Foot Massager

what is a foot massage
what is a foot massage

Foot Massager

Ever been so stressed out you just want to relax, soak your feet in warm water and get it thoroughly rubbed by someone while you analyze how your day went?

foot massage spa

Ever had your ankles hurt so badly that you want to yank it off and give it to someone who would take care of them and once done they can hand it back to you thoroughly fixed?

The feet are the most used part of the external human body. Without walking, humans can barely achieve anything therefore your foot needs proper care and attention.

Hence, foot massage is one of the numerous methods of taking care of the feet.

Best Foot Massager

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Foot Spa Bath Massager with Heat

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Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat

Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat

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What Exactly Is Foot Massage?

man giving women a foot massage after she had a long day at work

Foot Massage therapy is one of the oldest health experiments that ever existed. History has it that the first massage therapy ever given and recorded was in China and followed by Egypt dates far back as 2700 BCE.

It used to be for them a sacred system of healing practiced as holistic medicine. The practice of foot massage was not to be rendered by just anybody, it was meant to be carried out by the priest of a sanctuary.

Specifically, foot massage is a kind of beautiful treat given to the feet through means of rubbing, kneading, and gently hitting it in order to help them reach sensory orgasm.

Sensory orgasm, this means that the feet get relaxed at their summit and are ready once more to go several rounds of step for a new day.


What is the essence of a foot massage?

There are many beautiful reasons people go for a foot massage. Here are some:

1. For Easy Locomotion

Locomotion is self-powered and helps humans change location through walking, swimming, running, jumping, etc.

When the feet are massaged, it enables veins and arteries to relax and makes the beautiful foot owner sleep better and when one sleeps better one tends to move about easily with no pain in the legs and ankles.

2. Lowers Obesity Risk

Another reason people love to get foot massage is its aid in the reduction of obesity risk.

Most times fluid travels down to the ankles making the feet heavy and swollen, when this is left unchecked for a long period of time it could lead to storage of other liquid substances asides fluid which is likely to cause obesity.

3. Prevents Some Diseases

Most times inadequate foot massage can lead to some medical diseases like elephantiasis, heels spur, blisters, plantar fasciitis, bunions, etc.

Most people whose bodies do not store fat efficiently stand the risk of getting this, unlike the people who do and stand the risk of obesity.

As a result of foot massage, fluid storage in the leg region is prevented and these diseases are avoided.


4. Good Source of Pain Relief

Moreso feet massage aids greatly in pain relief, most people who have complained of leg pain testified to a great relief after foot massage was administered.


5. Migraine and Body Ache Eliminator

Foot massage reduces migraines and body aches as the foot is a travel route to all parts of the body and when treated well makes the whole system relax and function well.


Where Can You Get a Foot Massage?

A foot massage can actually be gotten anywhere as long as the individual who needs a massage is lying or sitting comfortably and there is a second individual ready to do the needful. Here are some places you can get a foot massage:


1. At Day Spas

Foot massage is best enjoyed when a professional masseur or masseuse gives it and these individuals are found in spas.

Day spas are established and run by business-oriented people whose mindset is collectively to promote relaxation, beauty, healthy living.

Through personal treatment on different areas of the body generally from the crown of an individual’s hair to the sole of their feet.

This already answers why good foot massage does exist in Day spas.


2. Special Health Care Centers/Hospitals

This is similar to the day spas, only that special care centers and hospitals embark on this exercise when there is already a medical case that needs to be responded to.

That is the reason cripples and people who are trying to eliminate some conditions are found there.


3. Private Firms

Private firms offering such services do so on basic contract levels.

A person might desire to have a particular masseur or masseuse to themselves at any time and anywhere, therefore these people are employed and are made to attend to those in need of the massage.

Most people go to these places to get the perfect foot massage for better effectiveness.


4. Homes

Some people simply go home and let their partners or family members render the service.

Foot massage is actually more enjoyed when it is given to a person by people they love and share intimacy with.

The brain tends to release a hormone called oxytocin that calms the receiver and makes them deal better with fatigue.

Foot massage is also gotten in homes especially homes of septuagenarians, octagenarians and centenaries.

These groups of people usually have difficulties while walking so the foot massages relieve them and make walking easier.


Who Needs a Foot Massage?

Everyone needs a foot massage. We all deserve that beautiful and heavenly feeling gotten after one yet there are some specific people that need it more than the others.


 1. Pregnant Ladies

The pregnant people are among the category of people who need foot massage.

