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Massage Heights Price

massage heights price
massage heights price

Massage Heights

FounderShane Evans
ProductsBody Care
Customer Service(844) 297-4007

If you love the comfort and relaxing pampering, you’ll love Massage Heights. They’re your go-to Spa for body and mind rejuvenation.

They are renowned for high-quality service, exquisite delivery, excellent and skilled therapists, as well as neat and modern spa equipment.

With the top-notch range of services and treatments they offer, they’re not just a spa but a place to retreat, refresh, and restore your body and mind.


Massage Heights was established in 2004. Its value focuses on helping as well as caring for others. The founders, Wayne and Shane Evans built the first and foremost franchise in San Antonio, Texas.

massage heights logo

Although the Spa has been in existence for many years, it has remained staunch in its passion for reviving, restoring, rejuvenating bodies and minds.

Today, the Spa has grown to over 145 locations and franchises and continues to spread across the United States as well as Canada.

Massage Heights location

Massage Heights Location

Aren’t you tired of traveling miles just to get a spa far away from your comfort zone?

Here’s exciting news for you.

Guess what? Did you know that a Massage Heights location is in your neighborhood? Absolutely!

Here’s a simple way to find out. Just check out their websites. Guess what?

You may be amazed to find one out of the over 145 locations across the United States right in your street. Great! We know, right?

Massage Heights Prices and Services

zenoti massage heights

It’s one thing to get your desired result after walking into a spa, and another thing to get it for an unbeatable price.

Massage Heights prices and services are superb. You can bank on them to get the lush and exotic service but the sweetest part is that you’ll not need to break the bank while at it.

With Massage Heights, your body will surely thank you after an encounter with their set of trained massage therapists.

Non Members Price
Members Price
Swedish Massage:$99.95 & up $49.95 & up
Deep Tissue Massage:$99.95 & up $49.95 & up
Sports Massage:$99.95 & up $49.95 & up
Couples Massage:$199.95 & up $99.95 & up
Couples Massage:$199.95 & up $99.95 & up
Prenatal Massage:$99.95 & up $49.95 & up

Swedish Massage

massage heights Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is also known as a relaxing massage. The skilled massage therapists employ simply to harder pressure that comes in lasting and soft strokes. They use active and passive joint movements as well as employ a mixture of friction and kneading for the more unreal layers of muscle tissue.

Members get an offer for only $49.95 and above, while non-members get it for $99.95 and above.

Deep Tissue Massage

massage heights deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is so-called because it focuses on not just the superficial but the deeper layers of your muscle tissues.

With deep tissue massage, you get slow and deep strokes as well as deep finger workaround affected areas leading to relieve tension and body stresses.

This massage focuses on areas across the tendons, muscles, or fascias.

Deep tissue massage is super helpful in improving general body circulation, reducing pain, reducing muscle strain, and enhancing body motion.

The price is $49.95 & above and $99.95 & above for members and non-members respectively.

Sports Massage

massage heights Sports Massage

This massage type comes in 2 forms; pre and post-activity.

The pre-activity massage employs changing stretching to make connected muscle tissue work through a complete range of body motion.

The post-activity massage ensures the recovery of strained muscle tissue from the impact of a sport.

It uses long strokes to get rid of toxins that cause inflamed joints or muscle tissues.

Non-members get it for $99.95 and above, while members get it for $49.95 and above.

Couples Massage

massage heights Couples Massage

A couple who works together should relax together, too. Oh, we think so!

At Massage Heights, they are particular about a healthy union between spouses especially with the rise in marital fails.

They don’t just restore your bodies and minds but help you renew your marital bond through their special couple’s package.

Nothing spells love like relaxing with your spouse in a love spa. Massage Heights couples massage room has 2 exotic tables and a special therapist for each of you.

These specialists will meet your unique needs and ensure this is a perfect way to renew the love you both share and enjoy a rendezvous.

With Massage Heights couples massage, every couple is sure to have a renewed union.

This special offer goes for only $199.95 and above for non-members while members get it for $99.95 and above. Call to book a session, already.

Prenatal Massage

massage heights Prenatal Massage

Who says pregnancy has to take its toll on you?

With the exceptional trained prenatal massage therapists, pregnant women can be sure of an encounter at every visit.

This prenatal massage is suited to relieve pregnant women from lower back pain, reduce stress, and help them relax while they await the arrival of their bundle of joy.

Pregnant women should be ready to be in a side-lying position and ensure they come with a doctor’s note.

This all-important prenatal massage for every preggo goes for as low as $99:95 and above for non-members, while members get it for $49.95 and above. Your little unborn miracle will thank you for it.

Styling and Prices

Some days, all you want is the regulars but some other times, you want the extras. With styling comes extra attention.

You deserve all the attention after all! Styling at Massage Heights is everything from special, reviving, and impeccable.

