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hand and stone prices
hand and stone prices

Hand and Stone Massage

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Where will you rather relax and refresh other than Hand and Stone Massage Spa?

At Hand and Stone Massage, you’re sure of getting a slice of heaven. With their excellent massage therapists who are ready to meet your exact facials as well as other unique body needs.

hand and stone massage

From your facials, waxing, full or partial body massages, and all special spa needs are covered at Hand and Stone.

In fact, their customer-friendly experts ensure you get the personalized body and face spa treatment.

No early appointment? No worries! Hand and Stone massage is the place to be as walk-ins get the same unique treatments as with booking an appointment.


Prices and Services

Hand and Stone Massage spa offer a range of services. Hand and Stone Massage prices are subject to change as determined by the specific location you visit. Explore the list below for your next visit to the spa.



Swedish Massage

hand and stone Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is the most regular type of massage. It entails lasting, soft strokes of the muscle tissues with an intensity of motion that goes from slow, medium, and firm.

Swedish Massage is known to be the most restoring massages. The message expert is sure to adjust the massage to meet your exact body massage needs. Prices go for only $59.95 and above.

Other kinds of massages and their prices include;

Couple’s Massage

Are you thinking of an unusual way to share a sweet bond with your spouse or loved one?

Hand & Stone couple’s massage is the real deal. The twin massage bed inside the massage room, plus the loved-up atmosphere accompanies the deep finger work you’ll get from their massage specialist.

This treat isn’t exclusive for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, or even Valentine’s day.

You can book a session for every other day with that special someone for only $119.95 and above.

Deep Tissue Massage

hand and stone Deep Tissue Massage

Do you sometimes experience some sort of pain or soreness in either the large or small group of muscles? This is the perfect massage for you.

It’s deeper than the regular massages, yet with slow and firm pressure and targeted strokes that will surely give you soothing relief.

Say your goodbyes to joint and muscles pains with only $59.59 and above.


Sports Massage

hand and stone Sports Massage

As the name suggests, sports massage is common with Athletes and the sports world. However, it’s open for all.

This massage helps you to relax as well as stretch stiff or tight muscles. It also helps a lot in cases of soft tissue.

It helps in improving performance, aids recovery, and also helps you prevent injuries. You get all these benefits as low as $59.59 and above.

Hot Stone Massage

hand and stone Hot Stone Massage

This is the all-time fave Signature Massage!

If you’re familiar with Swedish Massage, hot stone massage is like it but with a little extra of the heated stones.

The heat from the stones gives you deep warmth plus a relaxed and peaceful feeling.

The hot stone massage is highly recommended for persons with arthritis, severe muscle pain, and also in fibromyalgia.

The heat from the stones is effective even with mild pressure. Get a session for only $69.95 and above.

Trigger Point Massage

Trigger points of the body often refer to knots. They’re called trigger points because the pain in that part transmits or like the word suggests, triggers pain to other parts of the body.

This massage type employs focusing mild finger pressure at the different trigger points to prevent recurrent muscle pain.

With only one trigger point massage session at Hand and Stone, the effect is evident. Book a session for only $59.95 and above.

Prenatal Massage

hand and stone Prenatal Massage

This is a special message type that caters to the needs of expectant mothers during their pregnancy.

This massage comes in handy to ease tension and stress that’s evident in swollen feet, back and waist pain.

It employs the use of pliable pillows used in the right position and provides deserving support as a result, leading to reduced pressure as well as a relaxed mind and body.

Guess what? It’s a dual benefit massage as Mummy and baby profit from the process.

Prenatal Massage is only for women in their first trimester and with a doctor’s note.

Get the massage for only $59.95 and above only.


Your face deserves to be succulent, clean, and glowing. Here are the various facials options to choose from;

Signature Facials

A Hand and Stone Facial is everything from luxury, hygienic and good workout for your skin.

The team of estheticians will diagnose your skin, enhance your skin tone and recommend the ideal beauty regimen with the assistance of their skin specialist partners; Dermologica, skin, and beauty products. The regimen is $49.95 and above.

Classic Facial

This is suited for special skin conditions like; overly sensitive skin, dull skin, fine lines, slack skin, as well as congested skin.

With these classical facials, your skin is sure to enjoy deep cleansing, the elimination of excessive oil and dirt from the pores, and skin exfoliation.

