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Jessica Alba is an American actress and businesswoman. Born April 28, 1981, in Pomona, California, United States.

Why is Jessica Alba Famous

Jessica Alba played bit parts on television shows until she was noticed in Dark Angel. She seemed to gain instant traction after that.

She made her way to the movie screen, but again with smaller roles. It was in Sin City and Fantastic Four that she finally hit superstar level.

Jessica Alba Brief History

Jessica Alba’s rise was quiet and subtler than some of the other superstars we see today, but once she arrived, nobody could turn away.

Her natural beauty and smile charmed her audiences, and she quickly became a household name. While she’d been acting for years, it wasn’t until a television role at age 19 that she grew her stardom.

With movies like Sin City and Fantastic Four, she went from a television star to a movie starlet.

She married Cash Warren, and after having children, she turned her focus onto healthy and natural products for babies. Her Honest line has catapulted her front and center in a new way, focused on motherhood.

Everything was going well until there was an issue with one of the sunscreens. Problems resolved, and she’s back on the rise.

Her products also include make-up products, and she touts the safe and effective products are made from nature’s best.

But don’t count her out of the acting game just yet. She’s been on LA’s Finest and plays a detective by the name of Nancy McKenna. With 21 episodes under her belt, she put her acting chops back into action.

She’s an actress that we think you’ll see showing up on your favorite shows time to time, but right now her main focus seems to be on her product line.


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