JCPenney Salon Prices

jcpenney salon prices
jcpenney salon prices

JCPenney Salon Prices

Started off as a supplier of home and cloth goods, JCPenney is also a popular salon brand.

Just like Walmart, most JCPenney hair salons are located directly inside their store.

jcpenney salon

This makes it possible for customers to get a quick haircut when shopping for one or two items.

The salons are situated in a luxurious and serene environment and offer a variety of hairstyling services that comes at a very high price.

Most JCPenney salon prices double that of most low-chain salons. Hence, it had never been the ideal choice for low-income earners and those on a budget.

At JCPenney, an adult haircut goes from $22 and above.

Why Choose JCPenney Salon?

JCPenney salons aren’t the cheapest option available but suit individuals who love to get a quality haircut at a familiar brand rather than regular salons along the road.

jcpenney salon hours

Presently, there are over 750 JCPenney salons located across several cities in the United States.

Most of them are located at outdoor and indoor shopping malls, making it convenient for customers to access easily.

Even though most people have some objections about JCPenney salon prices, there are plenty of reasons to look beyond the price tag.

First, the salons offer a host of hair styling options and treatments for individuals of all ages as well as both men and women.

Secondly, all hairstylists have undergone intensive training, which makes them perfect at what they do.

However, what makes the salon appealing to Customers is its ability to personalize its services around every individual need.

Even though most services come at a premium price, this brand offers a lot of trending styles that can improve your look.

In addition, most of their hairstylists are up to date with the latest fashion trend and keeps track of happening around the world, particularly in the world of fashion.

Whether on Red carpet or a magazine, this salon can match styles on pictures, especially those by your favorite celebrities.

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List of Services Offered

JCPenney salons are preferred for their hair treatment services, but this doesn’t mean their hairstyling services are below standard.

Haircare services have become the signature product of the company, but their options are not limited to that area.

In addition to hair styling and treatment services, they also offer nail services making it the ideal choice for customers who love to change all aspects of their looks in just one go.

At this salon, it’s important to book an appointment before arriving to reduce waiting hours.

And you can book more than a single appointment if you plan on changing your hair and nails at the same time.

JCPenney Salon Price

JCPenney salon prices vary depending on the location as well as the type of hair service you want.

Their prices for every hair service are slightly lower for kids under the age of 12 than adults.

Hair Treatments

Moisture Loss
Mizani Custom Blend$15.00
Humecto Deep Conditioning$15.00
Breakge & Strength Loss
Collectives Penetraitt Deep Conditioning$15.00
Mizani Custom Blend$15.00
Color Treated - hair recovery by redken$15.00
Dry Scalp & Dandruff
Mizani Custom Blend & Scalpe Tonic$25.00
Dry Scalp Tonic$15.00
Clarifying - Malibu Wellness Intensive Clarifying$15.00


Haircuts are the cheapest service offered at JCPenney salon.  Getting an adult haircut cost at least $20 but this service is mostly combined with a blowout which eventually increases the cost to $33.

Haircuts & Blowdry$33.00 & up
Express Cut$23.00 & up
Clipper Cut$19.00 & up
Add Haircut to any Service (with any chemical service)$16.00 & up
Kids Haircut 12 and Under$15.00
Complimentary Bang Trim or Neck Trim (service not required)

Hair Color

Hair coloring service is also expensive here, but the quality of finish is not comparable to other low-chain salons.

Corrective color is given for nothing less than $70 while a single process goes for $55.

Meanwhile, a double process involving bleach and tone is offered for $80. You can also get a color rinse here for just $5.

Singel-Process$55.00 & up
Double-Process - bleach & tone$80.00 & up
Glossing - performed following chemical service to add intense shine$15.00 & up
Temporary Color Rinse$5.00 & up
Corrective Color$70.00 & up

Hair Styling

There are several hairstyling options available here, but hair extensions come at an additional cost and even require a brief consultation before going ahead with the service.

Relaxer treatment is offered for $60 but goes up to $90 if you want to add color.

Meanwhile, getting a basic wave usually costs $60 while specialty waves are given for $70.

Natural Hair Styling

Shampoo & Diffuse$25.00 & up
Basic Cornrow$30.00 & up
Cornrow w/ Design$50.00 & up
Bantu Knots$50.00 & up


Relaxer$60.00 & up
Relaxer w/ Color$90.00 & up
Retouch up to 1$45.00 & up


Basic Wave$60.00 & up
Specialty Wave$70.00 & up
Partial Wave$45.00 & up


Loc mantenance$50.00 & up
Loc styling$50.00 & up

JCPenney Specialty with Extensions

Kinky Twist$120.00 & up
Top Twist$150.00 & up
Micro Braids$200.00 & up
Sets & Twists$60.00 & up
Press & Curl$60.00 & up
Shampoo Sevices - w/ two standrt twist or flat twist set$60.00 & up
Single Twist - comb twist$60.00 & up
Double Twist - tow strand$60.00 & up
Straw Set$60.00 & up
Rod Set$60.00 & up
Spiral or Pencil Curl$60.00 & up

Finishing Touches

This is one of the signature services offered in this salon. They’re premium service and comes at an extremely high price.

To eliminate frizz with Chi Ultimate blowout will cost a minimum of $150 while hair straightening goes for $300.

Straightening Services
Chi Ultimate Blowout$150.00 & up
Chi Thermal Straightening$300.00 & up
Retouch$245.00 & up

Basic Blowouts - shampoo and blowdry with a brush$23.00 & up
Ironworks - flat iron or curling wite service$10.00 & up
Styling - braiding up styles and curls$50.00 & up
Shampoo & Set$26.00 & up
Wrap Set$26.00 & up
Signature Blowouts Includes: signature shampoo service, scalp massage, hot towel, and styling
The City Sleeker - sleek and shiny$30.00 & up
The Cosmopolitan - a tousled look with movement and volume$30.00 & up
The Sexy Beach - beachy waves to frame the face$30.00 & up
The French Quarter - cascading curls$30.00 & up


Provided you aren’t going for either ombre or balayage highlights which costs over $90, other options here are quite less.

Complete Foils are applied for $75 while partial foils go for just $45.

Foil$75.00 & up
Partial Foil up to 12 foils$45.00 & up
Accent Foil up to 4 foils$20.00 & up
Cap Highlight$65.00 & up
Dimensional Color$90.00 & up
Ombre$90.00 & up
Balayage$90.00 & up
not all services are available at all jcp salon location

JCPenney Salon Hours

MON:10:00 AM9:00 PM
TUE:10:00 AM9:00 PM
WED:10:00 AM9:00 PM
THU:10:00 AM9:00 PM
FRI:10:00 AM9:00 PM
SAT:10:00 AM9:00 PM
SUN:12:00 AM6:00 PM

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