LEE Nails Prices

lee nails prices
lee nails prices

LEE Nails

Lee Nails and Spa is a renowned and superb nail salon and Spa that’s got an affinity for high-quality organic lotions, nail polish, creams, and every other nail/skin essentials.

Do you long for attention for your supple and delicate skin as well as nails?

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Why go where you’ll get them ruined and get bathed with a rain of apologies when Lee Nails and Spa prices are super amazing for the kind of royal treatment you deserve?

With Lee Nails and spa wow prices, you can only get hooked on them.

If you’re team organic and natural, then Lee Nails and Spa is perfect for you.

Their products/lotions are made from pure herbs and plants without damaging or toxic chemicals, making them healthy and safe for your skin as well as nails.

lee nails products

Lee Nails and Spa has experienced rapid growth as a company. Today, it has many outlets around the US from its first nail salon that launched over twenty years ago.

Their growth irrespective of the competition is hinged on its commendable customer service culture and relationship as well as its vision of keeping the planet safe.

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Services & Prices

Lee Nails and Spa has enticing services and prices. Lee Nails and Spa has a range of services for all classes of people.

With their premium offer, almost anyone can afford them. If you prefer executive treatment, they’ve got something for your class.

Besides, if an exclusive is your way of defining yourself, then Lee Nails and Spa has you covered, too.

No matter your level, Lee Nails and prices have you in their plan.

Interestingly, you wouldn’t need to break the bank to get your next deserving manicure or pedicure treat.

Who says comfort and chic ain’t easy to come by? Lee Nails and Spa has loads of surprises for you.

See the list of services and the unbelievable prices accompanying them.


Artificial Nails

Artificial nails only come off as artificial until Lee Nails, and Spa experts treat you to an unforgettable experience.

You can’t afford to flaunt those nails afterward. See a variety of services to pick from.

Fullset Acrylic$22.00&up
Fill Acrylic$17.00&up
Fullset Pink/white$35.00&up
Fill pink only$20.00&up
Fill pink/white$32.00&up
Fullset Gel$30.00&up
Fill Gel$20.00&up
Sculpture Nails$40.00&up
Fullset glitters nail$45.00&up
Nail Repair$6.00&up
Nail Trim/Cut down$3.00&up
Take-off Nails$5.00&up

Natural Nails

Team natural is the way to go! See Lee Nails and Spa natural nail services.

Shellac Manicure$30.00
Classic Manicure$14.00
Gentlement Deluxe Manicure$15.00
Deluxe Aroma Spa Manicure$25.00
Paraffin Manicure$25.00
Candle Spa Manicure$30.00
Serenity Stone Manicure$35.00
Classic Pedicure$24.00
Deluxe Aroma Spa Pedicure$35.00
Hot Stone Spa Pedicure$40.00
Candle Spa Pedicure$32.00
Sport Pedicure$42.00

Body Waxing

Let Lee and Nails Spa specialists help you get rid of excessive hair on your neck, chin, and all over your body. Would you? See below!

Full Face$30.00&up
Half Arm$25.00&up
Full Arm$45.00
Half Legs$40.00&up
Full Leg$55.00&up
Regular Bikini$30.00
Brazilian bikini$40.00

Other Prices:

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Nail salon near me


Lee Nails and Spa has different locations across the US, and each salon is run independently.

This means each location determines its own working hours, which may be a little different from every other location.

To save yourself some undue stress, you’ll do well to look up the closest location to you to make findings.

More so, fixing an appointment ahead of time with any Lee Nails and Spa expert will save you a lot of late-night or weekend drama.


Lee Nails and Spa runs an 11 hours working schedule, Mondays to Saturdays. That is from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm.

As one of the few nails spas that have got quality as its core values, you can always count on them to meet your manicure or pedicure needs every other day of the week with their arms open to receive you from 11: 00 am to 6:00 pm on Sundays.

Here’s the rundown of the Lee Nails and Spa wor

WED: 10:00AM9:00PM

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