Massage Envy Prices

massage envy prices
massage envy prices

Massage Envy

FounderJohn Leonesio
Customer Service Number800-467-0047

Massage Envy prices for hourly massage starts from $50 for first-time customers and $95 for non-members.

Massage Envy Review

An additional $10 is charged for enhancement treatment like aromatherapy and body scrub.

At Massage Envy, regular members are given a discount and enjoy a whole lot of benefits regular clients do not enjoy.

However, membership comes at a huge cost but helps you save a lot.

Massage Envy services

Massage Envy Services and Prices

There is various section of massage services at Massage Envy. The price for each service varies and tends to change depending on the location and manager at each location.

While you may receive a discount at one location, some centers may not offer this but give you additional free service like a body scrub.


Intro (1st visit)Non-member
60-Min Customized Massage59.9999.99
90-Min Customized Massage89.99149.99
120-Min Customized Massage119.99199.99
30-Min Total Body Stretch35.9949.99
60-Min Total Body Stretch59.9999.99
60-Min Healthy Skin Facial59.9999.99
60-Min Back Facial71.99111.99
90-Min Advanced Facial89.99&up149.99&up
Chemical Peel119.99&up149.99&up

Massage Envy membership

In general, this network offers more than 10 different massage services ranging from facial massage, wellness massage, and even Reflexology.

Massage Envy price is charged at an hourly rate. Hence, there’s no argument about the amount to be paid provided you know your membership status.


Applicable ServicesPrice
Enhanced Muscle Therapy60/90 min massage $9.99
Exfoliating Foot Treatment60/90 min massage $9.99
Hot Stone Envy90 Min Massage$24.99
Anti-Aging Eye Treatment60/90 min facial$9.99
Exfoliating Hand Treatment60/90 min facial$9.99
Exfoliating Foot Treatment60/90 min facial$9.99

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MASSAGE ENVY Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

The hot stone massage is a special massage session given to elite clients at Massage Envy.

Unlike other sessions where you can book for an hour, the minimum duration for this massage is 90 minutes and comes with an additional optional add-on that costs at least $25.

Since the minimum for this session is 90 minutes, you have to expect a charge in the region of $150 depending on whether you’re a member, first-time customer, or even a non-member.

However, expect to be higher if you’re a non-member as the charges may accumulate to over $200 in some locations.

Massage Envy Facial Prices

Massage Envy Facial Prices

For those on a budget, it’s possible to get a quick 30-minutes body massage for under $50 at massage Envy.

However, this depends on your membership as you may be charged over $50 if you’re not one.

Facial Massage

In addition to body and face massage, massage envy provides additional body treatment in some locations.

At the Alameda Town center location, a body massage is priced at $65 per hour for new customers and $50 for members.

The message duration can be extended but be assured that this comes at an extra cost

Chemical Peel Price

The cost for chemical peel massage is on average $90 for members and over $120 for non-members.

At locations like Los Angeles and San Rafael, members may be charged over $100.

Waxing Prices

Massage Envy waxing price is similar to that of Facial treatment, which goes for an average $60 per hour and is subjected to upgrade.

Thi session is not available in all locations; hence, the price keeps fluctuating.

First-time Customers

Members aren’t the only individuals entitled to discount offers at massage envy. Massage envy prices for first-time customers are usually less.

They’re entitled to a 90-minute massage for just $90 and just $120 for 2-hours. This is far less than what non-members are paying. Massage Envy Membership

Massage envy membership packages work the same way as a gym membership. Members enjoy discounts and additional rewards for their loyalty to the network.

All members are not only entitled to discount massage services but also frequent massage sessions that helps you to improve their health.

Massage Envy price for membership costs within the range of $60 monthly, putting the location into consideration as well as the duration for massage.

The price of 6 months membership is $360 plus an additional enrollment fee. On the other hand, it cost $720 to stay as a member for a whole year, and you don’t need to pay an additional enrollment fee for this plan.

For instance, if non-members are charged $100 per hour for wellness massage, members can enjoy a discount of 20%, which means they only pay $80.

In addition to that, members can get both a hot stone massage and 1-hour massage for $80 each if others are being charged over $100.

Membership Cancellation

If for some reason you feel you can no longer afford Massage Envy Membership.

Then you can cancel at any time but ensure you send a cancellation notice 30 days in advance.

If your membership is for a year, you will be mandated to pay a cancellation fee. Membership less than a year comes with no cancellation fees.

Massage Envy Hours

TUE: 9:00AM10:00PM
WED: 9:00AM10:00PM

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