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Living proof

Living proof is a beauty brand that focuses on improving the hair texture and making the hair to grow.

Apart from making the hair to grow, the products equally aid in making the hair look thick and feel fresh.

IndustryBeauty Industry
FoundersDr. Daniel Anderson
(MIT Associate Professor, David H. Koch Inst. for Integrative Cancer Research)
Jon Flint
(Chairman and Co-Founder, Living Proof)
Dr. Robert Langer
(Co-founder and Board Member, Living Proof)
Dr. Amir Nashat
(Partner, Polaris Partners)
Mitch DeRosa
(Stylist and Owner, Mitchell John Salon)
Ward Stegerhoek
(Editorial and Runway Stylist)
RevenueUS$8.9 Million (estimated)
ProductHair Products
Customer ServiceContact Us

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Living proof is a hair brand company that prides itself in solving the most difficult beauty challenges with the use of science and patented technology patenting from MIT.

The founders with Zach Rieken as CEO got tired of the shortcomings of normal hair care products and decided to come up with a better solution.

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Living Proof just as the name suggests, serves the world with nothing but the best beauty products when it comes to the hair.

They have about twenty patents and more than 50 products plus and 150 awards. Living proof is all about aiding people deal with daily beauty issues.

Almost everyone has issues with their hair, it could be; frizz, damage and fullness. The brand’s stylists carried out an in-depth analysis of other popular products that have been in existence for over 30 years.

living proof dry shampoo

FAB did and research and discovered a lot of traditional products were dominantly made up of heavy silicones. These silicones actually do shield the skin but none of the issues get sorted out. Their research yielded three life changing findings which appeared in the form of microscopic molecules.

Health Hair Molecule (OFPMA) was their first finding. They founded that OFPMA can actually develop a weightless and unnoticeable cover that averts dirt and oil to keep hair cleaner and longer.

The Thickening Molecule (PBAE) was the second discovery. They found out that it creates revivable body that carries on up to 5x longer on even the finest hair void of any stiff or sticky results.

The final discovery was a Volumizing & Texturizing Molecule (ETAS) that can grow bigger and longer-lasting volumes without weighing down.


As one of the best hair beauticians, the company has a deal with Sephora and they can always get the products from most of the Sephora stores.

Living proof products


The brand has a couple of products that keeps the hair refreshing and looking astounding. It has a wide variety of products ranging from; shampoos to conditioners.

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The products produced by living proof do not contain silicones, parabens, phthalates and animal testing. Though created based with the sciences, it used non-toxic and safe products.

Color care

Living proof Color Care

Maintain a shiny hair and prevent your hair color from fading and enhance your hair texture with time using Living Proofs color care products. Some of their products under this collection include:

  • Color Care Whipped Glaze – Dark
  • Color Care Conditioner
  • Color Care Whipped Glaze – Light
  • Bran Brassiness Mini – Transformation Kit

Perfect hair day

Living proof pecfect hair

Get your hair super smooth and well relaxed with Living Proof’s collection of products.

With the perfect hair day collection, have your hair really styled, look classy and beautiful.

  • Heat styling spray
  • Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo
  • Perfect Hair Day bodybuilder.

The heat styling spray can be blended for better results with restore Perfecting Spray and Perfect Hair Day bodybuilder.


Living proof Restore

Protect the root and ends of your hair with Restore Living Proof. This super amazing collection product helps you to make customers hair to be silky and shiny with all shades of brightness. Some of the products under this collection include:

  • Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment
  • Living Proof Restore Conditioner
  • Living Proof Restore Shampoo


Living proof Frizz

Get back your hair in good shape with Frizz collection and equally style your hair perfectly well. Here are some products under the Frizz collection.

  • Living Proof Frizz Styling Cream
  • Living Proof Frizz Shampoo

The brand’s famous discoveries

The Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA)

The product actually created a weightless, imperceptible shield that repels dirt and oil to keep hair cleaner, longer. Some of its functions include:

  • The product aids in getting rid of dirt and oil so hair stays cleaner, longer
  • It gets rid of frizz by blocking humidity
  • Aids in polishing and protects hair strands
  • Makes the hair to be smooth even without weighing hair down
  • Develops a visibly healthier hair over time

The thickening hair molecule

This product aids in making the hair thick without being so necessarily full. Some of its functions are super amazing.

How it works

  • Actually makes your hair to look fine, it gives that flat hair look, feel + behave like full, thick hair when it is not full.
  • It also aids in constructing revivable, long-lasting body without any difficulty
  • The physical texture of the hair becomes pretty thick and full after constant use.

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Where to find Living proof?

Apart from finding the products at Sephora outlets, customers can always search for stores around them.

Especially for customers in the US and Canada. How customers can find stores near them.  fill the form below on the company’s website to aid with the search.

Where to find Living proof

Likewise: these are a couple of other stores where you can find the company’s products.

Living proof locations


The company offers promos occasionally and they have a standard 10% discount for all their customers during their first purchase.


The company is always open and welcome to receive creative people who will love to work in a fun environment and of course with stunning benefits. There are of course necessary conditions applicants will have to fulfill first.

Applicants should send a cover letter and resume to Some of the vacant positions right now include; Digital Content Manager, Accounting specialist, marketing, retail sales and a couple others.

Customers can always visit the brand’s website to find out more information about what they need to do especially eligibility criterion.


The brand accepts a return of products within 60 days from the day it was purchased.

We have a hassle-free, 60-day return policy. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, please email us to make arrangements.


All orders on for hair products ship for free via UPS from their warehouse which is located in Ohio, next to the 48 contiguous United States.

As a result of shipping restrictions, the company cannot ship products to Hawaii, Alaska or P.O. Boxes.

The products are available on weekdays from 9 – 5pm and there is a 10% discount for any person’s birthday.

Checking the status of the order

It is very necessary to check the status of the order so you know when to expect the product. And act quick should in case there are any damages or anything.

To check your order status on their website; you have to fill the form below and submit in order to check the status of the order.

check order status


Living Proof is an incredible hair brand that focuses on providing the best hair products to treat all hair issues.

The company does not use chemicals or silicon to produce their hair products which makes them 100% safe.

The brand offers a 10% discount to all their clients who place their first orders. The company accepts exchanges and refunds for all products.

And once the proof of damage is shown, the brand processes the refunds or exchanges.

There are equally products for all hair types and the results the customer would love to attain. Returns are only accepted for products that were bought via the company’s website.

for any other purchase via any other retail store, the refunds or exchanges have to be made via the retail store in question.

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