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Miley Cyrus is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. Bron on November 23, 1992, in Franklin, Tennessee, United States.

Net Worth:US$160 million( estimate)
Born:November 23, 1992
Country of Origin:Franklin, Tennessee, U.S.
Last Updated:2020

Why is Miley Cyrus Famous

Miley Cyrus first came to fame as Hannah Montana, a popular Disney show. It doesn’t hurt that her father is Billy Ray Cyrus, and her godmother is none other than Dolly Parton.

This well-connected actress added singing to the mix, and today has a solid career in the music industry.

Miley Cyrus Brief History

Miley found massive success playing Hannah Montana on the popular Disney show of the same name. Her character was an ordinary teen who hid the fact that her alter ego was a famous pop star.

It didn’t take long for the Disney star to feel an itch to grow up faster, and once she was out from under Disney’s guidelines, she went full speed ahead into controversial and bizarre behavior.

She quickly pushed the limits of sexuality, was open about lighting up, and wore obscene or almost nothing on stages when she had the opportunity.

Most people were used to the new look and vibe of Miley Cyrus, wild child, coming off a Disney show. But during one award show, she crossed a line that left her falling from grace. People weren’t fans of her and she was shredded.

And still, she rises like a phoenix in flames. Her music career started with Hannah Montana, she moved onto her own pop vibe and had a massive hit with Party in the USA, and then after her fall, she climbed back up yet again showing everybody that she could reinvent herself over and over.

Her relationships are always upside down, sideways, or out in public. Except for one. She had a long term relationship with Liam Hemsley, but after tying the knot, things went south and they ended in divorce.

Once again, the wild child is flaunting her affairs for the paparazzi. You never know what you’ll get when you get a bit of Miley.


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