1.   Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch

  Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch

A very special spa that surpasses the rest is the Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch. It deserves mentioning for its exceptional spas.

The hotel features lovely outdoor pools and Jacuzzis, but wait till you see the 21,000-square-foot spa inside that really steals the scene bringing out the beauty of the has a resting dim, unisex grotto, here there are caves of rocks arranged uniquely with hot tubs.

The men’s and women’s locker rooms have an inbuilt cavern, which includes a hydrotherapy circuit, furnished a cold dive pool, a shower, an evergreen indispensable oil steam room, and a heated whirlpool.

Try this: The Dark Diamond Makeover which makes use of an instilled diamond serums to lessen the look of aging for the young and old and revives your skin.

  1. Broadmoor Spa

Broadmoor Spa

Broadmoor Spa located in the Springs of Colorado is a well-known spa to visit. It has one of the state’s best lavish hotels to visit.

Broadmoor Spa has a golf course view and features a relaxing room, steam rooms, dry saunas, a fireplace lounge and, aromatherapy rooms.

Once you’ve relished all these loving handlings, go golfing or sightsee the Seven Falls, it’s an attractive waterfall maintained by the Broadmoor making it a marvelous site.

Try this: Wine produced from chardonnay’s grapeseed extract for treatment, is made of antioxidants. It affirms to be anti-aging with a fluid treatment.

You can also try out our massage where we make use of wine therapy oil and a Chardonnay sugar scrub I bet you would not want to miss.

  1. St. Julien Spa St.

St. Julien Spa St.

Julien is a 10,000-square-foot spa that offers you a great service filled menu, the spa is located in Boulder and features a number of unique nail services in the state. Due to its recent renovation, it feels and looks so fresh and modern.

St. Julien swimming pools and hot bathtub features an intense outlook of the Flatiron Mountains.

The spa is so personalized giving the spa a beautiful outlook. It contains a garden which has the products that are made using the natural herbs cultivated the hotel’s own garden.

A well customizable and incredible spa treatments. Try this: A vegan body rub treatment involving the use of the Pampered Vegan (make use of pure natural organic sunflower oil and a fine sugar addition), followed by a necessary body oil and with a massage of the scalp using wild lime and avocado oil.

  1. The Spa Anjali Westin

The Spa Anjali Westin

Anjali at Westin in Avon is located close to the snow town in beaver Creek, this spa is well known internationally in terms of having the most appropriate places to have a fantastic spa experience in the world. With unique decoration, the environment feels like nature itself. It is decorated with tree branches which have great features and beautiful woods giving it a lovely view.

The fitness areas are constructed with oversized windows bringing all the beautiful view of its outdoor inside.

The infinity hot tubs which overlook the river offer relaxation before treatment. Try this: For something unique, book a Chakra Blessing.

The spa has three different aspects to select from and each has a unique treatment meant for deferent intentions.

The Journey on the Rocky Mountain, for instance, combines Ponderosa Pine Therapy, which make use of an ancient Native American medications and comprises of a profound tissue massage with graceful stretching of the body, and a warmed poultice packed with pine, lavender, and sage.

  1. Spa at the Brown Palace

Spa at the Brown Palace

Brown Palace is a very famous luxurious gateway which is located in downtown Denver, this is a place you will most definitely be regretful if you do not visit especially people who love and appreciate great architecture, tea, and elegant Victorian influences.

The brown palace spa is known it for its great and tremendous services. It’s so easy to find, you can see it right from the lobby, where you can see people relaxing while sipping high tea and also features an aromatherapy steam room of evergreen trees and has many rooms for relaxation. Try this: A couple’s mani-pedi creates a date full of excitement.

The spa gives you a gentle foot bathe and brush while you relax in our massage chairs, before sipping in a champagne brunch with afternoon tea.

Leave your feet and hands feeling great and soft with the heated therapy and shedding scrub.

  1. Allegria Spa in Beaver Creek

Allegria Spa in Beaver Creek

The Allegria Spa should be at the top of this list because, it offers services that is one of a kind in the world.

It is in Beaver Creek located at Park Hyatt, and you would not want to miss it for anything. The spa features water circuit, aqua Sanitas, which offers the best hydrotherapy, with several swimming pools, a Caldarium steam room, a Cassata storm bath, and a necessary oil-infused relaxation designed after an ancient Roman shower well-known as a Tepidarium, with strange heated stone loungers.

