Famous Hair Prices

famous hair prices
famous hair prices

Famous Hair Prices

Famous Hair is the go-to hair hub for stylish haircuts, hair coloring, trendy hair styling as well as hair texturizing.

The hair palace is renowned for its super haircuts for women, men, and children.

Looking for where to get a super-fast trim or a revamped look? Famous Hair, it is!

Oh, I don’t have time to book an appointment, you say? Not to worry at all!

Famous Hair is known to have wide arms open to receive walk-in clients.

If you love to make spontaneous decisions or are too busy for the long wait at salons, Famous Hair got you covered.

famous hair

Famous Hair Salon hair services include;

  • Lush hairstyles for women
  • Classy haircut for men
  • Royal kiddies styling
  • Hair coloring
  • General hair styling
  • Hair texturing

Do you already have a dream hairstyle you want to rock or at the verge of giving up on your hair?

Famous Hair Salon stylists are skilled and always ready to give you an awesome experience. You’ll literally leave with a celebrity look when they’re done.

Why wait for hours in the salon lobby when you’ve got stuff to attend to? Here’s the catch: Famous Hair Salon knows you may not always have the time to book an early appointment. Not to worry, they got you covered!

Guess what? Even without a prior appointment, those days when spontaneity is how you feel, you can just walk into any Famous Hair location and get a branded look at a bargain.

Famous Hair prices are one of the finest deals you can get. This is especially true when compared to the excellent service you’d get.

Famous Hair Salon, which is made up of Inc. brands & Chicago Hair is just one amongst the many hair salons which belong to Regis Corporation.

Their brand name is Signature Style – the American hair salon operator with over 10,000 salons and making them the hair salon with the largest network of hair salons in the world.

Famous Hair salon, just like Supercuts, Holiday Hair, Best Cuts, Cost Cutters Mastercuts, and Borics Hair is one of their renowned hair brands.

Regis brands are also known as Signature Style Salon has a network of national as well as regional full-time service hair salons scattered across the North of America.

They are positioned in areas with massive traffic like shopping centers, shopping malls, cinemas.

They have a simple goal, which is to satisfy its customer by offering them splendid styling and haircuts at unbeatable prices.

Famous Hair Salon has over 100 locations across the United States.


Famous Hair experts are sure to give you the haircut and styling of your dreams.

The variety of hair services, as well as their mouthwatering prices, are listed below. Dream it; they’ll fix it


Kids (10 and Under)$12.99&up
Beard or Bang Trim$5.99&up


Perms - Includes Haircut, Style Finish Not Included
Perm Plus (with Haircut)$45.99&up
Partial Perm (15 Rods or Less with Cut)$26.99&up
Designer Wrap$55.99-$99.99&up
Senior Perm (Includes Haircut Only)$36.99&up
Spiral Perm (Shoulder Length)$66.99&up
Spiral Perm (Middle of Back Length)$75.99&up
Spiral Perm (Waist Length)$85.99&up


Color - Haircut and Style Finish Not Included
Permanent (All-Over Tint)$47.00&up
Retouch (Regrowth Area Only)$35.00&up
Partial Highlight$32.00&up
Highlight (Pulled Through Cap)$52.00&up
Weaving (Done with Foils)$62.00&up
Partial Weave (1-5 Foils)$32.00&up
Partial Weave (6-10 Foils)$42.00&up
Corrective Color$47.00 &up
Design Style (Updo's, Twists, Specialty Braids, Spiral Curls, Straighten Hair with Iron)$36.00&up


Famous Hair Special Services

Famous Hair Salon has a number of special services just for you. You can explore the list below. Each of them is offered at friendly prices.


The Works (Shampoo, Haircut & Blowdry)$18.00 &up
Finish Style (Shampoo, Blowdry & Curling/Flat Iron, Basic Braid)$12.00 &up
Design Style (Updo's, Twists, Specialty Braids, Spiral Curls, Straighten Hair with Iron)$36.00&up
Shampoo Only$5.00&up
Shampoo and Set$13.00&up
Shampoo with Haircut$3.00&up
Fluff Dry with Haircut$1.00&up
Style Dry (with Cut or Chemical Service)$3.00&up
Curling Iron (with Cut or Chemical Service)$3.00 &up
Set with Senior Perm$7.99&up


You can get rid of excess hair with just a token.


