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chair massage

Why You Need A Chair Massage

Massage is a form of therapy for the body and the mind and can help you to experience emotional release.

Pregnant women can benefit from massage as it will aid in relaxing the birth canal during labor.

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Keeping the pelvic floor muscles supple during pregnancy can help to ensure that the vagina, cervix, and birth canal are capable of delivering the baby successfully.

There is a wide range of methods of massage to aid in achieving relaxation. These include simple techniques like Kegel exercises or massage chairs which will cause the muscles to tighten.

Today we would look into chair massage, its techniques, benefits, and why you and I need it both at work and in our respective homes.

What is Chair Massage Therapy

What is Chair Massage Therapy?

Chair Massage is a form of massage therapy that is usually used for mild to moderate pain, soreness, and muscle and joint stiffness.

This form of therapeutic massage is recommended to relieve tension, pain, and strain on the muscles and connective tissues.

It is popular among those who have chronic pain or those that work long hours. Chair massage allows an individual to move freely throughout a chair and increases flexibility and range of motion in the joints.

Being able to move and stretch the muscles without constraints is an important component of treatment.

Chair Massage can also relieve stiffness. In the same way that it stimulates circulation, a chair massage can improve blood circulation throughout the body.

Chair Massage can also stimulate the release of adrenalin and release of endorphins, and in some cases, can even alleviate depression.

Chair Massage provides a hands-free message to those who use wheelchairs or walkers while allowing a strong torso and core to work together for greater athletic performance.

During Chair Massage, you make your moves and stick to a regular rhythm for the maximum possible effect.

While a standard chair massage won’t touch the lower back, this chair massage may put pressure on the upper back and chest areas.

Since the therapy works traditionally, not requiring any special tools, chairs may become uncomfortable for some in the beginning.

Chair Massage is a great low-cost way to work out tight muscles in a family.

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Principles of Chair Massage

A chair massage is always a great way to improve your posture, improve flexibility, and strengthen muscles. It is also an excellent way to start your day off right.

Chair massage has so many principles that help you stay comfortable. To illustrate, I’ll go over some simple ideas for a chair massage to help you connect with your body, eliminate tension, relax, and retain flexibility.

 Allow yourself time and space

Allow yourself a few minutes before or after your massage session, or take a break from the chair if you need to.

Even if you get a massage in a hot tub or sauna, you can take a break to rest. You can also help your muscles get warmed up by walking or exercising the same muscles over and over again.

Be gentle

The most important part of the chair massage is to be gentle with the massage.

You don’t need to gouge into the bone as hard as you can; just caress it gently. Don’t push the chair or arch your back against it, but let your shoulders relax…

Often, if the person performing the massage is not a trained massage therapist, the general consensus is that body language communicates more than verbal communication.

Correct alignment of the body

A correct alignment of your body includes positioning of the head at the exact middle point of the chair and also relaxing the head and neck instilling a sense of balance. The shoulders and arms should also be relaxed.

Other Chair massage principles include:

  • using minimal pressure and using a firm but gentle pressure
  • treating pressure points individually
  • establishing a firm mass and tone of the contralateral areas
  • concussive massage and avoidance of movement
  • accurately determining your pain level.

What Is the Right Chair?

Correctly seating someone in the most comfortable position possible in the chair can increase their comfort level, helps the nerves in their neck relax, and ultimately improves their mood.

Chair positioning can affect the treatment efficiency, but not the outcome, of chair massage.

The best chair for chair massage depends on the type of massage you are trying to achieve, the type of relaxation the chair allows, and the posture of the patient.

Here are the five most important factors of chair massage:

Chair = Treatment area = Warmth of fingers/hands

You should always sit in a chair with the natural, sloped back of the chair to be best for relaxing and pressing soft, tender areas.

After choosing the right massage chair it is important to make sure that you have enough space in the chair.

The best way to make sure that there is enough room is to practice the appropriate positioning.

Few chairs have enough height to reach from your knees to your chest.

If there is no room for this kind of height then the chair can be adjusted accordingly. You can also try a chair that has narrow, flat back support, making it easier to adjust the pressure on your back and body during a massage.

The right chair for chair massage is something we believe is, well, a matter of personal preference and comfort.

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Who Needs A Chair Massage?

Pregnant Women

Lower back problems are among the most common problems that can affect pregnant women.

Studies have found that 85 percent of pregnant women are experiencing a variety of symptoms such as headaches, backaches, low back pain, fatigue, and other pains.

A chair massage would help pregnant women relieve discomfort and reduce low back and neck pain, muscle spasms, and exhaustion.

It helps treat some of their ills of all kinds, especially postpartum because there are clear physiological reasons why one feels better after having a massage.

It is far less painful for the woman, and the baby can benefit as well. Women who are experiencing childbirth often have a bit of a rough time.

Breastfeeding can bring on a range of difficult symptoms including pain, contractions, gas, and anxiety.