The services at allegria spa is beyond outstanding and is guaranteed to surpass many of the best treatment of other spas.

Try this: The signature usage of the Colorado Wild Rose Cure comprises of warm rose compresses, a rose shear butter and wild plant body scrub, a lavender bubble bath, a rose-geranium body butter massage, a body wrap, and a scalp rubbing.


  1. The Gods Garden & Resort

The Gods Garden & Resort

Just as the name suggest, the Spa at the Gods Garden Club and Resort offers an optimum wellness features so many exiting venues which includes a pool, golf course, and of course, quick access to the famous Gods Garden rock formations.

The spa has so many amazing services of which includes heated room to Italian foot massage, herbal saunas and baths inspired by historic Roman.

Try this: The Haslauer Untainted Sense Soft Pack Bed is a top-notch rare treatment around. Experiences the light bed which is understood to offer equivalent benefit as a complete night-time sleep.

While enclosed in a covering, hover on a table while been given the Cleopatra Milk & Honey Glide with a scalp and facial scrub massage.


  1. Gateway Canyons

Gateway Canyons

The Gateway Canyons Spa is known for its best treatment done by the use of natural ingredients, gotten from the Canyon River Mud Wrap, a Native Desert Clever massage treatment.

At the Gateway Canyons, you can take the time to relax between workweeks.

This luxurious spa in Colorado is a great venue that renews the body’s vitality and you are assured to enjoy days of pampering offered by the staff at this world-class spa.

Mind and body care is very important. Whether it is to maintain your skins freshness or to get rehydrated after a long day in the mountains. 11. St.

Regis, Aspen Spa the Aspen Spa is a 10-year old spa which gives a fresh and exquisite environment due to its renovated modernized structures, it has a luxurious menu to meet the need of everyone and a natural inner décor.

Guest at St. Regis, Aspen Spa enjoy sophisticated drinks to increase the relaxing experience and enable a fun stay.

Refreshments such as après-ski champagne flight or exquisite Afternoon Tea delivered complete with finger sandwiches.

Try this: the Confluence Waterfall fashions a “premise of indulgence. Steam caves, and an oxygen lounge 12.

The Spa at the Peaks The Peaks Resort, Telluride This sporty spa is Colorado’s largest- 42,000 square provides one in a million services including 32 treatment rooms, a two-story fitness center and even has an outdoor water slide were you can relax and enjoy your time there.

Dry steam bath, Roman bathtubs and ever green instilled steam rooms are accessible, and environmentally pleasant ethic areas.

Therapies are occasionally joint with Pilates or yoga lessons for a further enhancement of healing and assistance for additional relaxation.

  1. The Golden Door Spa

The Golden Door Spa located in Telluride which make use of a Hopi blue cornmeal for an exciting and relaxed massage with showers in a hydrotherapic bath tub in the most gentle manner.

Allowing your body to get lost in an embrace of warm ionized turquoise soil and engulfed by the sound of a rainy ritual.

Gotten from old Indians belief in America, the turquoise provides qualities of protection, self-confidence and a good energy.

This treatment will generate all imaginable good feelings .it uses naturally essential oils in an ancient traditional ceremony to make clean the spirit .it ends with a relaxing whole body honey mask coverage with steam to make it more marvelous, including a warm shower .this brings a sense of peace and wellness.

  1.  Pahgosa Spa at Pagosa Hot Springs

The Pahgosa spa has a great natural environment to relax and has one of the state’s best most luxurious pools.

With a calming treatment, the spa offers an escape from the rush of the city which is inspired by the overall setting of Colorado.

It features healing baths in a naturally made hot spring that offers personalized treatments.

It also includes aromatherapies to increase wellness which brings an immense form of inner peace.

Less I forget to mention the 23 geothermal saturated pools. The feeling the pool offer can not be explained and it leaves you with an amazing feeling.

  1. Rock Resorts Spa

The Rock Resort spa at Arrabella offers a bundle of relaxing services unique to give optimum relaxation.

It services is rated among the most highly-rated spas in the state. With a warm covering made to drive out toxins and escalate circulation in the body to increase the healing process.

Rock Resorts Spa procedure is the use of Vail’s alpine-valley locale with an integration of naturally made ingredients which give outs pleasant aroma to the entire area .it also make use of Vail’s alpine-valley locale and cedar.

These ingredients are applied gently and smooth away your tension with a blending of warm and cool sensations, you end up leaving with a feeling of floating in an ocean of rest and relaxation.

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