Elements Massage Prices

elements massage prices
elements massage prices

Elements Massage

FounderMichele Merhib

Are you in dire need of a reliable, credible, and, impeccable massage parlor in your neighborhood? Elements massage salon is the place to be.


Elements massage salon is the home of superb, relaxing, and restoring massages.

If you are tired in your body and mind and need a physical resetting of all your members, think Elements Massage.

They’re the specialist as far as professional massages are concerned.

Elements Massage prices are not only friendly, but they’re also nothing compared to the valuable therapeutic services they’d offer you.


Here’s the catch: At Elements Massage, you get a guarantee that your booked personalized massage will meet and even exceed your expectations.

If they don’t, you get a free massage the next time you come. This is the Elements’ promise. Guaranteed!


Elements Massage Prices

How would you love to get discounted rejuvenating massages? Well, you got it!

With the current Elements’ Massage discounts for members, you get one facial or massage per month.

This discount prices differ for walk-in as well as for non-members.

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Although the Elements Massage has different locations across the United States, each location or franchise determines its price as well as membership prices.

This means each location has the sole right to set their price based on different factors.

However, averagely, a 60 minutes Elements Massage for members starts from as low as $69 per month while a 90 minutes membership Massage usually goes for $99 per month.

Also, the 2 hours membership massage starts at $139 per month.

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Elements Massage Salon Coupons

You can now get the Elements Massage coupons for first time massage visits for either 120, 90, or 60 minutes.

If you’re a new client, you get a $30 discount on your first massage session.

Kindly note that this discount doesn’t cover the 30 minutes massage.

Here’s a special Elements Massage referral offers.

elements massage castle rock

Elements Massage gives you a $10 discount for every single client you refer to them.

What’s more? If the new client signs up for the Elements Massage monthly membership package, you get a free massage voucher.

You can choose to use the voucher or gift it to a friend or family member.

Who would want to miss out on this enticing offer? Bet you don’t want to!

Elements Massage Special prices

 elements massage review

Elements Massage remains one of the best when it comes to professional and therapeutic massages, and rightly so.

However, the prices of their services will still leave you in awe. You’re sure to get more than the value for your money.

See the newly introduced low prices.


Special Intro Rate
1 Hour Massage$69.99
90 Minute Massage$89.99
2 Hour Massage$119.99


Regular Rate
1 Hour Massage$99.99
90 Minute Massage$139.99
2 Hour Massage$189.99


Wellness Program Rate
1 Hour Massage$69.99
90 Minute Massage$99.99
2 Hour Massage$129.99


Add Hot Stones
Add Hot Stones to 1 Hour Massage$10.99
Add Hot Stones to 90 Minute Massage$16.99
Add Hot Stones to 2 Hour Massage$20.99
Add Aromatherapy - For Any Massage$10.99

Other Prices:

LEE Nails

Massage Luxe

Best Cuts

Fantastic Sams

Elements Massage History

Elements Massage was established in 2006 by Michele Merhib, a Therapist.

At the time, she had just finished from the massage school.

With the transfer in ownership from the former owners of the country club, she got ejected where she had rented space.

With this sudden change in ownership came a decision to strive and thrive instead of complaining.

She took a determined step and launched her first retail massage parlor in Aurora, Colorado which later became the official first location of Elements massage parlor.

Later she launched the next massage parlor in Centennial, Colorado.

Later in 2006, she collaborated with Fitness Together Holdings (currently known as WellBiz Brands) as a franchise company.

Currently, Elements Massage has close to 250 outlets and locations scattered across the United States.

The Massage parlor has continued to wax stronger and gain grounds, spreading over the place.

Massage Therapist Training


Elements Massage is committed to raising super equipped massage specialists and therapists.

All Elements Massage therapists are trained and retrained in their specialized areas with more detailed attention given to prenatal therapists.

In addition, every single Elements’ therapeutic specialists get trained as well as certified in neck massaging techniques, 3D massage/therapy, in incorporating stretching with massage and the general massage progressions.

Each of the Elements Massage studios offers a range of different massage packages.

With all having a singular goal of giving its clients good health and total wellness for the mind and body.

Some of the offers include;

  • stone massage,
  • phenomenal touch,
  • Swedish massage
  • deep tissue massage
  • neuromuscular massage
  • sports massage
  • prenatal massage
  • Almost half of their locations now offer Himalayan Salt Stone massages (and with pink Himalayan salt)

Elements Massage Locations

We know the hard time that comes with looking for an excellent massage parlor, one that’s got great Customer service, skilled massage specialists and for unbeatable prices, too.

Are you wondering if there’s an Elements Massage Locations in your neighborhood?

No need to worry! As a matter of fact, there may just be one in your street without your knowledge.

All you need is to checkout on their website with your exact location for the nearest massage parlor to you.

Go get your next massage already!

Elements Massage Hours

Elements Massage is open and ready to meet your massage or therapy needs, weekdays, or weekends, regardless.

Elements Massage have hundreds of locations, and each of these locations has the right to choose their own specific work hours.

However, the massage is open every day of the week. Usually, they’re opened at 9:00 am and closes at 8:00 pm on weekdays.

The schedule is slightly different on weekends – Saturdays and Sundays.

Below is a more detailed work schedule of the Elements Massage parlor.

TUE: 9:00AM9:00PM
WED: 9:00AM9:00PM

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