You’ll surely love it! The list, as well as the almost unbelievable prices, are given below.

Other Prices:

Happy Nails

Woodhouse Day Spa

Fantastic Sams

Sports Clips

Targeted Treatments

Targeted Treatments

All you need is 30 mins with our specialist, and you’ll be thankful for the reviving body and mind work you’ll get as a result.

These treatments were crafted for the health and wellness of both members and non-members alike.


Hot Stone Therapy:$40.00 & up$20.00 & up
Revitalizing Face Massage:$22.00 & up$12.00 & up
Reviving Foot Scrub:$22.00 & up$12.00 & up

Hot Stone Therapy

Hot Stone Therapy

With a hot stone massage therapy, those piled-up stress and tension will melt away, leaving you with a relaxed self.

What other way to relieve swollen muscles and restore your body than with a hot stone elevation.

The emitted heat from the hot stones helps relieve tension and relax the muscles, expands blood vessels, and helps in ridding the body of toxins, help blood circulate better.

It also helps your body mend as well as ensuring your massage session is an unforgettable experience.

The non-membership price is $40 and above and the Membership Price $20 and above.

Revitalizing Face Massage

Revitalizing Face Massage

This comes with a mixture of cool stones and relaxing warm towels. It heightens your senses and allows oxygen as well as nutrients to permeate the skin.

Non-members get it for $22 while members get it for only $12.

Reviving Foot Scrub

Reviving Foot Scrub

This is the perfect regiments for renewing tired legs and feet. The reviving foot scrub elevation comes with the application of natural scrub, moisturizing, and exfoliation of feet.

Next is the warm towel application, and then the therapists apply moisturizing Revive body butter, allowing deeper finger work in muscle tissues of your feet and legs.

Non-members get it for $22 while members get it for only $12.


Hot Stone Therapy:$40.00 & up$20.00 & up
Revitalizing Face Massage:$22.00 & up$12.00 & up
Reviving Foot Scrub:$22.00 & up$12.00 & up

Therapeutic Aromatherapy

Therapeutic Aromatherapy

Massage Heights are masters at essential oil therapies. They use alternative as well as complementary therapy to meet your different mental and physical needs.

With the use of special oils, healthy and natural supplements like lavender, peppermints, lemongrass, Rosemary, and other ingredients, they are sure to give you a minute in a mental Disney world.

One of the benefits you’ll derive from these aromatherapeutic packages includes but is not limited to a clear reduction in agitation, anxiety, stress, and depression.

Take a moment to explore the list and place a call to book a session right away.


Whoever doesn’t love to relax hasn’t ever had a taste of the Massage Heights Relax package.

Massage Heights all-natural original Relax blend is suited for;

  • General relaxation and stress relief
  • Reducing fatigue, tension, and stress
  • Insomnia
  • Nervousness

Its active ingredients include; lavender, sweet orange, and ylang-ylang.

Some benefits are that it’s;

  • Relaxing for an overactive mind
  • Calming
  • Anti-depressive
  • Comforting
  • Healing and soothing
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Uplifting
  • Euphoric

Non-members get it for $99.95 and above, while members get it for $49.95 and above.


Massage Heights all-natural original Breathe blend is specially made to help you breathe! It’s perfect for relieving inflamed joints and muscles, cold, flu, and minor congestion.

Rosemary is one of the many revitalizing nutrients.

Some benefits are;

  • Detoxifying
  • Disinfectant
  • Anti-infective
  • Antics depressant

Non-members get it for $99.95 and above, while members get it for $49.95 and above.


With this all-natural original Energize blend, you’re sure to renew and rejuvenate your body and mind.

The active ingredients include Rosemary, Sage, and Sweet Basil.

This blend is excellent for fighting exhaustion, mental as well as physical fatigue,  and for the treatment of dry and scaly skin.

Some benefits include;

  • Acts as a circulatory stimulant
  • Purifies tissue
  • Drains excess fluid
  • Antibiotic
  • Antidepressant
  • Anti-infectious
  • Circulatory stimulant,
  • Controls acne

Increases metabolic functions and detoxifier

Non-members get it for $99.95 and above, while members get it for $49.95 and above.


Massage Heights all-natural original Revive blend is specially made to help you

maintain balance in your energy level, and also help feel renewed and revived.

It functions exactly like the Energize but uses a blend of pure essential oil and organic seaweed to achieve body and mind therapy.

The blend of lemongrass, lavender, and sweet basil also helps to restore your skin and maintain energy balance.

Non-members get it for $99.95 and above, while members get it for $49.95 and above.

Facial Types and Prices

Massage Heights are experts at all kinds of facials. Below is the list of facials and Massage Heights prices.

Anti-Aging Facial

Anti-Aging Facial

How would you love the idea of looking forever young? Who says you have to age forcefully?