1 Area$11.00&up
2 Areas$16.00&up
3 Areas$20.00&up


Hair Conditioner/Treatment

Your hair deserves some deep conditioning and also special hair treatments. These include;


Pre-Service Chemistry$10.00&up
Post-Service Chemistry$10.00&up
Deep Conditioner$11.00&up
Hydrate Balm$5.00&up
Color Care Conditioner$5.00&up



As a plus star on the badge of Famous Hair salon’s (as well as other networks of Signature Styles) amazing services and prices are driven by non-rivalry professional training and retraining of its hairstylists.

In fact, Signature Style ranks as the highest salon with training or equipping programs in the hair industry.

Famous Hair Salon makes provision for training their hair professionals every year, thereby empowering them to take on the latest hair trends as well as stay updated in the industry in terms of techy innovations.

At Signature Style, upcoming hairstylists are sure to upgrade their hair games through standard training. Other areas anyone can get trained includes;

  • Teaching hair styling
  • How to become a salon owner or a franchisee
  • How to run multiple salons

Famous Hair Salon pays rapt attention to its employees and is committed to them through good pay, enticing benefits, and constantly equipping them with applicable knowledge.

Consequently, their customers are loyal to the excellent hair delivery the hair experts give in return.

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You’ll get a variety of hair services at Famous Hair Salon. They include;

  • Haircuts and styling for men, women, and kids
  • Beard/bang trims
  • Perms
  • Designer wraps
  • Hair relaxing & spiral perms
  • Hair coloring (temporary, permanent, or full tints, etc.)
  • Weaves
  • Retouching
  • Highlights
  • Color styling

Famous Salon offers you special discounts (that’s combining services) like the Works offer – combines shampooing, haircuts, styling, and blow-drying for just $18.00.

Another discounted offer that comes with even more services at a lesser amount is Finds and Design style services.

At Famous salon, you have other amazing services to select from asides from haircuts and styling.

You’ll get both style and fluff drying, curling, and a variety of colors to pick from.

Why Choose Famous Hair Prices

Your hair is an intricate part of your body. It’s worth paying attention to it. Famous Hair will help you do just that.

With their team of trained hair experts, their superb customer service, high quality, and professional delivery, as well as trusted hair products such as Design line products, Paul Mitchell, Matrix, Sexy Hair, amongst many others, are reasons you should sign up for their membership plan already.

Lest we forget, you’ll get all their excellent hair services only for super low prices.


Famous Hair major locations are high traffic areas like cinemas, shopping malls, or supermarkets.

Famous Hair has here over 100 franchise locations in the United States.

Guess what? There’s a Famous Hair location in your neighborhood. The worries of traveling miles are over.

Just check out their local website to find the nearest location to you. Who knows? You may be lucky to find one in your street.


With Famous salon, you don’t have to worry about the perfect styling products for your hair.

They don’t just care to give you a classy look but also about the health of your hair.

You can purchase their carefully selected hair product at a bargain.

They stock up only organic and best hair products like Matrix, Design line, Paul Mitchell, and Sexy Hair, and others.

Besides, you can also get a gift card for your loved ones.


Famous Hair is one of the renowned salons owned by the Regis Corporation.

The largest hair salon network around the world is none other than the American hair salon operators known as the Regis Corporation.

They are a subsidiary of the Signature brand name with more than 10,000 salons in their network.

Famous Hair is one of Regis Corporation’s popular brands, as well as the others, include;

  • Boric Hair
  • Holiday Hair
  • Cost Cutters
  • Best Cuts
  • Master cuts amongst others.

Signature Style Salon, also known as Regis brands has a collection of hair salons under their brand. Each of these salons is scattered across North America.

The focus of all their network of salons is to provide top-notch haircuts, hair styling, and other services at super affordable prices.


Famous Hair Membership

Famous Hair membership comes with different unique benefits. While walk-ins are welcome, becoming a member gives you an edge.

It also affords you some preferential treatments and rewards.


Book an Appointment

By booking an appointment, you gain access to a speed dial into a world of stylish, trendy, and classic haircuts.

Hours of Operation

The famous Hair salon is the go-to family hair hub for women, men as well as kids.

Most of its locations are opened all year long; weekdays, Saturdays, and even on holidays.

Below is the general work hours of Famous Hair Salon.

MON:11:00 AM6:00 PM
TUE:11:00 AM6:00 PM
WED:11:00 AM6:00 PM
THU:9:00 AM7:00 PM
FRI:9:00 AM7:00 PM
SAT:9:00 AM4:00 PM


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