90% of them have fluid going down to their feet as a result of the baby’s weight, therefore they need constant foot massage to circulate and send this fluid back up.


2. People Suffering From Obesity

These people also need foot massage, just like pregnant women, excess fluid goes down to the ankle of the obese coupled with fatty substances most times and foot massage helps to regulate these substances.


3. The Old/ Crippled

Those with walking challenges also need foot massage to relax muscles in those areas.

Research has shown that 70% of crippled peopled have regained their ability to use their legs afters thorough and consistent massage.


4. Infants

Children who are a few months old that have just left the crawling stage and began to walk also need foot massage to strengthen the bones more for a speedy walking process.

Massaging of the feet also helps to prevent them from developing knock-kneed and bow-leggedness.


5. Swimmers

Generally, swimmers make use of their legs a lot while swimming and the feet are major propellants of the human body while in a pool.

It does 80% of the work and for swimming to be enjoyed and done properly the feet need special treatment massage for a good swimming experience.

What Techniques are Required for a Foot Massage?

There are several techniques especially associated with specialists that are trained specifically to massage.

This is because there are some sensitive spots below the feet that gets the job appropriately done. Here are some of them;


Step 1 – Getting the Feet Ready

As there are different people, there are different methods of getting the feet ready.

Some might decide to soak the feet for some minutes. Some might dress sore areas if there are any.

 Benefits from Shiatsu Massage

and Chair Massage

Step 2 – Moist Hands

Preliminarily, this is a perfect way to find out a good masseur. Moisturizing the palms is the thing to do, one doesn’t just up and begin to massage.

The hands ought to be sufficiently moist to prevent coarseness and friction when the hands of the masseur get in contact with the receiver’s feet. This produces a soothing and comfortable feeling.


Step 3 – Toe Focus

The toes are very tender and need to be properly taken care of. The masseur in dealing with the feet has to take the toes one at a time rubbing it through and pulling at them gently.

Step 4 – Ankle Focus

After the toes, the ankles which can easily pass for the pillars of the feet should be put into consideration.

Good attention should be given to them as well because it is at that point that edema and inflammation begin.

Gentle twists forward, upwards, downwards and backward would do the magic.


Step 5 – Heel Rub and Pressure Points

The soles of the feet also need attention because they get so stressed out while people walk from one place to another, especially ladies who love to do heels.

It is from the soles of the feet that a good masseur travels down to the pressure points below the feet and pushes those areas that bring utter satisfaction.


What Equipments are Used for a Foot Massage?

Depending on personal choice, age, gender, and firm, there are several types of equipment that can be used to massage the feet.


The hands are the primary types of equipment used to give a person a foot massage.

Most people prefer it because of the nature of the palms which is extremely soft and the owner of the hands will not have to follow a particular method but gives variations for better results.


 Water Massage Machine

This machine produces frizzy vibrations coupled with heat to give the feet maximum productivity.

Electric Massage Machine

As its name suggests, this machine uses voltage to rub pressure into the feet to relax muscles and veins.

Professional masseurs have advised against the use of this machine as it has reportedly injured its users when the voltage went wrong causing serious problems for them.


Manual Massage Machine

After the hands, this machine comes close. It is a free machine that does not also follow a specific pattern. It can be manipulated by the user to suit their preference.    

When Should a Foot Massage be Given?

There have arisen a lot of controversies in the past and even recently by people debating on the most appropriate time to receive and as well give a foot massage.

Actually, there has never been a particular time ruled out for giving and getting a foot massage.

Most times it has to do with individual preference, some people love to get a foot massage before leaving the house in the morning to face daily activities while others love to get it after the day’s activities are over.

None the less, proper research and study of the human body’s anatomy has proven that the body needs rest after a thorough massage for at least a period of 3-4 hours to enable the muscles to relax for optimal and maximum utilization.

A questionnaire that was prepared and documented by an anonymous user and shared out to customers that visited a spa asked various questions such as; When do you think is the most suitable time for a massage in any part of the body?

What area of your body do you love to be massaged more often?

Do you prefer a masseur or a masseuse?

Do you prefer to sit or lie during a massage session?.

The majority of the results that ensued from the answers showed that most people loved to get a foot massage after work hours and while lying down.

This method and timing have sure worked for a whole lot of people and have been generally accepted.


In summary, the essence and importance of foot massage in the society at large can not be overemphasized as its positive results are tremendously on the high side.

Health practitioners have encouraged people to ensure the get a body massage once a week and a foot massage four times a week for a duration of about fifteen to twenty minutes a day for healthy living.

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