With Massage Heights, you can finally say yes to a flawless anti-aging beauty regiment.

Say your goodbyes to dark cycles under your eyes, fine lines, wrinkles on your face, hands, and neck that accompanies aging skin.

Allow their team of certified skin therapists to customize an anti-aging beauty regimen that will help restore your skin tone,  suit your exact skin type, revive and give you a skin boost as well as make you look young and renewed.

They work with Dermologica, a pioneer skin specialist in ensuring the natural anti-aging treatment you get is perfect for you without any adverse effects.

Sensitive Skin Facials

Sensitive Skin Facials

While applying makeup like concealers are great to cover inflamed skin, redness, and itchings that are attached to sensitive skins, getting a remedy and long-term cure is a safer route.

With Massage Heights, Demalogica which is their reliable skin partner as well as their trained and certified skin therapists, your skin will get the desired treatment. These natural and organic treatments will ensure your skin gets healed and glow anew.

Clear Skin Facials

It’s almost a myth to say acne, pimples, and breakout only occur in one’s teenage years.

At Massage Heights, their certified skin therapist is sure to give you the perfect home care treatment as well as healthy mixes to get rid of acne, pimples, blackheads as well as whiteheads.

Say yes to a super clear face and skin.

Essential Facials

Your special facial needs are a deal with Massage Heights skin therapists. The skin hydration, oily face, or dryness condition has got remedy with them.

BioActive Peel Facial Elevation

With BioActive Peel you have zero worries over chemicals.

This is a natural and organic blend that effectively helps peel off dead and dull facial epidermis layer and leaving you with shinning, glowing, and refreshed skin tone. It works fine for reducing fine lines as well as wrinkles.

Skin Enriching Facial Elevation

Skin Enriching Facial Elevation

With these, tested and healthy skin products comes a deeper penetration into the skin, with the rapid result and help to provide a kind of facelift.

It’s beneficial in reducing fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and even dark cycles around the eyes.

Skin Refining Facial Elevation

You can’t afford to stop yet until you refine your face with Massage Heights professional refining facial products customized just for you.

This package comes with a rich supply of oxygen which eliminates bacteria that cause acne, improves blood circulation, and also helps oxygen flow better leading to healing in inflamed skin.

Skin Purifying Facial Elevation

With the special professional organic skin products, your skin will experience deep cleansing, unclogged pores, removal of unhealthy and dead cells leading to a natural glow, youthful and shinning skin.

All of these special facial treatments go for as low as $99.95 for non-members and above, while members get it for $49.95 and above.

You don’t want to overthink any of them at all. Book a session right away.

Massage Heights Coupons

You can get Massage Heights coupon from their website which allows you to 3 upgrades for only $10 each.

These coupons are only valid for a short time and can only be used in person and not online.

Even if you don’t get the coupons, you can still get great discount offers by joining their membership plan.

With every retail product purchase you make, visit, or referral you make to the Spa, you earn a point that you can exchange for a reward.

Why choose Massage Heights

At Massage Heights, you can walk in with tired bodies and minds but will surely leave revitalized.

Although Massage Heights have arms wide open to receive walk-ins, membership sign-up comes with mouthwatering offers.

Many things set Massage Heights apart, and top of the list is their splendid customer service, irresistible work environs, soft and comfy beds, clean and sterilize instruments.

Worthy of mention are their well-equipped therapists that ensure you become a Massage Heights addict.

Not to forget that their variety of beauty regimens comes at a super bargain. Massage Heights prices are a deal!

Massage Heights Membership

Signing up as a Massage Heights member is the best decision you’ll ever make.

They’re open to receiving walk-ins, but nothing compares to their enticing membership offers.

As a member, you get a free aromatherapy session, a 50% discount on any upgrade, plus you can earn yourself extra points that give you access to a free spa treatment.

With more patronage as a member, the more discount you get. Who doesn’t love good deals? Bet you do!

Book an Appointment

With Massage Heights, you can walk in anytime and be sure of getting your massage needs met by their expert therapist.

However, booking an early appointment ensures you get a consultation with a specialist before the proper massage sessions.

All you need is to put a call through the number on their website and whop; you’re on your way to getting revamped body and mind.

Massage Heights Therapist Training

Massage Heights is open to recruiting new staff, but you must be passionate and skilled to work in the industry.

The offer comes with good pay, and other benefits like insurance, training, and mentorship.

Hours of Operation

Each of the 145 Massage Heights locations run their specific work hours. However, most of their franchise run similar work hours.

Whether weekday or weekend, your massage cravings will be met.

Below is the work schedule

Monday9:00AM9:00 PM
Tuesday9:00AM9:00 PM
Wednesday9:00AM9:00 PM
Thursday9:00AM9:00 PM
Friday9:00AM9:00 PM
Saturday9:00AM7:00 PM
Sunday10:00AM6:00 PM


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