If you’re pregnant, you might want to try a chair massage to ease the pain and increase muscle tone.

A chair massage helps nursing women with foot edging and limbering too.

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Children also benefit from a chair massage. Even a little one can benefit from the massage to the back and neck as this will stimulate the healing process of damaged skin tissue.

It is essential for motor control, balance, and coordination in children. It has even been reported to have a positive effect on the way children sleep and also contributes to a better appetite and weight loss.

In both adults and children, the therapeutic effects of massage on muscle soreness are temporary…

A chair massage would help children release pain and tension, relax muscles and improve sleep.


The elderly often fall into a mindset of laziness and becoming inactive and end up falling into a state of immobility.

This results in a difficult time for them for education, employment, and even for a basic pleasure in life.

As a result, it takes longer for them to recover from age-related health conditions and to receive basic services and opportunities.

The simple chair massage should be a staple in an elderly person’s day-to-day routine. There are several benefits, including:

Resets Homeostasis and Balance: It is known that stress hormones cause electrical activity in the brain and spinal cord.

The chair massage has the ability to stimulate the release of chemicals, resulting in changes that stimulate brain waves and emotional states.

Reduces Pain and Stress: The expression of stress hormones can cause painful and debilitating symptoms to thousands of elderly people with chronic pain conditions.

Chair massage is amazing for relieving pain and eliminating physical, psychological, and emotional stressors.

By using the chair massage, these older people can increase their levels of hormones, which can help their immune system perform better and also release tension and elevate their spirits.

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Disabled People

Disabled people suffer from backache, back pain, stiff neck, and other chronic problems, because of the trauma that stems from their disability.

A chair massage can help you soothe your spine and increase circulation to your neck and will help ease any issues associated with the disability giving the person temporary relief.

It will not only relieve back pain but will also prevent or reduce subsequent fractures and overuse injuries.

Arthritis Patients

A chair massage would help arthritis sufferers build up more firm and mobile spinal tissues. Massage can help aching muscles produce more collagen.

This would help to stretch out the muscles that are already strained. The friction and heat produced by the massage help to relax the muscles.

Besides stimulating collagen production, a chair massage could help with aching, stiffening, or problematic joints to relax and tone up.

PTSD Sufferers

A chair massage reduces the anxiety of feelings of danger, resulting in the reduction of the physical symptoms and functional difficulties of PTSD.

A chair massage may assist victims of abuse, and trauma by relaxing and helping them relax.

The postures and movement patterns associated with a panic attack can be temporarily altered or improved by a massage.

When done properly, chair massages can help prevent panic attacks, a painful state which is characterized by extreme fear, anxiety, and irritability, accompanied by intense fear, paranoia, and self-consciousness.


People with perfectionistic tendencies tend to be very sensitive to mistakes they might make.

If people recognize that they are falling short of their potential, they may take it personally. They may suffer from guilt and anxiety.

A chair massage can help people focus on what they can control and reevaluate their expectations. The chair massage should be short when it comes to the time duration.

The natural movement and relaxation patterns are enough to help people with perfectionist tendencies find inner peace.

A chair massage would help people with perfectionistic tendencies relieve stress, reduce soreness, improve sleep, and build pride.

Office Workers

A chair massage may provide relief from a variety of physical, emotional, and psychological symptoms that might be a result of office stress.

In some employees, it may help overcome or manage problems with fatigue, depression, anxiety, insomnia, muscular tension, chronic pain and sleep disturbances, and addictions to coffee and other substances.

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Benefits of Chair Massage

A good chair massage is vital for reactivating the mind, body and connecting us to all of our senses. The more tactile the massage, the better the relaxation will be.

Chair massage benefits include:

Improves relaxation and sleep

It helps to improve sleep by encouraging deep and restorative sleep.

Raises heart rate

Increases blood flow and heart rate, and improves blood circulation.

 Reduces anxiety

In some cases, stress is actually tied to chronic anxiety. Being able to relax in a soft chair while being carried away by your imagination releases your anxiety and allows you to feel less anxious.

Produces natural stress relief

Some people report that a chair massage helps relieve their stress and anxiety.

It can help to dull the mind and get you off to a fantastic start for a new day. Increases mood.

Helps counter pain and inflammation

The massage chair brings relief to sore muscles. There is greater mobility in a chair massage, which allows for easier movement of muscles.

Lack of mobility and tenderness that accompanies over-use or poor posture is common among students and seniors who need to recover from sports, swimming, or other activity. Chair massage helps improve body awareness and posture.


Chair Massage is a step in the right direction for physical, mental, and emotional stability. The benefits of massage are numerous.

Most people are aware of the reduction in stress and improved overall wellness it brings to the body.

Many also realize that massage is a great way to improve circulation and that it can help reduce stress. There are also benefits to the strength and stability it brings to the body.

Chair Massage is by no means a “cure” for any of those ailments! When you decide to learn more about massage, consider talking to your physician about its long-term benefits and risks.

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