Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist
Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist

Massage therapy is one of the unique professions due to the personal interaction between the practitioner and the customer.

Thus, an individual must be intelligent to be open and friendly to the client but remaining separate and professional. This is not easy stability to attain.

For persons who can achieve it, however, it will be one of the most satisfying jobs in the industry of massage therapy.

When you are looking for a career as a massage therapist, you must be loyal and responsible, not only in your professional life as well as in your personal life.

The first famous usage of massage therapist was in 1915

Meaning of massage therapist:

A person who performs massage therapy: a qualified person who is licensed or specialized to control the muscles therapeutically and different soft tissues of your body using his hands or instrument.

How to become a massage therapist?

You need good listening as well as communication skills to become a good massage therapist.

You need to take a detailed course, which usually lasts for six months. However, you might be able to get this job through an internship scheme if a person is available in your region.

Related skills                                                                Academic route

  • Business management                                                 .GCSE in biology or human biology
  • Communication
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Physical fitness

Vocational route                                                             Related subjects

  • A course renowned by one of the experts.                    Biology

organizations for massage therapy, for example

The Council for Soft Tissue Therapies

What does a massage therapist do?

Massage therapist controls muscles and soft tissues of your body to help release stiffness and pain. They help the public having sports injuries, longstanding health disorders, and general customers in need of relaxation.

Some massage therapists get specialization in different kinds of massage, for example, Indian head massage, Swedish massage or athletic massage, etc.

What is a massage therapist called?

A massage therapist, as well as a masseuse, does the same job. The difference between them is that the word “masseuse” sex-specific refers to females. In contrast, a massage therapist can be of any sex, male or female.


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Massage therapist school

Discovering the right massage therapy school for you can be an exciting and impressive process.

When you have decided to follow a job in massage treatment, what should you do now? Here are some pieces of advice for joining a program:

  • Concentrate on your selections for schools
  • Request catalogs
  • Schedule appointments and visit the schools you are seeing
  • Consult with the faculty, undergraduates, and alumnae
  • Begin the application procedure
  • Request for financial help


List of best massage therapist schools in the US

  • National Holistic Institute
  • Myotherapy College of Utah
  • National University of Health Sciences
  • Miami Dade College
  • Cortiva Institute Schools of Massage Therapy
  • Bryan College
  • The National School of Clinical Massage Therapy
  • Southwest Institutes of Healing Arts
  • National Massage Therapy Institute
  • Everest College

How long does it take to become a massage therapist?

The average time to complete the full course of the massage therapist is 7.5 Months about (30 Weeks).

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How to become a massage therapist without attending school?

This depends mostly on what you mean by “massagist”, and where you live. Do you intend to offer your services for pay, or do you want to massage as a hobby? Will you make claims about what your massage treatments can do?

How to become a licensed massage therapist?

In states having massage therapy rules, employees must acquire a license or authorization before doing massage therapy. State rules typically need graduation from an official program of massage therapy and passing an examination.

The test might be a state-specific test or the MBLEx (Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination licensure exam), provided by the FSMTB (Federation of State Massage Therapy Board).

How far can a massage therapist go?

Most of the massage therapists are living with self-employment. Therefore, you might be at work from your own house, visiting the homes of clients, or probably working from another therapy hospital or GP surgery.

They usually work for themselves, such as in private care services, in chiropractor offices, as well as in accommodation situations. These sites break down as follows:

  • Self-employed: 39%
  • Private care services: 29%
  • Offices of other health practitioners: 12%
  • Chiropractor offices: 7%
  • Accommodation: 6%

Massage therapist salary

The average salary for a massage therapist in the US is about $19.87 each hour. Massage therapists get an average salary of $19.87 per hour. Salaries normally begin from $10.24 for each hour and go equal to $38.57 for every hour.

How much does a massage therapist make?

The high-level massage therapist makes $38.57 per hour and $80,217 per year. The senior-level massage therapist makes $28.17 per hour and $58,591 per year. The middle-level massage therapist makes $19.87 per hour and $41,328 per year.

How much to a tip massage therapist?

The standard tip rate for a massage therapist is 20 percent. Such as, if a body massage or treatment charges $100, a 20% tip would be $20.

Massage therapist jobs

  • Occupational therapist:

The occupational therapist helps persons overcome emotional or physical disorders or accidents.

  • Aromatherapist:

The aromatherapist uses oils to help emotional health.

  • Reflexologist:

The reflexologist applies pressure to parts of the feet to help heal through energy pathways.

  • Alternative therapies:

These jobs include offering alternatives to medicinal therapies, for example, acupuncture as well as massage. If you are a helpful person, a job in this category might be for you.

In-home massage therapist

An in-home massage therapist permits you to become relax entirely in your own house and not allow you to do work before or after your body massage.

A full-body session involves work on your backbone, head, neck, arms, hands, feet, and shoulders. You will not touch your genitals or breasts.

Average in-home massage costs start from $50 to $90 for each hour. For a 30-minute body massage, prices range from $30 to $65, while a 90-minute body massage charges $90 to $175.

Sports massage therapist

A sports massage therapist supports muscular disorders of players of all skill levels. These skilled health professionals recognize the frequency and kinds of physical needs of their clients and utilize the info to apply the right massage techniques to several muscle groups.

Private massage therapist

Private massage therapists usually book a customer for a 60 or 90-minute full-body massage, meaning the customer spends all of his time on the massage table.

It is always a better impression to ask before starting your session. A private massage therapist is in authority for a fee, supplies, and industry expenses.

Private therapists contain somewhat more freedom to touch personal body parts. The moment will relax you have different energy and produce a distinctive experience. A minor work also means you will achieve more personalized attention.

Traveling massage therapist

A traveling massage therapist may provide facilities for clients in their house or workplace or travel to a hotel and spa places.

Your responsibilities focus on providing massage therapy to meet the requirements of each client. Traveling massage therapists can provide many styles of massage or attention to one technique.

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