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hair cuttery prices
hair cuttery prices

Hair Cuttery

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Hair Cuttery is a collection of high-end salons providing quality hair service at a cheap price.

Presently, there are over 700 Hair Cuttery salons in the country with each going above clients’ expectations to deliver the unrivaled quality of work.

Like Smartstyle, Hair Cuttery is a chain salon owned by a company. It creates a friendly and neighborly environment that keeps customers relaxed whenever they visit the salon.

Their focus is to ensure that customers are 100% satisfied to the point of returning.

The stylists also add their own magic touch to create the desired look you want while leaving an astonishing effect.

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If you get bored of rocking a single style or like to experiment on a whole lot of hairstyling Options, Hair Cuttery is ever ready to attend to your ever-changing needs.

Prior consultation is carried out to decide which option is good for you taking the shape of your face as well as hair features into consideration.

Feedback is also welcomed since this a way of knowing how the customer feels about their services and use customer’s suggestions to improve their service.

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Why You Should Choose Hair Cuttery

Hair Cuttery prices are quite affordable for most income earners, with most adult haircut prices starting at $16 and that of kids pinned at $13.

Apart from haircuts, Hair Cuttery prices for other services like hair color and styling are also moderate.

However, services like hair highlights are quite high and expensive since they’re carried out by an expert.

Most employees at this salon are highly skilled and proficient in what they do.

Aside from natural talent, they’ve also undergone training in several aspects of hairstyling, including coloring, highlights, and haircuts.

This salon is designed to serve both men and women. Hence, services extend to beard trimming, cut, styling, and even highlights if demanded by Customers.

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Hair Cuttery Prices

Cut & Style Prices

Shampoo / Cut (children under 8)$13.99&up
Shampoo / Blowdry - (children under 8)$20.99&up
Shampoo / Cut -adults$17.99&up
Shampoo / Blowdry - adults$25.99&up
Shampoo / Cut / Blowdry$32.99&up
Shampoo / Blowdry Straightening$20.99&up
Shampoo / Basic Set$20.99&up
Shampoo / Designer Set$35.99&up
Special Occasion Quick do's & Designs$30.99&up
Iron finish$7.00
Iron set$12.00

Color Prices

Redken® Color Camo for Men$25.00
Single applicaton color$50.00
Hair Cuttery highlights (partial or full)$45.00-$75.00
Double Dimension Color w/ partial or full highlights$105.00-$130.00
Additional color$20.00


Both Eyebrows or Partial Facial Wax$10.00
Complete Facial Wax Package$22.00



Relaxer/straighteners (full, partial & retouch)$53.00-$65.00
Keratin +$160.00


Permanent Wave$50.00
Designer Perm Wrap$60.00


Redken® Customized Treatments$11.99&up
Clarifying Treatment$15.00
Beard, Bang, Neckline Trim$5.00
Iron Finish$7.00
Iron Set$12.00

Value Packages

Style Express$35.00
Color Escape $75.00
Color Camo for Men$46.00
Shape Up $45.00
City Lights$105.00
Touch of Color$80.00
Double Dimension w/ Full Highlights$155.00
Double Dimension w/ Partial Highlights$130.00
Straighten Up $105.00
Wound Up$75.00

Other Prices:

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Great Clips

Hair Cuttery prices for adults are mostly higher than that of kids. Haircut and shampoo treatment for kids is priced at under $13.99 while that of adults is $20.99.

Adult Blowdry goes for $25.99. However, a discount may be offered if you want to combine Blowdry, shampoo, and even haircut at once.

Rather than paying over $50 if you’re charged separately, you will pay an average of $32.99.

Prices for retouch and relaxer treatment are quite expensive. Keratin treatment, for instance, is priced at $160 while hair strengthening treatment falls within the range of $53 – $65. On the other hand, permanent curls are priced at $50 while designer curls go for approximately $60.

In addition to hair treatment, this salon also offers hair waxing and coloring service. Fortunately, they’re quite affordable.

Redken color camo, for instance, is provided to men for around $25 while highlights fall within the range of $55 – $75 in most locations.

Product Sold

Hair Cuttery is a complete hair salon providing a variety of hairstyling services. In addition, they offer exclusive hair products from top brands like Cebu.

The product range includes shampoo, relaxer, treatment oil, and a variety of hair styling products.

Most of these products are suitable for all hair types and are free from paraben due to health concerns.

Apart from Cebu, Hair Cuttery offers to sell products from brands like Redken and matrix lines.

Products from these brands are expensive, especially for those on a budget.

When coming for hair service, you can also pick one or two items to help you keep your hair clean and healthy.

Opening and Closing Hours

Hair Cuttery does not work round the clock but is always available during the day to give you a look you desire.

The store opens for 12 hours during weekdays but slightly shorter on Sundays and during festive periods.

The majority of Hair Cuttery salons opens by 9 am and closes by 9 pm during weekdays and Saturdays.

The salon jealously guards its reputation of being customer-oriented; hence, all services are designed with only the Customers in mind.

MON:9:00 AM9:00 PM
TUE:9:00 AM9:00 PM
WED:9:00 AM9:00 PM
THU:9:00 AM9:00 PM
FRI:9:00 AM9:00 PM
SAT:8:00 AM8:00 PM
SUN:9:00 AM5:00 PM

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Our platform contains over a thousand salons offering several services including hair treatment, styling, nail services as well as haircuts.

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