Holiday Hair Prices

holiday hair prices
holiday hair prices

Holiday Hair Price

If you’re looking for a low-cost salon with highly trained technicians in a comfortable and serene environment, Holiday hair is the place to be.

Their services are designed to cater to the needs of just women. By utilizing highly effective hair products, not only will you get a picture-perfect result but also leave with tips and tricks on how to care for your hair.

Holiday Hair

Holiday Hair Services Offered

As mentioned earlier, a Holiday hair salon caters to only women, but kids are not ruled out. Their service includes haircut, styling, and treatment services.

All products sold here are specially designed for women, but some locations may include stylists that offer men’s haircuts.

Holiday hair prices for regular adult haircut starts from $20 while designer haircut cost around $25.

Listed below is a wide range of services offered by holiday hair.

Shampoo, Cut & Style$20.00&up
Kid's Haircut (12 and Under)$12.00&up
Haircut with Color or Perm$10.00&up
Color (Includes Style Only)$45.00&up
Highlights (Includes Style Only)$55.00&up
Perms (Include Style Only)$50.00&up
Shampoo & Style$12.00&up
Specialty Style$20.00&up
Facial Waxing$10.00&up
Appointment Charge$5.00&up


Holiday hair prices for haircuts are divided into two categories. Adult and kids. A regular adult haircut goes for $20 while that of kids starts from $12.

Since the salon is designed specifically to cater to women, the price for a male haircut is not usually defined.


Holiday hair prices for facial waxing are quite cheap. Unlike in most salons where the charges are calculated separately, it’s possible to get a complete facial waxing for just $10 while bang trims go for $5.


Color services are quite high and remain the salon’s signature service.

Whether you opt for a regular or designer stylist, be assured that the result will blow your mind.

Basic coloring with a regular hairstylist cost just $45 while that of a designer goes for $50.


In addition to color service, Highlights are also given. Getting a highlight starts from $55.


Shampoo, Cut & Style$22.00&up
Kid's Haircut (12 and Under)$14.00&up
Haircut with Color or Perm$10.00&up
Color (Includes Style Only)$47.00&up
Highlights (Includes Style Only)$57.00&up
Perms (Include Style Only)$52.00&up
Shampoo & Style$14.00&up
Specialty Style$22.00&up
Facial Waxing$10.00&up
Appointment Charge$5.00&up

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Blowout, as well as hair straightening treatment, are also available in this salon.

Most locations charge $10 for blowout while Keratin straightener goes for $15.

Shampoo and Relaxer

It’s possible to get both a shampoo and Relaxer treatment combined or opt for one of the two.

Shampoo treatment gets rid of dandruff while relaxer alters hair texture, making it easy to style.


People with coarse hair opt for both treatments while those with a normal hair texture go for regular shampoo treatment to maintain hair texture.

At most Holiday hair salons, shampoo treatment is priced at $12 while that of relaxers starts from $50.


Perms have come a long way, and they’re a popular choice for most women.

Getting your hair permed with a regular hairstylist costs just $50 while a designer hairstylist may charge higher depending on the location.

Why Choose Holiday Hair

You won’t find over a hundred hairstylists, but you will find just the one that understands your need and ready to go several miles to produce the result you want.

Whether you want a quick haircut or want to apply Highlights, a holiday salon is a quick option for women who will like to get a quick haircut from well-trained technicians.

All hairstylist at this salon is up to date with the latest happening in the world of fashion and provide a result that matches your desire.

Aside from their Awesome price range, the behavior of their staff is one major reason why they’re highly sought-after.

When you book an appointment here, your stylist will sit you down for a consultation to decide on which option is best for you.

Taking account of your face shape, hair texture, and color. With such individualized service, it’s hard not to recommend their service to others.


Holiday hair is the perfect option for women who have very little time to take care of themselves.

Their appointment is designed to fit the busy lives of most women, most especially those working on 9 -5 jobs.

Walk-in appointments are the most popular option here but are possible to book an appointment in advance.

Since they’re open in the early hours of the morning and late in the evening, it is possible to get a haircut after working hours.

The only downside is that booking an appointment incurs a charge of $5.



The majority of Holiday hair salons are situated in Pennsylvania, the area where it was founded. The numbers have increased over the years.

To the credit of Regis cooperation, Holiday hair has expanded its reach to areas like New Jersey, West Virginia, and Maryland.


Holiday Hair History

The holiday salon is a picture part of the Regis cooperation which has over 10,000 salons located in several parts of the United States.

Holiday salon was originally founded by Roy Holland in Pennsylvania 40 years ago.

Presently, Holiday hair has several branches located throughout Mid-Atlantic states like Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey.

Salon Hours

Working hours vary from location to location; hence, don’t expect all salons to open and close at the same time.

Sticking to what they stand for, the working hours are also designed to fit into the busy schedule of most women.

This salon is available on all days of the week but tends to close early during the weekend.

MON:8:00 AM8:00 PM
TUE:8:00 AM8:00 PM
TUE:8:00 AM8:00 PM
THU:8:00 AM8:00 PM
FRI:8:00 AM8:00 PM
SAT:8:00 AM6:00 PM
SUN:10:00 AM4:00 PM


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