Kiss Nails 100 Full Cover Nails – Active Square (4/5)

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Submitted to "Best Nail Glue"
Kiss Nails 100 Full Cover Nails Active Square1

Kiss also offers artificial nails in all shapes and sizes, you can easily wear any nail color that will stick to these nails for a longer time period as compared to your natural nails.

Some other features of Kiss Nails include:

  • Wear for a week: You can wear the nails for a week, without having to worry about changing them, as they can be held in place easily with the glue and won’t cause chipping.
  • Nail glue: Kiss Nails comes with a glue that has a maximum bonding speed.
  • Easy application: Along with being available in all shapes, it is easier to apply the kiss nails. You can file the sides of the nails to get a desired shape or size if they don’t fit you perfectly.

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