This skin treatment works for all kinds of skin. Get your classic facials for only $49.95 and above.

Men’s Facial

This is for the real men who have a sense of class and taste. It’s perfect for all those shaving rashes or irritations, deep cleansing of pores, as well as skin toning which help to renew your skin glow.

It also helps you restore and retain healthy skin vitamins, and also helps to protect you from skin damage of any kind.

All of these benefits go for only $49.95 and above.

Teen’s Facial

The teenage is the skin irritation age for most teens. The teen’s facials come in handy to manage skin breakouts, deep cleansing of pores, and calming redness as well as in fading acne scars.

It’s not just for the girls but also for the boys. It cost only $49.95 and above.

30-minute Skin Treatments

Express Facial

The name suggests a quick one. This is especially for the individual who’s too busy for a seat.

They’re always on the go. Hand and Stone got you! In little time you get optimal results.

This skin regimen is designed to help you enjoy renewal, restoration, refreshing, and revitalization.

It leaves you feeling youthful with a revived skin glow. Guess what? It’s perfect for all skin types. The price is only $50 and above.

Microzone® Treatments

Do you want a fast, immediate, and focused skin solution for that skincare condition? This is the deal for you!

This is the professional skin regimen that’s perfect for treating skincare conditions.

You can pick off any of these; Flash exfoliation, age repair, or even the blackhead relief.

The skincare regimen costs only $50 and above.

Detox Facial

With this skincare regime, your skin will experience detoxification that purges the skin of harmful build-ups like excessive oil and dirt.

It deep cleanses the pores, purifies as well as restores skin tone, and glows.

It’s excellent for recurrent acne cases. It goes for only $20 and above

Exceptional Facials

Hand and Stone have the best of skin therapists and professionals and are committed to giving their clients the best of skin beauty regiments.


You can move from regular to exceptional facials with these options;

Rejuvenating Facial

Hand and Stone’s timeless Rejuvenation Facial is suited for skin repair, skin restores of fatigued, sun-damaged, or aging skin.

This skin beauty regimen reduces the visibility of aging wrinkles, fine lines, enhances skin tone and texture, and leaves you with super glowing, youthful, and healthy skin.

All for only $20 and above.

Sensitive Skin Facial

Your skin deserves some extra attention!

This skin beauty regimen is specially formulated for super sensitive and fragile skin types.

It soothes the irritations, reduces redness, exfoliates the skin, and leaves it cool, and helps in maintaining skin hydration.

It cost only $20 and above.

Anti-aging Collagen Facial

Your skin can look youthful, glowing, and refreshed with these anti-aging collagen facials.

It firms and tones the skin by infusing a mix of healthy organic ingredients like; amino acids, cellular complexes, natural oils, and collagen vitamins.

This is helpful in fading fine lines and aging wrinkles and leaving you refreshed and revived. All these benefits go for as low as $40 and above.

Rosacea Facial

This soothing skin beauty regimen is specially made to fade the appearances resulting from rosacea.

This includes; skin irritation and redness, and skin tenderness.

This cooling and calming treatment blend the discolorations in the most sensitive skins. Treatment costs only $20 and above.

Exceptional Exfoliation

Get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, unclogging the pores, treat skin blemish, dehydrate as well as moisturize to achieve glowing and succulent skin.

Glow on! You’ll need at least 5 visits, either weekly or bi-monthly, to get the desired result.

This offer is available as an upgrade on the signature facials or as a 30-mins beauty treatment.

You’ll get this special beauty regimen for only $99.95 and above.

Other skin or body enhancement treatment includes;



This is the skin beauty treatment that gets rid of dull and dead cells from the skin surface and reveals more glowing and radiating skin.

Interestingly, it does not involve surgery of any kind. It helps to improve the visibility of aging wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles around the eyes, stretch marks, acne spots, skin discoloration as well as skin hyperpigmentation.

It also prevents acne breakouts and reduces the appearance of bulging pores. It cost only $99.95 and above to book a session.

Glycolic Peel

This is a mild, yet more intense skin treatment that gives fast improvements in the total appearance of skin’s tone, skin texture, clarifies your skin and reduces fine lines.

This skin beauty regimen is ideal for all skin types. Although the peel is intense, it leaves your skin without any form of irritations.

