LA Tan Prices

la tan prices
la tan prices

LA Tan Prices

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LA Tan salon is the go-to skin tanning paradise. Their soft and magical body touch, refreshing atmosphere, plus royal customer treatment is everything you want. Isn’t it?


With LA Tan hub, your dream body is sure real!

LA Tan salon is a super fast-growing tanning salon with over 200 locations in six (6) states across the United States.

In fact, it’s the fastest growing tanning salon in the Midwest region of America.

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Get LA Tan Price

LA Tan salon is an exotic and chic tanning salon with modern and clean tanning facilities which leaves you glued to their services.

Their excellent delivery has positioned them to attract the crème -da-crème as well as every single person who wants not just their desired skin tone but also an unforgettable experience.

LA Tan prices are everything but pricey in comparison to the kind of posh tanning services they offer.

LA Tan prices are super affordable for the kind of lush ten sessions you’ll get.

As a matter of fact, you’ll get more than the value for your money. Who doesn’t love to save some cents? Bet you do!

What’s even more?

With LA Tan salon, special offers come every other day. If you care to shop a fanatic tanned skin on a very fab day for a low budget, think LA Tan.

One special offer you cannot afford to miss out on is the Mondays specials. The spray tan which goes for only $15 on Mondays is a must-have.

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LA Tan Prices and Services

Here’s a list of LA Tan services you can choose from.

Pre-sunless pH Balancing Treatments

Hey handsome/Beautiful!

It’s time to get the kind of skin you desire and deserve.

Allow LA Tan salon to enhance your skin color with an original mix of organic as well as anti-aging ingredients, amino acids, avocado oil, and some green tea extracts.

This special (VersaPro) pH balancing treatment comes with proper hydration leaving your skin superset for a tanning session.

With this special body treatment, you’re sure to achieve that flawless skin tone for only $39 and above.

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Pre-sunless Ph Balancing Treatment$39.00 & up
Sunless Bronzing Treatment$39.00 & up
Post-sunless Super Hydrating Treatment$59.00 & up
Spray Tan$10.00 & up
Tan Level I, II & III$5.00 & up

Other Prices:

Hand and Stone

Star Nails

Holiday Hair

LEE Nails

Sunless Bronzing Treatments:

With an original blend of healthy amino acids, natural and organic ingredients, and DHA, Sunless bronzing treatments will ensure you have super conditioned and moisturized skin and also leaving you with deep-colored skin. This is the Versapro treat.

Why drool when you can now have the fast-drying, depth in application of blends leaving you with sparkling skin glow.

You’re free to pick from either the clear bronzer or ordinary bronzer. No artificial tint! You’ll get this irresistible skin treat for only $39 and above.

Post-sunless Super Hydrating Treatment:

This is VersaPro’s super skin hydration treatment. It comes with an original blend of green tea extracts, organic skin blends, and body repairing proteins.

Are you wondering how to renew or restore your damaged skin?

With a post-sunless super hydrating treat, your skin will enjoy a natural restore of nutrients, reduces stretch marks and body lines, and leaving you with super golden skin after this skin-changing session.

Get the secret to a super-lasting, rejuvenated, and glowing Sunless Tan for only $59 and above.

Spray Tan

With only $10.00 and above, set your body up for an encounter with Spray Tan.

Other tan offers include Level I, II, and III Tan for only $5 and above.

LA Tan Products and services


At LA Tan, you can choose from a variety of products as well as endearing services like Tanning bed tan, Cryotherapy, and Spray Tan.


Here’s a new service at LA Tan you should try out. Cryotherapy is also known as cold therapy.

With Cryotherapy you’ll go nude into the Cryotherapy chamber that’s chill to about 270° Fahrenheit for about 2-3 minutes.

Did you know that Cryotherapy has been discovered to aid in the weight loss process as well as in improving healthy brown fat cells?

Have you ever had a 30 mins ice birth before? That’s exactly what it feels like.

More so, Cryotherapy is perfect for injury recovery in humans and also for athletes.

LA Tan Membership

LA Tan has 2 membership options; the sun club and the sunless club.

With the sun club comes access to unlimited tanning beds, discounts on products as well as discounts on upgrades.

You also get rewards and other enticing benefits. The lowest membership is for $10/month while the Sunless Tan once a month goes for  $24 per month.

LA Tan Opening and Closing Hours

Below are the work hours of LA Tan.

TUE: 9:00AM9:00PM
WED: 9:00AM9:00PM

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