LA Nails Prices

la nails prices
la nails prices

LA Nails Prices

LA Nails Salons is your posh nail salon that focuses on excellent and nothing less than impeccable delivery in its services.

LA Nails prices are at a bargain, yet by experienced hands and in nearby locations. Their mission is to help you make a statement with your nails, and effortlessly, too.

LA Nails salon prides itself on attention to detail, ethical working environs which come with inducting new staff into its system to provide manicures and pedicures services to customers.

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LA Nails is your exquisite nail salon which launched out in the city of Los Angeles and has since grown as well as spread its tentacles across the United States.

After launching 7 local nail outlets in Los Angeles, it added another 3 nail hubs in Dallas and has since spread to cities like Arizona, New Mexico, Florida, Florida, and Illinois, all within the United States.

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La Nails Services and Prices

LA Nails salons offer a wide range of services that meet your exact nail needs, and at low prices, you can’t resist.

For the best in Acrylic Nails no other place to stop over but the LA Nail salons’. Their experts will make sure you get the best of delivery and at unbeatable prices, too.

Get acrylic nails sets with;


Acrylic Nails Set

With Color$21.99
With American Manicure $24.99
With French Manicure $24.99
With New York Manicure $24.99
With French Tips Express$25.99
With Gel/Shellac Polish Call for Price

Gel Set

With Color $35.99
With American Manicure $38.99
With French Manicure $38.99
With New York Manicure $38.99
With French Tips Express $40.99
With Pearl Tips Express $40.99

Solar Nails Set

With Pink one Powder$35.99
With Pink and White Powder$40.99

Full Set

With Pink one Powder
With Pink and White Powder
With Color Powder

Polish Change

Nail Polish With Color$7.99
American, French, New York$10.99
Toes Polish With Color$7.99
With French, Color Tips$10.99
Cut and Shape$5.99

Acrylic Fill In

With Color$14.99
With American Manicure$17.99
With French Manicure$17.99
With New York Manicure$17.99
With Gel/Shellac PolishCall for Price

Gel Fill In

With Color$21.99
With American Manicure$24.99
With French Manicure$24.99
With New York Manicure$24.99

Solar Fill In

With Pink one Powder$20.99
With Pink and White Powder$35.99

Signature Nails Fill In

With Pink one Powder$25.99
With Pink and White Powder$35.99
With Color PowderCall for Price

Kids Manicure & Pedicure

Manicure: 4yrs - 9yrs$7.99
Pedicure: 4yrs - 9yrs$14.99
Manicure: 10yrs - 12yrs$8.99
Pedicure: 10yrs - 12yrs$18.99
Nails Polish: 4yrs - 9yrs$5.99
Toes Polish: 4yrs - 9yrs$6.99
Nails Polish: 10yrs - 12yrs$6.99
Toes Polish: 10yrs - 12yrs$7.99

Regular Manicure

With Color or Clear Polish$10.99
With American Manicure$13.99
With French Manicure$13.99
With New York Manicure$13.99
With Buffing$15.99

Special Manicure

With Shellac$30.99
With Gelish$30.99
With Gel Polish$30.99


Classic Pedicure$25.99
Deluxe Pedicure$30.99

Natural Pedicure Collection

Soothing PedicureCall for Price
Icedancer PedicureCall for Price
Nu Pedicure$35.99
Firewalker PedicureCall for Price

Pedicure Add-ons

French Polish$5.99
Warm Towel $5.99
(Warm towel is included in Deluxe and Icedancer Pedicures)
Hot Stone Foot Massage$7.99

Spa Pedicure

With Color$25.99
With French Manicure$30.99
With Color Tip$30.99

Deluxe Spa Pedicure

With Color$30.99
With French Manicure$35.99
With Color Tip$35.99

Nail Design

Marblize -set$7.99
Special Design - each$3.99
UV Gel Top Coat$2.99
Nail Repair$4.99
Nails Removal$10.99

LA Nails Hours


With LA Nails salon work hours, you can easily choose a time that works for you. Although each franchise’s work hours may differ overall, all locations are open to serve you weekdays as well as weekends.

From Monday to Saturday you can be sure to catch them from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm with slightly shorter hours on Sundays.

Check out the time chart for LA Nails Salons.

MON: 10:00AM8:00PM
TUE: 10:00AM8:00PM
WED: 10:00AM8:00PM

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