Hollywood Tans Prices

hollywood tans prices
hollywood tans prices

Hollywood Tan Prices

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Tanning has become a medium for getting rid of pale skin. However, we also know that the natural tanning process doesn’t come easy; hence, we have to look elsewhere.

Over the years, tanning salons have gained some popularity among women due to their role in eliminating pale skin.

However, not all salons offer this service to the satisfaction of their customers. If you want to get a tanning Service at the most reviewed salon, look no further away from Hollywood tan.

While there’s no such thing as safe tanning, you shouldn’t rule it out simply because it increases the risk of sunburn.

In fact, tanning is bad for you if you fail to begin until dangerous UV has damaged the skin.

More than Uv Ray, the risk of getting sunburn increases if done by an amateur.

Lucky enough, Hollywood tan makes tanning fun by working with highly experienced professionals.

Most tanning services are done moderately to minimize skin infections and eliminate skin conditions like sunburn.

Hollywood Tans Services

Hollywood tan prices are quite affordable, even for the middle class. On paper, this looks like a center reserved for the top dogs, especially celebrities.

However, they’ve designed their services to suit just anyone who can afford the price. With over 36 locations in the United States,

Hollywood tan focuses on providing a comprehensive tanning experience that leaves you feeling fresh and looking great in no time.

Listed below is a comprehensive list of services offered at Hollywood tans

HT42 (1-STAR):

$8.00& up

HT54 (2-STAR):

$14.00& up

HT60 (3-STAR):

$18.00& up

HT High Pressure Booth:

$23.00& up


$25.00& up

Stand Up Tanning:

$25.00& up

Sunless Spray Tanning:

$25.00& up

Instant Tan:

$25.00& up

The Auto Revolution:

$25.00& up


HT42– Hollywood tan prices for this service is one of the cheapest offered in this center. Get an off-the-beach look with this first-star tanning which starts at just $8.


HT54– This is a short but effective tanning session. Most HT54 tanning lasts for just 10 minutes comprising of 4 – 5 sessions.

The most salon charges $15 for this service.

High-Pressure Booth

For a tan that lasts, High-pressure booths are recommended. Most tanning requires at least 2 to 3 visits every month to maintain the shades perfectly.

During High-pressure booths, the UV ray which causes the skin to exfoliate naturally is filtered out allowing your tan to last longer.

With the kind of result this gives, it’s still a surprise that this cost just $23?




Even though Hollywood tans have gotten a reputation for providing stand-up UV tanning, indoor tanning beds are offered in some salons at customer’s request.

This service includes features like aromatherapy, leg, and faces Tanner’s as well as head-to-toe tanning that costs a total of $25.

Sunless Spray

Sunless Spray tanning involves the application of a sunless tanning solution which gives the skin a Golden brown color after it reacts with the protein in the body.

However, the golden brown color begins to darken after 24 hours and gradually fade via exfoliation.

Instant tan

Instant tan

Instant tan gives your skin a smooth natural-looking tanned skin in seconds.

This involves the application of moisturizer, DHA, and bronzer to provide you with the shade you want.

Before the tanning is done, the initial consultation is carried out to determine the best formula for you.

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Hollywood tan started as a single-center back in California in 1994. Presently, the franchise has 36 salons in the United States and just opened another in Dubai.

Most Hollywood tan offers approximately 15 Booths in every salon, including the stand-up sprayless booth.

Hollywood tan prices are quite affordable, and their quality of service is second to none in the whole of the United States.

Contrary to what most people think, you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to book for a tanning session.

Hollywood Tans Location

Hollywood tan was designed to provide exclusive tanning technology and services to clients.

It’s believed that sunless tanning is the best mechanism as it minimizes sunburn.

This salon offers convenient working hours and an affordable pricing plan, which makes them the right fit for anyone in need of a touch of class.

There are over 36 Hollywood tan salons located in America. From New Jersey and Denver to California.

Recently, the brand is looking to expand its reach beyond the shores of America by opening another branch in Abu Dhabi.

Without exaggerating, you will find a minimum of 15 tanning booths at every location. Hence, you will never need to wait in line before you’re attended to.

Why Choose Hollywood Tans

Hollywood tans offer a wide range of tanning services, including high-pressure tans, and also sell tanning products that are perfect for all skin types.

Before the treatment gets underway, a consultation session is scheduled to come up with the right shade and color you will prefer.

After tanning, they usually suggest a maintenance period of 2-3 months to ensure the shade is untinted. They also offer training sessions on how to take care of your skin. This usually takes less than 30 minutes once a week.

One nice feature of the salon that isn’t easy to find anywhere is the stand-up sprayless tanning booth.

It’s considered the company’s signature Service as it focuses on cleanliness and a serene environment.

This is to ensure you never come in contact with a booth someone else is laying on.

However, that doesn’t mean other booths are not given equal attention. In fact, all booths undergo equal treatment and are firmly against the use of UV lights and heat to sterilize the booths as practiced in most tanning centers.

Hollywood takes cleanliness to the extreme as several measures are put in place to ensure Customers walk out feeling satisfied and clean.


The majority of Holiday tan salons accept walk-in businesses. Although appointments may be booked in advance, with the number of tanning booths in each location, it will be completely unnecessary. You will be attended to as soon as you step your feet in the salon.

Working Hours

Considering the fact that Hollywood tans are looking to go global, it’s hard to predict the working hours in every location.

However, no matter the location you opt to be assured that they’re open on all days of the week.

But don’t expect them to be at your service round the clock. Most locations closing hour is pinned at 9 PM while opening hours are mostly 9 AM.

TUE: 9:00AM9:00PM
WED: 9:00AM9:00PM

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