Heated Salt Stone Massage

Heated Salt Stone Massage
Heated Salt Stone Massage

Heated Salt Stone Massage

In today’s world, the hustle and bustle of daily life leave us stressed and by default sucks our energy and makes us dull and tireless at the end of the day.

Massage Therapy has proved valuable in recent times due to its calming effect, which supposedly cleanses the skin, removes toxins, and rehydrates the body.

One of the most recommended types of massage is Heated Salt Stone Massage which helps to reduce the stress in the body and is also soothing.

Heated Salt Stone Massage Review

What is Heated Salt Stone Massage?

Heated Salt Stone Massage is a type of massage therapy that involves the use of warm, smooth basalt rocks to help relax your body and improve physical wellbeing.

These rocks are heated between 130-145 degrees and placed on specific places in the body like the face, spine, stomach, and neck.

While a hot stone massage would focus mainly on releasing stress in the nervous system and the muscles, it also helps moisten the skin and comfort the body, and a hot stone massage has a cooling effect.

Cold stones are also used at times to soothe the skin and calm the blood vessels.

Heated salt stone massage is a safe and effective treatment for acute and chronic pain of the spine and lower back.

These treatments will not only relieve symptoms of tension in the body, but they can also restore strength and function.

Heated salt stone massage is a gentle, non-invasive form of massage therapy. Heated salt stone massage aims to increase circulation and blood flow to muscles and skin.

This therapeutic massage may stimulate strength, coordination, and range of motion for muscles, tendons, ligaments, and soft tissue.

Being massaged with Heated salt stones helps balance all of the main elements within the body, thus balancing all types of life energy. Calms the mind, body, and emotions.

Beneficiaries of Heated Salt Stone Massage

A heated salt stone massage is often recommended for patients with deep tissue wounds that are post-surgical.

Patients often report the sensation of heat relief to be most intense in the massaged area. For those who experience pain and need to limit pressure, they can reduce the pain, reduce inflammation, and reduce swelling by using a hot stone massage.

Many people report that heated salt stone massage is particularly helpful with osteoarthritis, some of the most painful forms of arthritis.

Some studies suggest that hot stone massage may be used to relieve nerve damage from arthritis and other conditions.

Therapists and physicians may also recommend heated salt stone massage to help patients with epilepsy.

Precautions and Warning

There are some circumstances, however, when heated salt stone massage therapy may pose a health risk to a patient.

When administered by a practitioner who does not have a massage license or certification, hot stones may not be sanitized properly.

The primary concern with heated salt stone massage therapy is the prevention of overheating.

Underappreciated is the potential harm to the patient’s skin that can occur when the body heats up above normal temp due to the heated stones.

If the massage is carried out by a certified professional the heated salt stone massage would be a safe one with little to no side effects.

There are some circumstances, however, when people with asthma, respiratory conditions, or other conditions should consult their physician before using hot stones.

7 Benefits of Heated Salt Stone Massage

1)  Relieves Pain and Tension

If you are in any kind of chronic pain, it can be very stressful. For some people, their pain is so intense, they resort to eating and drinking to escape it.

For this reason, heated salt stone massage can help to relieve some of the pain and stress of this disorder.

For some of us, the intensity of our discomfort can be the worst of our problems. In this case, it can be very helpful to use a heated salt stone massage.

This way, we are getting positive results at a very low cost. This type of massage reduces the sensation of pain and tension so it can be very helpful

2) Gives a Moisture Rich Surface

Heat from the heat source permeates the skin and tissues. This increases the potential for moisture absorption.

The moisture at the surface provides a very soft skin that creates a healing surface. This can also help restore your skin to its original complexion

3) Increases Sexual Pleasure

Reduces pain in the groin, improves orgasm and can help enhance sexual pleasure. You will notice that vaginal orgasm become much better and more intense.

You will also feel more relaxed and pleasant.

4) Promotes Sleep

If you do not keep your body and mind in sync, your body will not be able to relax, and you will be prone to various types of ailments.

Scientific research shows that using a heated salt stone can help you to get good quality, deep sleep.

Besides promoting healing and vitality, the heated salt stone massages are effective at aiding you in having a healthy and balanced sleep cycle.

5) Helps Balance your System

One of the biggest benefits of heat massage, without getting too hypochondriacal, is that it helps to establish a positive balance in your body.

6) Detoxifies the Skin and Body

The cleansing qualities of heated salt stone massage creates natural solutions for improving the complexion of the body.

The body is a living thing and needs its healthy ecosystem, so it is important to incorporate some heat.

Heat removes toxins, which are the negative influences in the body. Massage naturally dissolves toxins and therefore improves the overall complexion and health of the skin.

It is the natural skin scrubber that gently rids the body of irritants and impurities. So, you are treated to a cleansing effect as well as to the removal of toxins.

7) Treats Stress

Although warming the body and removing toxins are vital in making the body feel refreshed, reducing stress and that additional mental burden has immense benefits.

Heated Salt Stone Massage plays a significant role in eliminating stress.


If you are looking to reduce anxiety and stress in your life, you should seriously consider using a hot stone massage.

After all, we all need a break from the busy daily grind. A hot stone massage can be a valuable tool for reaching a balance between relaxation and work.

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