Soothing and supplementary skincare products are applied afterward to correct special skin cases like acne, skin discolorations, and fine lines all for only $99.95 and above.

Salicylic Peel

This beauty blend works just like the glycolic peel but does deeper penetration into the pores cleansing it from harmful secreted sebum in the follicles.

The peel removes dead and aging cells, excessive oil, and dirt, leaving you with youthful glowing skin. Treatment costs $99.95 and above.

Lactic Acid Peel

This is a mildly intensive skin treatment that employs a healthy lactic acid gotten from milk.

This acidic peel is perfect for the removal of hyperpigmentations, sunburns, skin discolorations, fine lines, and also in the reduction of rosacea. It goes for $99.95 and above.

Hair Removal

Hand and Stone offer professional wax-free, healthy, and organic hair removal services.

Get rid of excessive hair at the back, neck, face, arm, legs region of your body.

You can also get the bikini, as well as the women’s Brazilian and other packages for only $15 and above.


Addition Enhancements

  • Peppermint Scalp Massage.$15 & up
  • Hot Towel / Foot Exfoliation Treatment.$15 & above
  • Hot Towel / Cold Stone Face Massage.$15 & above
  • Heavenly Hand Therapy.$10 & above


Hand and Stone Massage is the go-to spa for personalized hand and bodywork.

The fast-rising spa has over 250 locations and franchises across the United States with a number of them in Canada.

Hand and Stone Massage locations are in easy-to-find spots and super friendly environs.

Here’s the great news. there’s a Hand and Stone Massage location in your neighborhood and luckily in your street.

Just check up their website for your exact location.

Hand and Stone Massage Coupons

As a member, you get a certain amount of credit that comes from consistent patronage and referrals.

It gives you access to the spa’s coupon, which rewards you with either gift cards, facials, or body massages.

Why choose Hand and Stone

There’s no better spa to visit than the Hand and Stone Massage. They’ve got a collection of trained experts that will satisfy all your facials or body massage cravings.

Their excellent customer service, as well as awesome delivery, is simply irresistible.

How do you get an amazing offer for an almost ridiculous amount?

The hand and stone prices are a steal any day. It’s simply incomparable. You don’t need to second guess the superb spa.

Sign up already to start to enjoy their incredible membership offers


Hand and Stone History

Hand and Stone Massage has been in the industry for many years.

Today, consistent delivery, great customer service, irresistible prices, and splendid expert therapists have grown to over 250 locations across the United States with some in Canada.


Hand and Stone Membership

On the one hand, Hand and Stone Massage runs a monthly membership plan where fees are deducted from members’ bank account every other 30 days (monthly) until the member chooses to end the membership plan.

On the other hand, Hand and Stone Massage has a membership plan where members pay upfront for at least 6 or 12 months.

Why worry every other month when you can have it all settled?

What’s more? For each of these membership plans, you get access to free massage or facials every time you make electronic money transfers.


More so, with every visit to the spa, referral, or product purchase you earn a point that can accumulate over a period of time and then be exchanged for a reward; free access to facials or body massage.


Book an Appointment

With Hand and Stone Massage, walk-in get quality as much as appointments.

However, to be on the safer side booking an early appointment is best to do.

You get a consultation with the specialist of your choice before the main spa treatment you booked for.

With just a phone call, you’re on speed dial to a world of revamped body and mind.


Hand and Stone Massage Therapist Training

Do you want to join the club of excellent therapists at the spa? It’s easy, fun, and a good deal! At the spa, the therapist works closely with repeat clientele.

No, there isn’t a selling target on your neck, making the work stress-free. With their working hours, working there is flexible.

However, you’ll need to complete an educational course to join the team of exceptional therapists at the Hand and Stone Massage.

Hand and Stone Work Hours

The over 250 franchises and locations of the Hand and Stone Massage has an independent work schedule. Although most of them align with the typical Hand and Stonework hours.

The spa is opened every Monday to Friday at 9.00 am and closes at 9.00 pm. They open at 9.00 am and close at 8.00 pm on Saturdays.

They’re opened to receive you at 10.00 am and close at 6.00 pm on Sundays.

Here’s the typical work schedule;

TUE: 9:00AM10:00PM
WED: 9:00AM10:00PM

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