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Lovely Nails

Lovely Nails and Spa is your go-to premier nail salon. With their collection of beauty outlets, they offer you sleek and luxury massages you can’t forget in a hurry.

Lovely Nails

They also offer you a range of on-demand beauty services.

Lovely Nails Prices range from an unbelievable $5 for the cutest French Manicure which covers only nail polish to a Super affordable $14 for the actual manicure.

With Lovely Nails Prices, from only $80, you can get an even more exquisite and executive treat that covers eyelash extension and even more.

lovely nails and spa

At Lovely Nails salon, customer satisfaction is their utmost delight, and they’ve got an unbeatable record in that regard.

They pride themselves in the trendy outlets scattered around the United States, and their growth rate in the North American cities is simply unimaginable.

Wouldn’t you love to fix your acrylic nails right in the comfort of your home and all by yourself?

Services offered at Lovely Nails.

Lovely Nail Care

Are you looking for the next doornail parlor where your nails will be treated with much tenderness and care? They’ve got you!

Lovely Nails Prices List

covers a range of Lovely Nails Care which includes;

Manicure - Soak + Cuticle Care + Massage$13.99& up
Pedicure - Soak + Cuticle Care + Massage$24.99& up
Mani & Pedi - Soak + Cuticle Care + Massage$34.99& up
Nail Art Design$4.99& up
Polish Change Hands$7.99& up
Polish Change Toes$9.99& up
Polish Change Hands & Toes14.99& up

Shellac Nails

If you want to rock a nail polish that’s super lasting and trendy, then a shellac nail Polish it is.

With Lovely Nails Prices you’re sure to get quality, comfort, and extra stylish nail you can’t wait to flaunt in your next event. Checkout out the Nails Prices list.

Shellac Color$14.99& up
Shellac Manicure$24.99& up
Shellac Chrome Manicure$34.99& up
Shellac Pedicure$39.99& up
Shellac Mani & Pedi Regular$49.99& up
Shellac Take Off$9.99& up

Nails Extension

Some days getting your nails on fleek are your cravings. Why not get them satisfied now?

With Lovely Nails Prices, nail extensions have not been any more affordable than this, the exact kind of nail needed, regardless.

Lovely Nails Prices for getting your next nail extension will surely save you extra bucks.

Acrylic$19.99& up
Overlay$19.99& up
Refill$18.99& up
Repair$4.00 each
Uv Gel$34.99& up
Overlay$29.99& up
Refill $19.99& up
Repair $4.00 each
Bio Gel$44.99& up
Overlay$44.99& up
Refill$34.99& up
Repair $5.00 each
Pink & White $44.99&up
Nail Take Off$10.99& up
Nail Take Off & Mani$19.99& up


If you don’t like them, then it’s time to get rid of them. You can have the kind of body you desire. With their waxing offers, your body can be all youthful and refreshed.

Lovely Nails Prices for waxing is a deal maker. Take a look at them, and you’ll get stuck on our yummy and irresistible offers.

Eyebrow$6.99& up
Chin $6.99& up
Upper Lip$4.99& up
SideBurns$5.99& up
Feet & Toes$4.99& up
Full Face$24.99& up
Under Arms $9.99& up
Full Arms$24.99& up
Half Arms $14.99& up
Full Legs$19.99& up
Half Legs$19.99& up
Bikini Line$14.99& up
Bikini Line + Full Legs$44.99& up
Brazilian $34.99&up
Gentleman's Back$29.99& up
Gentleman's Chest$14.99& up
Eyelash Extension$14.99& up
Mink Eyelash$79.99& up
Refill$39.99& up
Take Off$19.99& up

Other Prices:

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Lovely Nails

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Tinting Service

With Lovely Nails Prices your next tinting session is a deal!

Make your choice already!

Eyebrow Tinting$9.99& up
Waxing & Tinting Eyebrow$14.99& up
Eyelash Tinting$14.99& up
Kids Nail Care
Manicure$9.99& up
Pedicure $17.99& up
Mani & Pedi $24.99& up
Polish Change Hand & Toes$11.99& up

Lovely Nails salon operates a 10:00 am to 7:00 PM work hours on Mondays through Saturday except for Sundays where they’re open to serve you at 11:00 am, and we close at 5:00 PM.

These work hours may vary from location to location. So, play it safe by calling the closest outlet to you to find out their timing and also book an appointment early enough.


At Lovely Nails, they accept walk-in customers, but they’d prefer you to fix an appointment with their experts ahead of time to save you the extra waiting time in their lobby.

Guess what you gain with booking ahead? You get to choose which of our experts you’d love to attend to you. Absolutely!

More so, you want to make your reservations within the week as Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays get pretty busy for them. They want to say yes to your booking appointment.

That’s why you’ll need to book on any of the weekdays apart from those 3 mentioned.

Check out a comfy time from Lovely Nails hours of operation below.

TUE: 10:00AM7:00PM
WED: 10:00AM7:00PM

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