Massage Luxe Prices

massage luxe prices
massage luxe prices

Massage Luxe

FoundersTodd Beckman
Customer Service877-321-5893

Massage Luxe, a leading therapeutic hub, is your last bus stop for all the finger work around your tiring and exhausted body.

Massage Luxe focuses on giving you a deserving rejuvenation for your mind and body.

Signing up as a member of Massage Luxe Spa comes with a variety of superb offers that range from facials, waxing, and even to unforgettable massages.

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Massage Luxe prices are everything but pricey, and they serve you like the royalty that you’re. In addition, you get an irresistible service.

You also get to choose from the best massage experts and therapists. Massage Luxe sales, as well as customer services, are simply impeccable, and its management is customer-friendly.

Massage Luxe Services

With Massage Luxe offers you get 3 splendid membership packages to pick from. What’s even more interesting? You can customize each of the packages to suit your unique needs.

Plus each of these customized packages allows you discounted prices on each massage appointment as against walk-in charges.

Guess what? No matter the package you sign up for, your membership remains valid for any of the Massage Luxe outlets you choose to visit, and you also get as many as 15-minute HydroLuXe dry-water massage sessions as you so desire.

Finally, you can choose to cancel your membership with Massage Luxe as it runs a monthly and not a yearly contract.

Massage Luxe Prices

Massage Luxe prices offer you the best deal in all kinds of body and face work. Its team of trained therapists will ensure you get a slice of heaven while at it.

If you’re ready to get a treat of a lifetime, come along! Take your time to explore these alluring services that come at great prices, too.



Introductory Offer for First Time ClientsNon-Member
Deep Tissue$40.00$75.00
HydroLuXe Dry Water Massage Table (Per 15 Minutes)$16.00$16.00
Hot Stone$50.00$75.00
Trigger Point$50.00$75.00


Introductory Offer for First Time Clients
Repechage Seaweed Facial$50.00$75.00
Pore-Refining Facial$50.00$75.00
FaceLuXe Glyco Peel and Reveal$50.00$75.00
Lamina Lift Mask$10.00
Hydra Amino 18 Scalp Treatment$10.00$10.00
Eye Renew Treatment$20.00$20.00
Papaya Enzymatic Micro-Peel$20.00$20.00
Glycolic Peel$30.00$30.00
FaceLuXe Famous 4 Layer Facial$79.00$112.00
Vita Cura- 5 Phase Firming Facial$79.00$112.00
Hydra Medic Facial$79.00$112.00
Biolight Facial$79.00$112.00

Facial Waxing

Member PriceNon-Member
Eyebrow / Sculpting$12.75$15.00
Cheeks / Sides of Face$12.75$15.00

Body Waxing

Member PriceNon-Member
Half Leg$25.50$30.00
Full Leg$49.30$58.00
Bikini Line$21.25$25.00
Full Bikini$27.20$32.00
Half Arm$21.25$25.00
Full Arms$29.75$35.00
Under Arms$12.75$15.00
Upper Back$19.55$23.00
Lower Back$22.95$27.00
Full Back$35.70$42.00
Full Face $34.00$40.00

Other Prices:

Star Nails

Lovely Nails


Massage Luxe Coupons

With your first-time visit and membership sign-up, Massage Luxe

gives you a discounting welcome offer in the form of coupons made available online.

As a first-time customer, once you present the coupon, you get a 1-hour massage priced at $74 for a non-member for only $47 and also an online coupon that gives you access to a FREE HydroLuxe dry-water massage, normally priced at $15 for non-members.

With Massage Luxe’s great deal also comes its extra gift cards just for you.

You can redeem these gift cards at any of its numerous locations regardless of where you bought them. Gift cards come in handy and also thoughtful for any occasion.

Massage Luxe Background

Massage Luxe, originally known as Tanco, was established in 2007 and has experienced rapid growth since its inception.

It has a team of selfless and committed individuals whose input has led to the launch of several other locations across the United States.

Massage Luxe is credited with amazing spa services in 11 states with 42 outlets for massages.

Massage Luxe seeks to maintain as well as grow its customer base to over 400 locations across the U.S even as they continue to serve you with their affordable spa treats.

Massage Therapist Training

Have you always had a passion for massages and would love to learn how to provide professional massages to clients?

Massage Therapist Training is the answer! With the numerous employee benefits, employees stay satisfied and loyal. Here are a few of the benefits you get to enjoy, too;

  • Special Rewards for extra performance
  • Discounts on massages and facials
  • Advance payment

Find Location

Opening and Closing Hours

Wondering where to get that next well-deserving full body or facial massages?

Kiss your worries goodbye! Massage Luxe is your first and last spot for an unforgettable experience.

Now that you’re ready to enjoy luxurious massages for unbeatable prices, check out any of the 42 franchises spread across the U.S for a business time that works for you.

Besides, all the franchise massage parlors operate the same business days as well as the hours. That is;

TUE: 08:00AM10:00PM
WED: 08:00AM10:00PM

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